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Questions tagged [broken-link]

Questions regarding broken links. Combine this tag with [bug] for broken links on the site itself; combine this tag with [discussion] for questions about broken links in questions or answers.

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24 votes
0 answers

The community user could from time to time check for broken links [duplicate]

It's probably not a big issue but I have an idea to improve the situation of broken links in answers (or questions). I feel the best way would be to notify the original creator of the answer about it....
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40 votes
1 answer

What to do about shortened URLs to broken links?

I occasionally run a search for shortened URLs and 'unshorten' them (I find out what they point to and replace the shortened link with the correct one). Lately I've found a number of links where the ...
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45 votes
2 answers

Mass-edit link request: -> [closed]

There are thousands of broken links to Manually editing that many posts is going to be a very time-consuming process, so could anyone (a developer?) run a SQL query ...
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