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Some changes to questions, such as edits or receiving new answers, will "bump" them back onto the site's front page where the changes can be vetted by other users. **Do not use this tag to bump questions by adding it to them!**

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Re-Editing tags can put you on the "newest" category [duplicate]

If you go to one of your oldest questions, remove a tag (save) and then put it again, it will put you on the "Newest" category of that tag.
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Can gold-badge owners get the possibility to undo a bump by a revision?

Every now and then (a couple of times a day) in the tags I follow an old question appears that has been bumped to the front page by a small revision. Sometimes this also happens by Community, but in ...
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How many times can a question be bumped by the community user?

Is there a limit to the number of times the question should be bumped by Community? Should it be bumped 5 times? 10 times? Every month? Every 3 months? Is there an official rule for this? Will such ...
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What is the point of "community" bumping posts? [duplicate]

Why is the "community" bot pulling up poor questions from 12/20/2012? onclick="location.href (etc)" on div doesnt wordk on IE9 First we really do not deal with IE9 any more, second it is ...
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Limit what posts the community user can bump

Quite a list of questions has been bumped on Meta, in the last hour: But not in [Browsername here] SEDE Query Cancel upvotes on older comments Does the "timeline" parameter work correctly? ...
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How do I bump my own question?

I would like to be able to bump old questions to the front page (so they appear together with the newly posted questions). Is there any way to do that currently?
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What can I do when i found an unanswered question interesting, but not enough to spend reputation on a bounty?

I found a question slightly interesting, but not so much as I'm ready to lose reputation by placing a bounty on it. Not that I care so much about rep, but, well not totally indifferent about it either....
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Is there a way to prevent edits to "Old" questions from showing up in the "Top Questions" list? [duplicate]

Here is the situation. A user is doing a very good thing and is helping improve the quality of old questions by fixing misspellings or capitalization, etc... The rub is that every non-consequential ...
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Community user bumping a post but no banner on mobile

I just saw this post on the homepage: Using IF condition to copy either one cell or another where community made a change to it one hour ago. As you can see there was no edit made by the community ...
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How should we handle the (ongoing) mass editing on Meta?

Situation For several days, many posts on Meta.SO have been edited by the same user, mostly replacing "StackOverflow" with "Stack Overflow" and editing tags. A large number of these questions are old,...
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Why does this same question keep getting "bumped to the homepage"? [duplicate]

I've noticed in a particular topic a single question from 2011 has been "bumped to the homepage" several times. According to the revision history, 14 times. I'm trying to understand why. ...
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What determines frequency and number of posts that are bumped by Community?

I've noticed that posts that are bumped by Community follow a specific pattern. They are bumped every ~60 minutes and there are always 4 posts that are being bumped. My question (purely out of ...
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Who upvoted my "late" answer so quickly?

I just found a question that is 3 weeks old. I don't want to link to it because I don't want anyone to think I'm trying to bring attention to my answer, so here is some info about the question: ...
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Using empty edits for the sake of bumping a question [duplicate]

Recently I stumbled across a question which was posted some 12 hours ago and was edited by the author 17 times since. However, all but two edit were reverted by that same user during the grace period. ...
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Is it encouraged to bump (update) old answers

Note: These answers are not wrong or outdated, they can just use improvement like: adding links to documentation, better formatting and maybe even more efficient code. I have plenty of old answers ...
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Why do 6+ month old unanswered questions from certain specific date ranges suddenly reappear in batches on Stack Overflow?

I've noticed that occasionally I will suddenly start seeing bursts of old, unanswered questions from the same 2 - 3 day span on the SO tags I follow. Many of the questions are more than 6 months old. ...
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Why is the Community User so determined to bump this question?

I just saw the question SQL error: #1271 - Illegal mix of collations for operation 'UNION' bumped to the home page by the Community User. I looked at the revision history and it has been bumped 11 (...
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Upvote on a yesterday's question a few minutes after my answer

After the OP commented back, making an answer possible, I finally answered this question. The question was asked yesterday, so it was no longer among the "active" answers, so I was not hoping getting ...
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Does this site value / accommodate contributions of people with disabilities?

Not everybody does (or can) think or work the same way as everyone else. I can get good results but I've never been able to do it quickly or head on. I just have never been able to get things right ...
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Community should not bump questions that are [status-completed] or [status-declined] [duplicate]

Today Community bumped Change search to obey location, then option for remote for inactivity. My issue with that is the question is tagged status-completed. As such it is completed and does not need ...
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"Bumped to the homepage" notice with wrong date

In this LQP review I see a rather strange notice: I know that our dear Community♦ bot bumps upvoted questions without upvoted answers when it's bored — and this last happened about 8 hours ago for ...
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Resolving (repeatedly) auto-bumped questions that have new answers?

