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For questions about ChatGPT, the conversational AI chat bot.

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Does the policy change for AI-generated content affect users who (want to) flag such content?

There was a post announcing new policy regarding AI Generated content: What is the network policy regarding AI Generated content? So far I haven't seen any announcements regarding changes in Temporary ...
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Policy on contributing _novel_ content created using ChatGPT? [duplicate]

I've been using ChatGPT a lot for technical questions, and I want to give back to Stack Overflow, the source of much of ChatGPT's knowledge. I'll often have a long conversation with ChatGPT where I ...
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How should we deal with questions about ChatGPT code where the user does not understand the code? [duplicate]

While Stack Overflow's policy on ChatGPT is (correctly imo) to ban its use in answers, I am seeing an increasing number of questions which boil down to a reasonable question "I am trying to do X, ...
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How should answers citing ChatGPT be flagged? [duplicate]

Since the introduction of the plagiarized content flag, I've been steadily using it to flag answers clearly generated by ChatGPT (by clearly I mean I've gone to ChatGPT and had a chance to produce ...
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Out of curiosity, how many ChatGPT answers are accepted before they get deleted?

I am flagging such answers every day and in some rare cases, I see some of them accepted. I am wondering if it's easy for moderators to get the number of accepted answers. I am simply curious to know ...
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Will it be considered 'AI-generated Answers' if correcting the grammar with 'Grammarly extension' after translating an answer using a translator?

English is not my mother tongue so I am not very good at it. I use a translator tool to make my answer more efficient. Then I correct the grammar of the translated sentence using 'Grammarly extension'....
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If ChatGPT gives me an answer, should I leave my question unanswered?

I entered this question. And in writing it out it helped me clarify what I think is the solution. So I asked ChatGPT and it agreed with my approach and provided me complete code for the solution. This ...
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15 votes
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Should we edit answers that suggest OP ask ChatGPT?

Every once in a while I see an answer that suggests OP asks ChatGPT. If it is effectively just a comment telling the OP to ask ChatGPT, then I downvote and flag accordingly, but what should I do if ...
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Shouldn't users be citing ChatGPT?

I know this sounds counterintuitive, who would out themselves? We are all aware of the Temporary policy: ChatGPT is banned. However, this post has to do with the plagiarism aspect of using ChatGPT. ...
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Are all generative AIs banned?

I recently came across this answer. [The answer has since been deleted - screenshot here]. The answerer's profile acknowledges that We are an AI Generated response community, we are real humans who ...
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10 votes
1 answer

What to do with edits to questions "To verify @<username>'s answer that this is not possible. I had the following Q&A with Chat GPT"

I have answered a question as "It's not possible" having a two of tags that I'm gold tag badge holder and provided the link to the official doc about the related feature. The OP replied to ...
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40 votes
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Should I flag comments that are encouraging OP to use ChatGPT to write their code?

A new contributor just asked a very broad question, something like: Can you write a simple broadcast script in JavaScript or php just give me an example or if you brief explain please explain The ...
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Has the 30-minute rate limit between successive answers from <125 reputation users been lifted? If so, can the help center article on it be removed?

On December 8 of last year, due to a flood of ChatGPT answers from new users, the rate limit for answers from users without 125+ reputation was increased from 3 minutes to 30 minutes. The global meta ...
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Should and could a GPT model be trained using Stack Overflow as a data source?

I'm aware that the creation of question's and answers using ChatGPT is banned for now. Accepting ChatGPT's shortfalls when producing code solutions and snippets, it does a remarkable job for a model ...
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Is a ChatGPT answer reliable when asked about a given text generated by itself or not?

Stack Overflow already started banning ChatGPT-generated answers with a temporary notice. In some cases, it is really difficult to distinguish between a human-generated answer and a ChatGPT-generated ...
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20 votes
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Disambiguate [chatgpt] and [openai]

I just noticed that on the SO we have [chatgpt] and [openai]. Some questions, like Error when fetching on chatgpt api, error 429, are about not about https://chat....
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I got downvoted for a well-asked question, while ChatGPT gave me correct answer. Should I always ask ChatGPT first before asking on Stack Overflow? [closed]

I asked a genuine technical question on Stack Overflow: How can I customize Bootstrap with Sass if I use it via CDN? Currently it stands at -2 votes, 24 hours after asking. I am puzzled as to why. ...
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Here's presumably the basic legal issue regarding "ChatGPT" which Prosus may wish to address. How would or should they? [closed]

Say you type or say anywhere on any device "Melbourne, Australia", or almost any geography-like issue. Google will immediately give you: text from Wikipedia. Say you type or say anywhere on ...
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Add ChatGPT ban as a reason for deletion in the "Why and how are some answers deleted?" page in the Help Center

Stack Overflow currently has a temporary policy in place to delete answers that are found to be copied from ChatGPT. This is also confirmed and endorsed by a separate Help Center page. At least for ...
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78 votes
2 answers

Should we flag human-written questions that use code generated by ChatGPT?

