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Stack Overflow should create a proper responsible disclosure portal or at least provide an email address

Today, I identified a bug on a Stack Exchange company website (domain name contains stackoverflow) that has privacy implications for certain users (not a super big thing, but an unnecessary privacy ...
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Bounty not received even after grace period end [duplicate]

I have added the answer to this question of which the bounty and grace period has ended, but I still didn't get any points. Question link: click here I got all the upvotes before the bounty ended. The ...
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Where should an error in a help center page be reported?

I didn't find information about where (if at all) an error in the content of a help center page is to be reported. If by chance the place should be here at Meta, this should be stated somewhere.
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How to report a bug in a question?

When I find a bug in the SO editor, how would I inform about it? Because it is not a question, just a bug report, like an issue on github. I simply want to reach the development team and the members ...
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Where should bug reports and feature requests about syntax highlighting be made, now that the Prettify repository is no longer accepting new issues?

In the FAQ on syntax highlighting, it states that Stack Overflow uses Google Prettify, an external syntax highlighter, and issues and requests with it should be reported to them since SE doesn't ...
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Job applications: Oops! Something Bad Happened!

I don't know where to report this. But it's been more than a week now, I can't see my job applications. It says at the end of the message that I can report it in meta.
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Using dark theme but 'Job near you is not applied' [duplicate]

As the picture I captured from mine.
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"No Action Needed" stays greyed out if a flag is retracted in the Late Answers review queue

Explanation In Late Answers Review Queue: Found that if you flag once, then retract the flag, the button status won't roll back.
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How can I add new techs I dislike in the Jobs profile?

If I click the last tag, enter text mode, shift the cursor to the right then enter space to try and add a new tag, my cursor just disappears and I get back to the state where I started. Pressing Tab ...
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How can we tell the exact time a bounty will expire?

I can see a bounty will expire 'tomorrow'. That could mean a bunch of different things depending on timezones, start of day vs end of day etc. How can we see the time (not just the day) that a ...
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Why are we using Meta for these four things?

Why are we using Meta for these four things? support, which indicates a request for assistance with one of the site's features. bug, denoting a reproducible problem on the site that you believe is ...
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Where is StackOverflow bugzilla or other bugtracker?

I want to report StackOverflow bug (e.g. problem with security) in place where developers and product managers see it and can react (change SO code or something) - where I can do it? If such system ...
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No more description of tags in Ask page

In the past, when I was asking a question, entering a tag in the Tags box would not only show the autocomplete list, but for each it would show the tag description when moused over. Now only the list ...
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Having trouble logging in to the iOS app with my account

I am trying to sign into my Stack Overflow account on my phone, but it keeps telling me 'user does not exist'. I have double, triple, and quadruple checked my log in credentials, but the problem ...
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Audit links should point to the revision that was audited

TL;DR. Audit links should point to the post revision that was audited, instead of the latest one. Pointing to the latest revision can incorrectly lead to the conclusion that either audit was bad, or ...
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Switching to full site on code formatting error causes a 404 error

When answering a question and you get the error: Oops! Your answer couldn't be submitted because: Your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code. Please indent all ...
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salary calculator not working

Salary calculator doesn't work? I tried in multiple browsers, when you click 'calculate salary' it just refreshes the page but does not show the salary nor an error message.
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What's with the Looker icon? [duplicate]

Just started to see this graphic on many question list pages I have on my watch list. Is this a new 'feature' or a bug? Refresh loads the image again in the same place. Chrome under Win10 on a ...
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What to do with question where the answer are confirmed and fixed bugs?

I've seen several times comments by the author of a package that the strange behavior addressed by the question was caused by a bug. The package author later fixed the bug and mentioned this in ...
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How to properly handle a question about a bug/issue that was fixed

I ask a question about a bug in mobile site. I see that there are duplicate question(s) point to my question. This bug was fixed by someone after few months. what should I do with the unanswered ...
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Where Should My Feedback & Bug Reports Related To Stack Overflow For Teams Be Posted? [duplicate]

So, you're a glutton for punishment one of our highly appreciated and eagerly anticipated early users for Stack Overflow For Teams, and you've got some feedback or a bug report for us to see? Here's a ...
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Who decides, and how, that a feature request or bug will not be implemented or fixed at the present time?

You can find the most voted "status-declined" questions on the following list. Where it says that the tag indicates that the ...
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What counts as "activity" for Archaeologist?

In Let's split the [atom], I suggested we retag most atom questions to atom-feed. Given the positive response, I've started that process. After I'd done a bunch of them, starting from the oldest ones,...
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Has SO's attitude towards "bug reports" changed?

I found this question on SO asked today about a bug someone just discovered in a browser, and the question attracted downvotes and comments like "Stack Overflow is not the bug reporting site locator." ...
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How to deal with ignored bugs?

I've posted this bug report 9 days ago. There's no real feedback, but the bug still remains. I believe it hasn't really a bad effect on our stack, but it's still a bug. So, my questions are: How to ...
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Bugs/Error, any specific way/format to submit these [closed]

Recently I have been getting many errors particularly in documentation, though I asked question here on the one of the error, but I don't think there's any appropriate answer for the same, since it's ...
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What are the reasons to downvote a bug report on Meta? [closed]

I've seen many questions tagged bug on Meta that have a negative score. It seems strange to me that a bug report can be good or bad, and people can agree or disagree with a bug report. What are the ...
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What should be done about site bugs that cannot be reproduced?

There're many bug reports here on Meta Stack Overflow that have been closed because they cannot be reproduced. Unfortunately, just because a bug cannot be reproduced doesn't mean it doesn't exist. ...
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Does SO have a bug bounty?

I'm just curious as to if Stack Overflow has a bug bounty program or not..? I'm not saying I've found a bug, but I'm also not saying I haven't. It's just a question due to the fact that many high end ...
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Bug when trying to open a question reporting a bug

Few minutes ago, there was a total mess in the meta main panel. Many users were able to post questions, but those questions couldn't be opened because of the... bug they were reporting (note the "1 ...
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How to handle bug report where question need to be migrated?

I realise in this instance that the mere fact of the existence of this question will suffice to solve it due to the meta effect, but what would you do more generally? I've seen a behaviour today on ...
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Are "bugs"-tagged questions processed when the question is closed?

I have asked a question that has, in my opinion, been marked as duplicate much too hastily. I have understood that posts tagged "bug" may or may not be processed by developers, but what happens when ...
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How are bugs handled?

I think I found a bug in SO. It also has been reported in Meta by some other user. To me it does not look like that bug has been noticed by the responsible persons. How do I know if that bug has ...
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