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A bounty is a way to get additional attention for a question by offering some of your own reputation for great answers.

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Why is the color of a bounty number in the "Reputation" tab dark green (not white)?

I recently just looked at my "Reputation" tab, and realized that it's so hard to read the bounty number since it is so dark, here is an image: I am just curious if this is a bug or not, if so, why is ...
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Bounty auto reward on equally qualified answers

The bounty system has auto rewarding mechanism: If you do not award the bounty within 24 hours of the bounty period ending, half the bounty value will be automatically awarded to the top voted ...
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The bounty label is highlighted in mobile devices even if still not awarded

I set up a bounty in a question with a lot of research effort coming from another user last week. Today I've used my mobile browser to see it and award it to the single given answer (the question was ...
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What to do when a question with a bounty still does not receive attention?

What do I do when a question does not receive attention even though I added a bounty and tried to increase its quality by editing? Does this mean the question is low quality and thus is ignored? I ...
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Why are flags not allowed on questions with bounties? [duplicate]

Flags are not allowed on questions with bounties. This allows high-reputation question owners to stop their question from being closed or deleted when in some cases the questions aren't clear, or are ...
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What's the reason for auto-awarding bounties only on answers coming after the bounty is offered?

Answers already existing at the moment a bounty is offered on a question are not candidate for the auto-awarding of the bounty. I wondered what was the underlying rationale behind this choice. There ...
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How to handle low quality questions with bounty? [duplicate]

This is not a very severe problem but it is for sure a recurring theme. I have the impression that low quality questions are handled completely differently when bountied. Questions, that otherwise ...
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2 answers

How to handle bounties when you have non-useful answers to choose from?

I put a bounty on my question. Then, after a few days, I found the solution by myself, and posted it as an answer. Now I see that someone else posted an answer which seems to be a shorter (and not ...
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The purpose of losing reputation when using a bounty?

So I discovered it today "offer X of my own reputation for an answer to this question", while it is not sure to be answered. What is the interest of this policy? Besides having less reputations means ...
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Should we be able to put bounties on tag wikis?

I was wondering if offering a bounty to help create or improve a tag wiki has been considered before? I had this idea after reviewing the tag wiki for Polymer. It definitely needs some attention. ...
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What are the odds of getting a question answered after offering a 50 point bounty? [duplicate]

I've 100 hard earned reputation points on Stack Overflow. Last three questions I've asked didn't get any answers. Now I'm curious, if I offer 50 points as bounty, how will it turn around? You may ...
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What were the reasons for bounty removal on this question?

Someone started a bounty on a question yesterday. So, I have answered that question but today I see that the bounty is removed from the question and its showing below message in revision history: ...
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2 answers

If someone offers a bounty on another question, would they get notified of comments on the question?

Or the bounty offerer has to manually visit to see if comments are posted?
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How can I add bounty to another person's question if it already has an open bounty?

A Stack Overflow question has an open bounty and I would like to add a bounty of top of the existing one in order to draw more attention to it since I have the same problem (and want to avoid to open ...
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How to find the custom bounty message after the bounty was awarded?

In the timeline of a question you can see the generic reason a bounty was awarded (e.g. "draw attention") but not the actual message the user offering the bounty has typed in (if any). Is this info ...
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How do I reward someone that answered my question, if he answered it indirectly

I have asked a question, that I closed as a duplicate, one of those answers helped me a lot. And I don't think there should be to many "almost the same" questions out there. How do I show my ...
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Promoter badge with all questions

I want to provide a bounty for one of my questions. Because it is the first time I do this, I also want to earn the "Promoter" badge. As described in the badge: First bounty you offer on your own ...
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Update question before bounty end

I've posted a question with a bounty, and the bounty ends in two days. By doing research, I have focused the problem on a less wide aspect, but I still do not know the definite answer. Should I just ...
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Bounty not awarded, answer was accepted with 2 upvotes : iPad app

My answer to a question was accepted several days before the bounty period ended. The answer also received two upvotes before bounty period ended. But no bounty was awarded on expiration. What did I ...
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Missing bounty award button

I received a mail titled "Bounty Grace Period Started" 14 hours ago saying: Your bounty on the question … How to handle string data characters that are illegal in XML? … ended and will be auto-...
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1 answer

Why wasn't the bounty award set after OP acception?

I answered a bounty question with a 500 reputation points award, more than two people upvoted me, and automatically I earned half of the award; that is 250. After a few days after the end of bounty ...
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Why did my bounty disappear?

This isn't a case of the bounty getting auto-awarded at the end of the grace period. I created a 50-point bounty for this question yesterday. Today, I see that the bounty is gone, and I've been ...
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How can I find recently awarded bounty questions for a particular tag?