To be more specific, I flagged a question recently as it was of the type "ChatGPT generated this but I need some more help fixing this". But I was told by a mod that asking a question about ...
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14 answers

ChatGPT seems to be better than Stack Overflow, both in speed and accuracy—what does this mean for us?

I have signed up for an account at OpenAI and asked ChatGPT a programming question, namely: How to list all files in an Android device recursively with Java And in an instant, it generated an answer ...
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84 votes
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I worry that ChatGPT answers could currently be too tricky for use in review audits

I just got Late Answers Queue review item #33495800, which used a now-deleted ChatGPT-generated answer, a/11107541 as a review audit. Since it was an audit, comments were hidden. There was a comment ...
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3 answers

How are bounties awarded to ChatGPT-sourced answerers handled?

Disclaimer: Some of the following is based on speculation, and may well turn out to be wrong. This does not invalidate the necessity to discuss the core problem, namely, how to stabilize a currency (&...
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Asking about ChatGPT without using content generated by it

Temporary policy: ChatGPT is banned prohibits the use of content generated by ChatGPT, this means besides using ChatGPT content to answer questions the following is banned too: Asking help to fix ...
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Rename [gpt] (Google Publisher Tag) to avoid confusion with ChatGPT

Problem The tag gpt is ambiguous with its current name. The gpt tag (Google Publisher Tag) has nothing to do with AI. However, questions that are ChatGPT/GPT-3 related show up. Proposed Solution I ...
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Why was my answer deleted for using ChatGPT even when I didn't?

I'm a new contributor trying to get more into helping on Stack Overflow, and after spending a while writing up an answer, it was deleted because it seems like I used ChatGPT. It might have been a ...
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Are questions about ChatGPT code okay to ask? [duplicate]

If I want to verify if a script or code ChatGPT wrote would actually work and do as I want, can I ask a question about it or is it not allowed?
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ChatGPT should be incorporated into the site [duplicate]

ChatGPT is a tool. We should adopt all useful tools. This site is in the best position to do this adoption. I propose that before the question is published the OP gets the opportunity to read the ...
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What's the appeal process for a user who got falsely banned for GPT-generated content?

So, Stack Overflow doesn't disclose the process of identifying GPT-generated content to avoid gaming. But, what's the appeal process if your account gets banned for 30 days for posting GPT-generated ...
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How long will the ChatGPT-ban banner (2022-12-08) be visible?

A big thank you to the SO staff for the big honking banner (and linked-to Help Center page) we now (2022-12-08) have that says: We do not currently allow content pasted from ChatGPT on Stack Overflow;...
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129 votes
3 answers

New help center article and banner on the site about GPT-Generated content

We’ve just published a new Help Center article outlining our expectations and rationale for GPT-generated content on Stack Overflow and decided, together with moderators, to add a banner for all users ...
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What should I do if I suspect that a question or answer is written by ChatGPT?

Following the new temporary policy, content generated by ChatGPT must not be used as a question or answer on Stack Overflow. If I, as a non-moderator user, encounter a single post that I suspect is ...
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32 votes
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Please show closable banner on top of the page linking to ChatGPT policy post [duplicate]

At the moment there is a great influx of ChatGPT-generated answers and that creates a lot of additional work for both elected moderators and other users that moderate the site. It is very easy for ...
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What should I do about ChatGPT content in questions (not answers)? [duplicate]

I came across a question today that pasted a ChatGPT answer into the question. How can I handle such a case?
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How can we determine whether an answer used ChatGPT?

Following up from the bustling discussion as a consequence of the temporary ChatGPT ban, I guess the big gaping question is how can one determine if an answer used ChatGPT? As an example, @AKX ...
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Temporary policy: ChatGPT is banned

Moderator Note: This question being featured is still the best tool we have to announce this policy sitewide. However, people have been using this for protracted debate and discussion. As such, this ...
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