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For questions regarding the scoring of moderator election candidates.

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Rethinking Moderator Candidate Score for SO

NOTE: There are going to be some who think this is about one particular candidate. I have thought about this for several election cycles, based on my own election experience and those I have watched ...
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What can I improve in my stats/profile if I want to nominate myself as moderator? [duplicate]

I visit Stack Overflow almost on a daily basis, I really enjoy editing posts, making comments/asking questions and flagging questions, and of course providing answers so I have been thinking of ...
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The number of years a election candidate has been active should also be weighed with candidate score

First of all congratulations to the winners of 2020 Moderator Election. I think there is a minor flaw in the way we select moderators in StackExchange sites and I am not singling out stackoverflow ...
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Showing reputation >= 20k

When I try to cast my vote, I find it pretty hard to know the exact reputation of SO election candidates. The page is showing reputation >= 20k instead of the exact one (the exact reputation was 90k). ...
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Why are Quorum and Convention part of the Candidate Score?

The Convention badge is required in order to be eligible as a moderator candidate and it is impossible to have the Convention badge without having first earned the Quorum badge. This means that every ...
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Flag totals inclusion in candidate score for 2015 moderator election nominees?

In years past, I recall seeing flag totals for nominees participating in an election. It was the value under "helpful flags": Why isn't that included in the "candidate score" of this years ...
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How is candidate score calculated?

I know there is probably a duplicate floating around the web somewhere, but all my searches couldn't turn up how exactly candidate score is calculated. Is it based on badges? Reputation? Both?
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Moderator election candidate score badge breakdown [duplicate]

In the moderator election nominee section, the candidate score contains the following badge categories: These categories do not exactly follow the ones listed on the badges page, for example there is ...
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