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For instructions and guidance on closing or migrating questions, and the reasons for those closures, use this tag.

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What can we do if a question is a duplicate of two questions combined?

I came across this question I have two date variables . I want to get the time from one date and assign thattime ...
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Why was a question about installing NetBeans closed for seeking recommendations?

A question about the revised process for installing NetBeans was recently closed as being off topic: "Questions asking us to recommend or find a book, tool, software library, tutorial or other ...
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Are questions about identifying encoding/hashing/encryption on-topic?

I've come across many questions in the encryption tag asking to indentify what encoding, hashing scheme or cipher was used. I specifically mean questions where the "ciphertext" is presented with the ...
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How is it decided if something is a 'software tool commonly used by programmers?'

I recently had a question closed as being 'off topic.' I was under the impression that asking why a service I'm developing refuses to start with 'access denied' was fine, because the service control ...
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Should we close-vote questions that we cannot reproduce on our machines?

This is about the V in MCVE. Premise You see a standard question for debugging support. Done right and by the book, it has a problem statement, sample input, expected output, actual output and a ...
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What should I do with an obviously low-quality question that I can't close because it does not match any close reason?

I was reviewing the question queue, and this question was being closed as "too broad": . It is obvious that ...
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Is it fair game to vote to close "code doesn't work" type questions? [duplicate]

As of late, it seems that SO is flooded with "my code doesn't work! [giant code dump] what is wrong? Please help!" type of questions (which are not the same as "do my work" type of questions, IMO). ...
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closing unclear questions - which close reason to use and when?

With the latest changes to the close reasons, there are two close reasons that sound very similar to me, and in going through the Close Votes queue, I can't seem to find any rhyme or reason to when ...
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Can we update the "rant" close reason to link to how to *constructively* conduct criticisms of Stack Overflow?

Unconstructive rants from disgruntled users are not uncommon on Meta. There were two of them from the same user about half an hour ago. Those that don't end up being closed as duplicate of Why is ...
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Unable to find proper close reason

Difference between relative energies in different frames of reference The question should be closed as it is not programming related. I remember having an option "blatantly off topic" or similar, but ...
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How to handle code requests without "too broad" close reason?

Previously direct requests for (sample) code could be closed with reason "too broad". That close reason has now gone it seems. Let's list the current options, in off topic: It's seeking ...
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How do I indicate that a question belongs on

A few minutes ago, I encountered this question on SO: How to solve Big-O Notation for prime number function? It seems like a fine question, but as it concerns computer science rather than a ...
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How do I close a question on Teams for a reason other than duplicate? [closed]

When I open the close dialog on a Teams site, the only option is to close as duplicate. However, I've seen some users be able to close questions for other reasons, such as "unclear what you're asking"...
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Can we have dynamic description texts for duplicate questions based on the target age?

In a comment to this canonical question, @jib stated: This is a duplicate of [another] already asked question, yet […] the old question [is marked] as a duplicate of [the] new question. Isn't that ...
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Give the duplicate closure more priority than the other close reason

Let's consider the following question: Two users voted to close the question as "need more focus" then I came to close it as duplicate and the ...
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Voting to Close as "Recommendation" When No Recommendation Has been Asked For

Recently, I have seen quite a few "gimme teh codez" questions being voted-to-close as off-topic "recommendation questions" (most recent example that I have seen is this question. It is currently on ...
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What's too broad about "all the possible operations that could cause a NaN"?

What are all the possible calculations that could cause a NaN in Python? The original version of this question, reproduced below, is asking what possible ways there are to get a NaN in Python. The ...
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" If these questions don’t resolve your question, ask a new one. " [duplicate]

Here: Yet another Ajax POST to PHP: $_POST is empty I said I've already read other questions and they didn't solve my problem. Hence I asked a new question linking the relevant questions I read. ...
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Which reason does the system display for closed questions when users disagree?

If 5 users vote to close a question, it gets into the "on-hold" state. The system adds a footnote to the question: put on hold as off-topic by [... list of users ...] The reason for closing ...
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Should I close "Does my code work?" questions? [duplicate]

I feel like this question should be closed as being "Unclear what you're asking". Except it is pretty ...
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Is the Too Broad Flag being used Too Broadly? [closed]

I am going through that monstrous close queue now and I see too broad appears to be the catch-all flag for many users. It is like the I am sure there is something wrong with this question I just can'...
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Remove answer upvotes on questions which are promptly closed as unclear

Background There are many questions about answers to off-topic questions. "Should I downvote an answer only on its quality?", which has a slightly misleading title, addresses the issue of downvoting ...
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Close reason "seeking recommendations" text is still wrong

The "seeking recommendations" close reason text is: Seeking recommendations for books, tools, software libraries, and more There are no questions seeking recommendations for books and ...
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Is it right to close highly rated questions? [duplicate]

I just came across this question via Google search results 116 up votes, 60 users have marked it as a favorite question yet its ...
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Is SO a bad place to ask "historical" questions?

I noticed that it is, despite being disputed and disproven in many SO answers, a widespread misunderstanding that heap memory is generally slower than stack memory; I presumed "historical" reasons for ...
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"Not reproducible" close vote shows different reason in tooltip

When I vote to close a question as "Not reproducible or was caused by a typo" and then mouse over the "Close(1)" link below the question the tooltip says You voted to close as '...
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Why is this question closed as tools recommendation?

