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is for questions about canonical questions or answers, i.e. those often used or referred to.

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Should we create a canonical for questions asking why HTTP requests work only in a specific scenario?

A very common question I often see takes the form of the following: I have made an HTTP request in <Tool A> and it works. But when I try to do the same in <Tool B> and/or <Tool C> ...
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Canonical question about different versions of Angular

Recently out of a specific need to know the breakdown, new features and changes within the Angular versions from 2 to 10 (current) to prepare for technical interviews, created a question in SO (https:/...
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Is there a canonical duplicate for "how does the C-like conditional operator work?"

People as questions about the C-style conditional/ternary operator (a?b:c) on a semi-regular basis. Do we have a canonical duplicate for this type of question? If not, can we create one, and what ...
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