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This tag indicates a reproducible problem on the site that you believe is due to a mistake, malfunction, or programming error.

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Reduce size of images used in SO blog

While looking at the new article New Kids on the Block, I've noticed the author avatar was taking some time to load. Looking at the image, it is indeed quite heavy: 2,6MB for a 3339x3339 pixels image ...
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If you do something on keyup, make sure you got the associated keydown first

Sometimes on a Windows machine, your focus and attention get stolen by a program presenting a dialog, or you hit the Windows key on your keyboard by accident, causing the Start menu to overlap what ...
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Just because I've read it doesn't mean I recommend it

When I put in all these things I had read, that was not the title of the section. Why has it been changed in Developer Story?
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Synonym wrecks badge progress

My profile page on Stack Overflow suggests I am close to being awarded a bronze badge in the tag make. However, there is no way I can achieve this goal, because the tag is (now) a synonym for ...
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The banner ad announcing the Developer Survey results

Regarding the huge banner ad for the developer survey results: The ad's Dismiss button is hard to discover. (The "Dismiss" is off the right side of the screen at reasonable window sizes, it's ...
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91 votes
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Ridiculously popular questions break sidebar on SO

In the related sidebar list, this question is so popular the vote counter is too wide: Can we run these vote counts through the magnitude machine?
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Should There be Greater Accessibility in Stack Overflow's Site for Keyboard Users?

Here is a small list of accessibility concerns on our beloved site. These are important to address for more reasons than I can list here, but besides improving the site for all users and allowing them ...
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79 votes
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Misleading advice in "contact us" page for users with review privileges (500+ rep)

Note: the below is relevant for users with 500+ reputation, who have review icon instead of help center icon in the top bar. In the Help Center contact form (which is now made less reachable with the ...
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77 votes
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The Hot Meta Posts vote counter is too narrow

Following the redesign of the Hot Meta Posts pane, the padding around the vote count is (still) too small, resulting in the vote count closing in on the question title when the vote count exceeds 100: ...
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76 votes
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Ugly formatting with accept/bounty warning next to question

When a question has been ignored by the user long enough, this warning shows up: IMO, this is pretty bad formatting. The questions should be aligned horizontally, and I believe that the warning ...
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Hot Meta Questions link color is too bright & doesn't meet accessibility standards

Links in the Featured on Meta/Hot Meta Posts sidebar are #0095ff, while other links on the page are #07c. Does anyone else think this looks weird? The sidebar links are the same color as the Ask ...
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Migrated question has six close votes but is not closed Also, when I voted to close it the close dialogue errored but it still recorded my close ...
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New navbar accessibility issues

Two bugs, really. Originally a comment on the announcement post: Bug #1: tabindex="1" ...
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72 votes
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Can't delete own comment

On Stack Overflow, I have mistakenly tried to answer the wrong question. My (short) answer was automatically converted to a comment. Now I want to delete that comment. I am logged in. I don't get a "...
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71 votes
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How to recover useful answers from automatically deleted questions

TLDR: Stack Exchange automatically deleted useful reference information. How do I recover it? About five years ago, I asked a question about .NET Localization. It received a bunch of upvotes and some ...
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Multiple accepted answers to a question?

This question I found here has multiple accepted answers. How is this possible? Also note that none of the answers are moved to the top. Foreach for an array
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65 votes
0 answers

Bullet multiple lines individually

Not to be naggy, but this is currently the second highest voted bug on MSO that has zero answers. And there are only 3 questions that would be higher than it on the much larger MSE. Any updates would ...
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Developer Story won't let me add a new position unless my old position has an end date

I've just changed jobs and I tried to update my developer story. However, I could not add my start date to June 2019 (neither May 2019). When I start typing, it automatically fills with 2018 and I ...
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62 votes
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Allow OpenID to show whose account it is using

I manage my dad's bills and email as he is not technically savvy. In any event, I had forgotten that I had recently logged into his email via Gmail. It appears Google keeps track of the most recent ...
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"Red dots" on "review queues popup" when all <3K queues are empty (stuck at zero)

The red dot on the Review queues popup is showing for Suggested Edits and Triage when the queues are empty. UPDATE (by rene): As a matter of fact all review queues (except Close and Reopen) are ...
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57 votes
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Cannot type "s" into search

As of right now, on the mobile site, I cannot type the character "s" into the search box on the front page. I'm using the mobile site on an iPhone SE. I am using a browser called Grazing but I can ...
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Stack Exchange logo not visible in chat

The one-box image of is transparent and not visible boldly unlike the one-box image. It looks clear only when you look close. Perhaps it needs the ...
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55 votes
0 answers

The 2013 survey results blog post has a very low-res image

The image containing the results on is broken, its size is 137px by 1024px.
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54 votes
0 answers

Code formatting article in help center is confusing

Prompted by Does inline code span require HTML escaping?, I took a look at /help/formatting. While it's mostly accurate, there is a fair amount of ambiguous terminology and subtle inaccuracies. I've ...
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53 votes
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Escaped HTML in comment error popup

I tried to use to shorten a long link, and was blocked by the system. The popup error contained some non-rendered HTML. It looks like this should have been rendered as a new line and bold, but ...
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Stack Overflow Sidebar is a leftist

I just noticed that the sidebar on both Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow has no background, which under normal circumstances may not be a problem, but to guys with a large monitor and poor ...
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52 votes
0 answers

Hero header on "About Us" page overlaps navigation bar menus

When visiting the About Us page for SO, I noticed the menus display behind the big blue "Learn, Share, Build" banner. See below. The same thing happens with each menu item. Browser: Google Chrome ...
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52 votes
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Deleting answered question

My first question on SO was not a good one. It attracted four answers, but none actually answered the question (IMHO). Neither the question nor any answer has received a single up-vote in two years. ...
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Pressing the quote button destroys text in code fences

Let's say I want to quote this shell code in a post: foo=bar echo $foo First I put it in code fences so it shows up as code: ```sh foo=bar echo $foo ``` Then to quote it, I select it and either ...
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Collective Article downvote pushes for explanation. Bug or new feature?

