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This tag is not for reporting a bug! Use this tag for questions *about* bug reports.

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Audit links should point to the revision that was audited

TL;DR. Audit links should point to the post revision that was audited, instead of the latest one. Pointing to the latest revision can incorrectly lead to the conclusion that either audit was bad, or ...
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Where should bug reports and feature requests about syntax highlighting be made, now that the Prettify repository is no longer accepting new issues?

In the FAQ on syntax highlighting, it states that Stack Overflow uses Google Prettify, an external syntax highlighter, and issues and requests with it should be reported to them since SE doesn't ...
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salary calculator not working

Salary calculator doesn't work? I tried in multiple browsers, when you click 'calculate salary' it just refreshes the page but does not show the salary nor an error message.
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No more description of tags in Ask page

In the past, when I was asking a question, entering a tag in the Tags box would not only show the autocomplete list, but for each it would show the tag description when moused over. Now only the list ...
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