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Apply this tag when the topic is Stack Overflow's provision of information from a temporary (fast access) store rather than from a longer-term source, and when encountering any perceived errors/bugs that appear may be related.

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23 votes
1 answer

Serial voting still showing on my questions 5 days after incident, cache not cleared as expected?

This is not a duplicate of "voting corrected" does not give the up votes back. Per animuson's comment on the linked question, a midnight script should correct these votes, but this doesn't ...
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"Recent Achievements" popup/badge is not updating [duplicate]

I'm not getting real time updates in the achievement icon/popup. Nether the badge showed the green color icon for recent upvotes, nor popup has been updated.
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3 votes
2 answers

Why does it take time for the reputation in the flair to get updated?

Whenever the reputation of an user is changed I can see that the reputation in one's flair is not updated along with it. I noticed that it is mentioned in the site that flair is only updated ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Do new badges take time to propagate?

I was recently awarded the "Electorate" badge. However, for whatever reason, it has not appeared in the Achievements menu at the top. Usually, these badges appear nearly instantly. Here's the "...
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4 votes
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Page Caching / Back Button Issue [duplicate]

For the past week or so it seems that there is an issue on stackoverflow that brings back very old (days) copies of the page. For example: When I go to the Tags button, then select the C# tag and ...
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The list of Tagged questions is not refreshing immediately when the tag is removed from a question

I recently edited a question and removed the tag mdx from it as it had got nothing to do with that. When I went to the tag MDX, I could still see this question even though it didn't have the MDX tag ...
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When I go back from browser to the SO post then SO post is not coming as updated [closed]

There is a bug in SO posts that suppose I am reading a SO post which also contain a link to other website and then after I upvoted/downvoted it and then when I click on that link and go back from my ...
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19 votes
0 answers

Favorites tab is showing different number than what is highlighted in list

The number of highlighted questions in the list is different than the one shown in the Favorites tab. Sometimes I get 1 favorite in the tab, but no highlighted question. In this case, I get 4 ...
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Front page caches too agressively [duplicate]

The front page ( frequently shows me its state from a few hours ago. Steps to reproduce: Have visited a few times before (shouldn't be too hard). ...
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