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Questions tagged [broken-link]

Questions regarding broken links. Combine this tag with [bug] for broken links on the site itself; combine this tag with [discussion] for questions about broken links in questions or answers.

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Could we update the link to the supported prettify language codes?

I've hit this for a few times and it's quite misleading. If you go to the Markdown help, there's this quote; please follow the link (which I made bold in this quote): You can use either one of the ...
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Edit out external broken links to refiddle (displaying spam)

I noticed that, a site likely used to test regular expressions, is no longer active and links to a spam site. An issue was raised on the official repo in 2021, but it appears that the ...
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Changing domain name for free-electrons

Free Electrons becomes Bootlin, due to some overly litigious party, and while the old domain name redirects to the new one, depending on the outcome of the legal procedure, they may not be able to do ...
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Cross-site highlights have invalid URLs

Since recently, cross-site highlights (hot questions, Area 51 sites) have invalid links in the form of that just open the Stack Overflow home page. Examples: Link: ...
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Images in Stack Snippets blog post are broken

This post comes up among the first search results for "stack snippets mobile", and the images therein are missing:
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Updating Qt documentation links throughout the site

I love Qt. Other than the awesome documentation they have, the community support for it here on SO has been very nice. But with Digia buying them, they seem to be changing the URLs for the ...
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Fix broken links to external Guava documentation

At some point guava documentation was moved from to There ...
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Should we mass-redirect links to the Bash-Hackers' Wiki?

One of the major historical references for information on bash (and more broadly, POSIX-family shells) went down some time ago. Formerly, this was, which is now dead. ...
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Tags on blog that link to 404 page

On the Stack Overflow blog there are links to tags on the side of the home page, but the tags that are titled '' and '' link to a 404 page. Helpful comment: Huh, the dots ...
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14 votes
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Can't see lowest rated questions

If I go to the "all questions" page and sort by votes, I'm told there's 1,601,257 pages of questions: However, if I click the link to go to the last page, I get a 404 error: As questions ...
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Old MSDN Magazine link not working

This is not a programming question, but more an issue with MSDN Magazine old links. Many answers & comments on stackoverflow have msdn magazine links. Like this voted answer for the question. ...
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Broken link: how much should you pay your developers

Minor bug report for the blog - in this post the link at the bottom, to what looks like a Wordpress upload, is broken. This is the path:
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Tag [Bootstrap-modal] returns error or connection reset

Found this issue with following link When filter by tag: Bootstrap-modal, takes too much time to search ...
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SE for Android links to

If I go to "Edit Profile & Settings > Applications", the official app of SE shows up. However, when I click on it, it links to, the homepage of the blog. Note that ...
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Broken link for Job Alerts in user profile

I found a broken link in Edit Profile & Settings > Email Settings > Newsletters, the link for Job Alerts is wrong as: In all other ...
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new-protected-question-status blog image-link broken in the blog post strangely enough the preview image is ...
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Look like the blog link is broken

Celebrating the Stack Exchange sites that turned 10 years old The page is not found on this link, also I am not able to find the correct link from
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Wrong link in the blog

While reading How You Can Use the New Stack Overflow Bot from Microsoft blog, I tried clicking the link, which redirected me instead to Microsoft's home page. When I looked at the address link ...
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Update the MSMVP links in the Ask a Question Guide

The current "How do I ask a good question" page links to Jon Skeet's brilliant article about writing the perfect question. Unfortunately it's a link to his MS MVP blog which, as of July 2014, is now ...
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Profile link not working anymore

I noticed that now when I click on a user's profile, the page doesn't load and shows an error saying: Oops! Something Bad Happened! We apologize for any inconvenience, but an unexpected error ...
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Edit to correct broken link was rejected

An answer to a post had a link to a no-longer-existing page. I found the referenced page at and edited the answer by simply adding the prefix -- so anyone clicking the link ...
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Dead links in the "Attribution Required" blog post need to be fixed

I recently visiting the Attribution Required post on the Stack Overflow blog and found that this content is too old and needed to change. Some urls ...
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Broken link on the blog gave me this link to report the problem. The link has changed to
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Pertaining to dead links in accepted answers

I recently found an accepted answer which was the only answer to a question and had a dead link. How do I deal with that? Should I down vote because the answer only had a link in it as a significant ...
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