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Apply this tag when the topic is Stack Overflow's provision of information from a temporary (fast access) store rather than from a longer-term source, and when encountering any perceived errors/bugs that appear may be related.

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Stale cache issue - question from almost 14 days ago appears in recent stream

I observed this earlier today, so I don't know if it's reproducible. But, I'll post everything I know about this in the hopes that someone can do something about it. Note: I'm experiencing this ...
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Favorites tab is showing different number than what is highlighted in list

The number of highlighted questions in the list is different than the one shown in the Favorites tab. Sometimes I get 1 favorite in the tab, but no highlighted question. In this case, I get 4 ...
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Bug - going back a page displays cached content from a week ago

Ok, I know there was a similar question about a year ago here and here regarding the main page, however I can't seem to find anything about other pages, so my guess is that's a different issue (...
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What are these ~100 extra questions?

There is a discrepancy between All Questions: 19,821,501 questions and Search Results: Results found Search options questions only (is:question): 19,821,596 results moments apart. What/Why? (I am ...
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