I just found this question about difference between implode and explode closed as reason 'recommend ...', IMHO it belongs to help vampire questions, but I don't think it is asking to recommending ...
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Syntax errors vs. typos

There seem to be two types of questions people are closing as This question was caused by a problem that can no longer be reproduced or a simple typographical error. etc... The first type is code ...
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Should the Roomba's standards be different for Meta?

I totally disagree with the premise of this question, but I don't think it should be deleted. In fact, I don't even think it should be closed!
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When to vote to close and when to vote to migrate [duplicate]

For Stack Overflow, you can give either of the following reasons for closure: Questions about general computing hardware and software are off-topic for Stack Overflow unless they directly involve ...
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SuperUser and Close vs Migrate Criteria? [duplicate]

What is (are?) the criteria to determine whether a question is Closed with Off-topic reasons: Questions about general computing hardware and software... You may be able to get help on Super User. ...
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Attitude Toward Beginner Questions [duplicate]

I'm sorry if this has already been asked, but I've seen too many questions being asked and closed for stupid reasons. If they're closed for real reasons, that's fine, but they're not. The question ...
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What classifies as "opinion-based open-discussion"? [closed]

A discussion about open-discussion questions Open discussions about programming-related that are somewhat open-discussion "questions" are usually frowned upon in the Stack Overflow community and more ...
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Question with newer duplicates is closed [duplicate]

I read a meta post on the horrors of the close queue, so I immediately started reviewing. I got this question: Best approach to multi-part int dictionary key?. It has three close-votes because it is a ...
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Given that questions may be closed for subjective reasons, what can an asker do to get a legitimate question open? [duplicate]

I was wondering the same things as this question: Breaking down "too broad" and trying to understand it which the answer is: All close reasons are subjective If an otherwise ...
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No code included flag [duplicate]

What kind of flag should be raised when we see a questions such as: How to randomly select an enum in Swift (no code questions - asking for us to write code). I generally leave a comment telling them ...
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Should questions that are related to a typo (syntax error, missing brackets, etc.) be closed? [duplicate]

Should this type of question be closed? In my opinion it does not bring any value to have a question that points to a writing error.
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New close reason: "Code writing request" [duplicate]

With the advent of the Triage queue, is it time to look at this previous suggestion again? Provide "Not enough effort" as a new close reason Since I've started reviewing the Triage queue, ...
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Is a question that can only be answered correctly by a small group of people a bad question? [duplicate]

Recently I asked this question on SO and it was quickly closed for being opinion based. One of the commenters mentioned that it could "only be accurately answered by the designers" of the language. ...
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Adding "lack of effort" as a close vote reason [duplicate]

I frequently come across SO questions that have code snippets just copy/pasted from poor online sites and asking what is the problem with that code and why it doesn't work. The main problem with these ...
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Is this question really too broad? And if so, how did I manage to answer it anyway?

My answer to this question from 2013 is accepted and currently has a score of 17. Yet the question itself is closed as "too broad". Based on the acceptance and the comments left by the OP, it seems ...
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Migration to Portugese site not offered / no close reason not English language [duplicate]

This question would need migration to pt.stackoverflow. The options for migration currently offer only English sites .. is in another language. There is no specific close reason for it. Suggestion 1:...
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When a close vote is clearly ridiculous, I see no obvious recourse. Should I even have one?

I posted here on SO. It instantly got a "not complete code" close vote. If one looks at the first post in history, it's fully complete as code samples go. I wanted to reject this close vote in some ...
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Is it time for SO to reconsider its policy toward library-oriented questions to stay relevant with new trends in programming languages?

SO is about posting questions about solving programming problems: "how can I do this?". If the solution involves choosing the right library then the poster is out of luck: his question is likely to be ...
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4 answers

A bold idea: tweaking the emphasis of the "off-topic" close reasons

Preamble: Moderators can make changes to site-specific close reasons; specifically, the ones under the "off topic" category. I've had some ideas for a while about how these should be subtly ...
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A welcoming way to winnow out the "dumb" questions

Dumb questions. We have all seen them. Like the one I just saw that with this Java code sample, while (!name.equals("out")) { System.out.println(name); break; } that asked why it was not "...
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What were the original rules for posting on Stack Overflow?

When people ask why there is so much old, upvoted content that would not be tolerated if posted today, it is often commented that the rules were "different" back then. For example, see here on Meta.SE....
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Add more close reasons to a private team [closed]

We have a private stack overflow team. When there is an invalid question, we only have the option to close it as a duplicate of other question. When we looked at the settings of the team (from an ...
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Meta-meta: why is meta full of close-warriors?

Every time I see meta questions coming up in the Community Bulletin link on the side of SO, nearly all the questions are "close-warrior" topics (i.e. aimed at removal of content deemed bad to the ...
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Danger of using "Too Broad" as a catch-all default for closing offtopic posts?

I've realized that I've gotten into the habit of just using "Too Broad" as my default close reason when a post is offtopic for reasons not covered by other categories, and I don't have the time/will ...