When downvoting a collective article a pop-up ask for feedback: The same pop-up comes when pressing the "Provide feedback" icon: It's a long established consensus on SO that downvote doesn'...
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49 votes
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Update Help Center page about login credentials

The instructions and images on page titled How do I add or remove login credentials from my account? are inaccurate after the introduction of new profile pages. Link "My Logins" is one of ...
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49 votes
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Does the quality filter work?

Just came across this question which only contains 32 characters in a single sentence. I thought a quality filter would prevent such posts. Is it turned off? For the benefit of <10k, here's the ...
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2021 Developers Survey does not let you go back to fix incorrect answers?

As the title say, the survey does not let you go back a step to correct an incorrect answer. Somehow I selected the wrong location and as soon as I went ahead realized the mistake. It seems that the ...
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48 votes
0 answers

"Hot Meta Posts" with a 4-digit score wrap onto a second line

I think this is a bug. In my list of "Hot Meta Posts" there was a random 8 all snuggled up to the previous post, but the 8 post had no name, and I couldn't click on it. I assume this is a bug: It's ...
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47 votes
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Stack Overflow has eaten too many cookies and developed amnesia

Every few days, when I first visit Stack Overflow, I am greeted again by the "Your Privacy" cookie settings popup: I click "Accept all cookies" and don't get the same prompt again ...
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47 votes
0 answers

Small bug on "Traditional view" of Developer Story site

This is a very small bug so I don't know if it's worth mentioning. On the "Traditional view" of Stack Overflow's Developer Story at the Job Status section, there is a missing space. To recreate you ...
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46 votes
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Voting tooltip changes meaning of downvote

In the new voting tooltips, a crucial reason for downvoting was left out: This question does not show any research effort I suspect the UI designer(s) removed the bit out to save space, not ...
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46 votes
0 answers

Stack Overflow app shows translated human-friendly dates

I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 configured in French. Inside the Stack Overflow app, it appears that human-friendly dates are actually translated in French. This gives funny half-translated text like ...
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Don't push my tab's history too far

Whenever I click on Stack-Snippets®'s in any post, a new entry is made in my tab's history (the one for the back and forward buttons, accessible through window.history in js). I like to keep my tab's ...
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"New feature" email notification tells me I signed up, but I did not!

I just received the "new feature" notification for the developer survey 2017. The footer says: You’re receiving this email because you signed up for New Features on Stack Overflow. That's a lie, I ...
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Hot Network Questions are HTTP links when the site itself is served via HTTPS

Links to Hot Network Questions are always HTTP links, even when the site is accessed over HTTPS. This is inconsistent with question links in Linked and Related sections (when Stack Overflow is ...
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Remove the [cancel] button on the edit form when submitting

Weird race conditions are happening when pressing the cancel link while an edit is submitted. I just happened to post an answer, then found a typo and went back to edit it. after fixing the typo in ...
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44 votes
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Related questions list is missing text

The related questions list on this question seems to be broken. At least one other user can reproduce the issue. Looking at the HTML code it seems that the text is just not there: <div class="...
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43 votes
0 answers

Rendered view requires blank line before (and after) tables, but preview works regardless

I saw a wrong table layout where the poster did the following and it looked wrong: Table x | Name | Category | | ---- | -------- | | A | High | | b | Medium | | c | Low | ...
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Instructions for reporting copyright infringement have (accidentally) been removed from the site

The official DMCA Designated Agent has changed from the one linked in the text below (which was terminated on 2020-07-05). If the status of the contact linked in this note is no longer "Active&...
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43 votes
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Wrong page title in unanswered list questions page

There seems to be a problem of title management on SO: In fact, the title displayed when visiting the Unanswered page on SO is "Highest Votes Questions", instead of "Unanswered Questions". The ...
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0 answers

False (old?) information in Close-Privilege description

Today I've been awarded with the "Cast close and reopen votes" Privilege (3000 Reputation). So I read through the description of said privilege and saw the following bulletpoints, formally ...
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43 votes
0 answers

High memory usage by Stack Overflow web pages due to googlesyndication

Each Stack Overflow webpage consumes like 300-350 MB of memory which is pretty high. For the sake of proof, checkout this screenshot when typing about:memory in firefox. It seems that it comes from ...
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43 votes
0 answers

The API is returning incorrect values for `has_more`

I'm sometimes getting a random bug when retrieving questions from the Stack Overflow API. It happens under conditions like this: I request the page 7 from the API (with 100 records per page). The API ...
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Bad CSS on quoted code on Meta

As seen in How to include code inside a quotation? A very quick investigation (literally, right-click, Inspect Element :D) found the cause. For some reason, the minifier has interpreted tabs to be ...
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