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For instructions and guidance on closing or migrating questions, and the reasons for those closures, use this tag.

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" If these questions don’t resolve your question, ask a new one. " [duplicate]

Here: Yet another Ajax POST to PHP: $_POST is empty I said I've already read other questions and they didn't solve my problem. Hence I asked a new question linking the relevant questions I read. ...
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Closing-option redundancies and/or errors on Stack Overflow

In looking to mark questions as "Needs more details or clarity", which would suffice to say the matter is on-topic, but needs more info, I noticed a few votes recently have been going towards "Off ...
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Give the duplicate closure more priority than the other close reason

Let's consider the following question: Two users voted to close the question as "need more focus" then I came to close it as duplicate and the ...
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Should we handle badly phrased titles using closure or edit?

The question stems from this SO question. The question was closed as a duplicate. Although I disagree with the closure, I want to focus here on what me and the closer did agree about: the misleading ...
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2 answers

Question is Closed without any usable solutions [duplicate]

Why users who can't provide a solution for a coding question can close it? I posted a question (Most efficient way to check if Array contains more than one condition in same row) that nobody could ...
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How can I ask question with possible solutions?

I have a question on how to implement some functionality. I also have multiple ideas about how it can be done, but it seems as an overkill for me, and I hope there is a better solution. So I would ...
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Do we need Seeking Debugging Help anymore?

Due to the new wording of the close reasons, "Unclear" became this: Needs details or clarity Please clarify your specific problem or add additional details to highlight exactly what you need. ...
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Add "tools" back to the close reasons?

Can we please add tools to the list of off-site resources off-topic close reasons? Currently its: It's seeking recommendations for books, software libraries, or other off-site resources. This ...
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Should this question about docker-compose remain closed, or should it be reopened?

This question (docker-compose run existing container) was closed as off topic: We don’t allow questions about general computing hardware and software on Stack Overflow. You can edit the question so ...
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♦-intervention flags for migrating OK-looking foreign language questions posted here [duplicate]

Today I encountered two foreign-language questions, both of them looking acceptable, but are posted in this English-language site rather than their respective foreign-language StackOverflow sites. ...
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27 votes
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What close reason was used to close this question?

I am confused. Earlier I could easily determine the reasons, but looking at this question (timeline) I am not able to figure it out. Which of those below off-topic reasons it was? I am curious ...
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What is the correct flag for a SO question asked on Meta SO?

Everyday a bunch of SO programming questions end up on meta. As meta is pretty quick I rarely have to flag them as they get closed in the blink of an eye. But every time I do flag them, I just don't ...
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Is code "in the question itself" no longer required for debugging questions?

S.O. close reasons used to include something like Questions seeking debugging help ("why isn't this code working?") must include the desired behavior, a specific problem or error and the shortest ...
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14 votes
2 answers

How to handle code requests without "too broad" close reason?

Previously direct requests for (sample) code could be closed with reason "too broad". That close reason has now gone it seems. Let's list the current options, in off topic: It's seeking ...
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-22 votes
1 answer

Arbitrary / Ambiguous closure, no explanation

This question How to deploy code through Jenkins and Git was marked as Closed - off-topic. There was no explanation provided to the OP. I then noticed a similar question that remained open and ...
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Is the "close" flag right for this question?

Recently I asked a question on Stack Overflow. Within a few minutes it got flagged for 'close'. They stated that I should not post images and other things rather I should use code, data, error ...
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I'm new at reviewing close votes. Do we have a guide for which option to choose?

So I've just started reviewing close votes, and I regularly come across a question asking how to do something but not showing their code/attempts so far, or any sign of research beyond asking the ...
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5 votes
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Help updates to match recent close update

It seems to me that if the goal of the close text is to improve the questions to the point where they can be answered and benefit the site, then the help texts could be improved. Example: How to do ...
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Different post notices from different machines

This is the post notice I see from my home machine: And this is the post notice I see from my work machine for the same question: According to my understanding, this should not happen; from the Meta ...
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New close options duplicate migration to Super User

I notice with the recent changes to the close options, is still listed under the migration options, but there's also a more direct suggestion: It's about general computing hardware and ...
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103 votes
18 answers

New Post Notices (Closed/On Hold/etc.) rolling out on Stack Overflow

Today, we are rolling out a major redesign of Post Notices (the banners displaying the reason why a question is "Closed" or "On Hold") on Stack Overflow. For our purposes, a "post notice" includes ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Markdown link broken in new Close Votes menu

I noticed the new slightly changed close reason dialogue today and there's a typo in "General Computing Hardware and Software". The markdown link didn't expand correctly: Not sure how this would be ...
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1 answer

What is the close category for questions that ask to write code for an assignment (e.g. print prime numbers) [duplicate]

What is the appropriated cagory for voting to close this question? Summary: Title: Create a program that will display the first 150 Prime Numbers Code Provided: no
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11 votes
1 answer

Dealing with a question that is asking for code

I've come across the following question, which seems to just be asking for someone to write a C# equivalent of some SQL for them. I wanted to vote to close, but couldn't find anything in the close ...
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How should this post be flagged?

I came across this question: To find the missing digits in pythonic way It's very clearly off topic. The flagging dialogue has a couple options duplicate of... off topic because... unclear what ...
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1 answer

Provide justification when flagging a post as duplicate?