Something I've noticed about some of the community-user bumped questions, most recently and specifically this one: What does "scope parameter that is not valid for an aggregate function" ...
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A 4-year old question suddenly became "active" today, why? [closed]

In the "interesting" tab I've found this question. It was asked 4 years ago, but the latest activity was "today": However, there were neither new comments nor answers. Why has it become active?
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How prevalent is editing to promote in 'active' list?

How prevalent is editing questions/answers where you've participated to bring them back up the 'active' list? Since edits from more reputable users don't seem to need reviews this is probably easier ...
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Is it possible to bump my old question without a bounty? [duplicate]

I posted a question 3 month ago. It had low views, 29 at the time of writing, no answer and no comments, it was edited once though and only concerning the presentation. I'd like to bump it so that ...
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If I'm not supposed to answer a question to bring it back to life, what should I do instead? [duplicate]

As you all know, not all questions are answered on Stack Overflow. Once, I wrote 'Anyone interested in helping?' as an answer and moderators voted it down and warned me. But sometimes it really ...
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What to do about with question that needs major rethinking/revising? [duplicate]

I recently asked a question on Stack Overflow, and then after a day or two of the question getting next to no viewing and no response, I realized that I had asked the question rather poorly. The issue ...
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Stop bumping old questions because it's frustrating

The Stack Overflow software sometimes puts years old questions into the homepage stream in order to get them finally answered. This is a totally honorable approach because the idea of Stack Overflow ...
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Renew interest in a (someone else's) very, very old question

I have basically this question. There is no good answer there now. It was asked over 5 years ago. While I am not directly asking for a library recommendation, it is my hope that progress in Ruby or ...
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What is the accepted method of renewing interest in a question?

(I think the term might be "bumping"). In real estate here, a property that has failed to sell after a long time on the market will sometimes be taken off the market briefly and then put back on. ...
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Question shows as - modified by Community

Please have a look It indicates that the question is modified by Community . But there is no signs of Community modificaton . Is it normal as per Community profile ?
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What to do after having edited a bad question of yours?

What do you have to do after one of your questions has been downvoted, and you edited it? The question obviously won't get any more attention (Unless it isn't edited within the first minutes after ...
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Archaeologist rewarding abusive edit behavior again

So a user just went and searched for "Thanks in advanced" and bumped dozens of questions to the front page. Nothing else was fixed, and this included unsalvageable off-topic questions. Could one of ...
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Does editing an old post bring it up to the front?

Does editing an old post bring it up to the top of the queue like a new post? If this is the case, can people just edit their old posts that have not been answered instead of offering a bounty on ...
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Community ♦ Modified Posts Appearing on Homepage

Some Community user modified posts are appearing on the Stack Overflow homepage. These are old questions that have otherwise not been touched for some time. It's unclear what the reason is as I couldn'...
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Edit old questions to get new answers

I am currently banned from asking questions on Stack Overflow, and the Help Center suggested that I improve my existing questions. These questions however, are pretty old now and aren't going to be ...
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How to bump a question up if you have low reputation

Some other questions said that you can bump up a question by editing it, but another answer said that of you have low reputation points, it will not bump up, and I think my question has not been ...
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Should VERY MINOR edits, NOT be bumped to the top?

(A) on this site, any edit bumps the question to the top (B) it looks like the main pro-sumption rationale for doing this is, to bring to attention any vandalism That's fair enough - otherwise how ...
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Why do closed or on hold questions appear on the homepage?

I only go through the home page to find interesting questions and now I wonder why questions which are not open appear if there is any activity there. I'm talking about questions which have [on hold] ...
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"'Bumping' question after editing" feature should be removed

It happened to me lots of times. I enjoy editing old posts, and sometimes I edit dozens of them an hour. However, some people start complaining that I pollute their 'front page' (this means 'Active' ...
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Do reopened questions get moved back to the top of the stack of recent questions?

If a question is placed on-hold, the post is edited to become a better question, and then the question gets reopened, does it remain in the Newest questions list in the same spot it was when it was ...
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What to do if you find your question but it's unanswered?

I got a question and found this existing question on Stack Overflow, but it's not answered. Since the existing question is over 2 months old, I am worried that it won't be answered. But, my problem ...