When I'm flagging a question as a duplicate, it would be nice to have a field in which to provide an optional, brief justification of why I'm flagging. Particularly in the case where the dupe target ...
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What's best way to handle Questions centered around obvious Syntax or Logical Errors [duplicate]

How does SO handle Questions that are centered on obvious Syntax or Logical Errors usually by the asker? Though some of these questions can be useful if they are common beginner mistakes or stem from ...
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When are questions asking about the details of a class, function, or other constructs on-topic?

I stumbled over a question (image for <10k users in case the question gets deleted): This question was closed with this (custom) reason: I'm voting to close this question as off-topic ...
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31 votes
4 answers

Question Effort - What's our line in the sand?

TL:DR: Is lack of effort a reason to close a question? Over the past few weeks, I've seen conflicting information about whether a lack of effort should contribute to the closing of a question. I've ...
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What does "Please edit the question to limit it to a specific problem [...]" mean when my question is closed? [duplicate]

I'm curious what the phrase "Please edit the question to limit it to a specific problem with enough detail to identify an adequate answer" means. I'm talking about the question here. It talks about ...
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In which case should one flag its own post as "Should be closed" (not the "duplicate" flag case)? [duplicate]

I post a question and notice I can flag it, but not like a regular post. The flagging window is shorter and has only three options: If I choose the Should be closed... option I move to: That seemed ...
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How to deal with questions that are not getting an answer, and you no longer need an answer to, but may help others in the future

An example is my recent question here: Unable to use igraph function 'all_simple_paths' It did not receive an answer. The issue was not resolved, and I just went about a different way of doing ...
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Things to consider when casting close and open votes [closed]

My reputation is approaching the point where I will be able to cast close and re-open votes. I didn't find a META question specifically about this, so I decided to write this. Certainly, reading the ...
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Should this question about GPUs comparison be closed?

As soon as I saw this question (deleted now): I knew there was going be people who will not read it and just blindly vote to close. Just in case, I made a comment that stated the relevant Stack ...
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Meta question closed as no-repro after bug was fixed

I'm looking at this question in particular. One of the moderators closed the question, giving the reason that the problem could no longer be reproduced. However, aren't most MSO bug questions like ...
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MCVE survives in an auto-generated text on SO

I just noticed that the text for a question put on hold as 'no longer reproducible' (e.g. int minus unsigned long has unexpected results — now only visible to 10k users as it has, correctly, been ...
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45 votes
1 answer

Question has too many answers? Upwards of 60 answers and keeps getting more

I found a question that has gotten upwards of 60+ answers and keeps getting more: Test method is inconclusive: Test wasn't run. Error? Is there a procedure to maybe close this one or something? ...
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Filter by close reason in reopen votes review queue is not working

Screenshot of my filter: As you can see, "It was initially closed as duplicate" Why did I get this review item (here it is)? It is an audit? Update: it wasn't an audit. I made a decision and there ...
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Teams bug causes "off-topic" close reason to show twice in close review filtering options [closed]

This has already been reported in this Meta Stack Exchange bug report, but as the bug has to do with Teams, I'm reposting this here since the Teams development team is active here. While I don't have ...
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30 votes
4 answers

Are questions about code published in a book exclusions from the general off-topic "typo" rule? [duplicate]

This question hit the Hot Network list: What does this colon mean? It is not labeling, it is not ternary operator The question is, basically, about a strange looking syntax found in a C++ book's ...
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75 votes
1 answer

Add more close reasons to a private team [closed]

We have a private stack overflow team. When there is an invalid question, we only have the option to close it as a duplicate of other question. When we looked at the settings of the team (from an ...
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-12 votes
1 answer

What to do if your question is closed as “Too broad” even if it isn't?

Context A while ago I asked a question about compiling go to C [click here], and whether or not I could use a different c-compiler then the default. I received 2 comments, both asking me about the ...
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Improvements suggested in closing changes URL

This question is for the Stack Exchange developers. There are proposals made in the "here is what's changing/changed" section of Closing changes: on hold, unclear, too broad, opinion-based, off-...
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3 votes
1 answer

Another incorrect "recommend an offsite tool" close vote - does this happen often?

I spend most of my SO time in the f# tag, so I don't know if this happens elsewhere. But I often see people voting to close questions as "recommend[ing] ... an off-site resource" when the question is ...
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26 votes
2 answers

Off-topic option: include Unix and Apple sister sites on off-topic notification

Now, for one of the off-topic reasons we have this: "Questions about general computing hardware and software are off-topic for Stack Overflow unless they directly involve tools used primarily for ...
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-32 votes
2 answers

Why was my question closed and downvoted?

I posted a seemingly legitimate question and got aggressively downvoted right away: Code blocks based on the amount of indentation. What is the reason and purpose? And how does the close reason "...
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How can I improve my "too broad" question so it doesn't look "too broad"?

I asked a question (Please see the first revision because I have edited it) today and it got closed as too broad. Before asking the question, I knew that this might be thought of as a "broad" ...
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Let's remove the migration path from Main to Meta

Related (not duplicates): I also hate low quality / non-researched / clueless Meta questions that get migrated from Main Don't lock (meta) posts after a failed migration I saw it happen again - ...
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1 answer

Close reason: Unclear to whom?

Stack Overflow Why should this question be closed? unclear what you're asking Please clarify your specific problem or add additional details to highlight exactly what you need. As it'...
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Should I close question as Typo-Error if problem was missing reference? [duplicate]

I see questions where problem is just missing reference (dll, nuget) or missing namespace in code. Hence, either code cannot compile or an exception at run time. Are these questions on-topic? Or can ...
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