Is there a way to find recently (means up to 2 or 3 days) awarded bounty questions for a particular tag? I found a related post (answer) of @rene, Is there a way to find unanswered bounty questions ...
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Who gets the bounty if placed on third party question, and the asker self-answers and accepts their own answer?

If I assign bounty on other person question and that person answers his question, and accept it as well; and there is another answer with higher score (also posted during the bounty period): Who ...
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1 answer

What happens if you start a bounty on a question with an already-approved answer?

Wondering about this because I am trying to get the promoter badge on SO. I only have a single question on SO (for which I have already approved an answer). Does the user that answered my question get ...
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Can a mod take a second look at my flag? [closed]

I flagged this question with the message: This question should clearly be closed (either Too Broad, or looking for software recommendation), however I can't flag it due to the open bounty. Per ...
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Bounty should be awarded to accepted answer if it expires failing the criteria

Here is the question that was asked by a user with a bounty of 100 reps. I noticed and answered it in its grace period. The user accepted the answer after the grace period. Since my answer didn't have ...
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Can I earn the bounty I started in this case?

In the help center, it says You cannot award a bounty to your own answer. Suppose I started a bounty, at mean time, I posted an answer. If my answer is the highest voted answer, and I did not ...
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Change the text of the bounty grace period email [duplicate]

The email titled "Bounty Grace Period Started - Stack Overflow" is confusing, as it implies that the grace period started when the email was sent. However, the email is sometimes sent hours later ...
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Inconsistent reminder for bounty grace period and expirations

I recently started a bounty on this question by me. Due to personal circumstances I wasn't able to grant the bounty last week. I received a reminder via mail that the bounty will be auto closed after ...
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Unresolved featured questions (bounty): How about creating an extra tab and award for important unresolved problems?

Problem description Have you ever offered a bounty on a question for a difficult or important problem and still nobody answered after seven days? Maybe you even got lots of upvotes, but nobody had a ...
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Can't figure out how to award a bounty on this question

I was blown away by the thoroughness of the answer to my SO question and have wanted to award a bounty to the accepted answer. Yet, I can't seem to find a button or link anywhere on the question's ...
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Cannot figure out if bounty was already created on a question

I have this existing question: Git metadata - is there a way to add git metadata that is independent of each branch? I am trying to figure out if a bounty was ever created on it? I want to create a ...
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How strictly should we judge low quality bounty questions? [duplicate]

As of late I have encountered a couple of bounty questions that have been rather sub-par in their quality and I had some second thoughts about their legitimacy as a questions in and of themselves. I ...
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Why did I get my bounty back?

I have created a bounty on the below question But I didn't find a suitable answer to donate the bounty to during the bounty period and it expired without ...
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User with two 100-point bounties but no rep?

Why is this 1-rep user able to offer two 100-point bounties? Is there a bug in the bounty system?
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An accepted answer on a bountied question did not award the bounty

Firebase Dynamic Links - Can't get Url in android after install app from play store I have provided the answer on this question during the bounty period, and it was accepted during the grace ...
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How to see bounty question counts per tag?

Favorite tags was replaced with tag watching. Now when I go to the featured tab, there's no list of tags in the sidebar sorted by featured question count. I don't have a screenshot, but it looked ...
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2 answers

Bounty question, one triple upvoted answer, no comment in 6 days

Scenario: This question just had a bounty. The bounty, and now the grace period has expired. Mine is the sole answer and has 3 upvotes. The answer was posted 6 days ago. The OP has not commented on ...
3 votes
1 answer

Filter and sort bounties after new update?

Remember the "new nav" from 2015? You could filter and sort questions with open bounties by bounty amount, votes, and unanswered. Now the "new nav" has been taken down and replaced with a new design....
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I should be able to undo a vote on an answer I once upvoted without editing if I put a bounty on the question

Assume I have received an answer once which I upvoted and marked solved because it contained a helpful workaround and no other answer has been received for weeks. Now, working intensively with it I ...
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Bounty for answers within the bounty period

I was wondering if this is an intentional behavior or something that maybe needs to be change. When a question is offered a bounty, and an answer is given during the bounty period, shouldn't that ...
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Number inside blue box below up votes on Stack Overflow

In the answer to How do I use extern to share variables between source files?, under the total number of upvotes, what does the number inside the blue box represent?
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1 answer

Does placing a bounty affect reputation gained?

As in, do you still gain reputation for upvotes on the question you placed the bounty on, while the bounty is in affect?
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1 answer

Bounty and a somewhat useful answer with the real solution in comment - I must not edit it?

I have added a bounty to a question where no answer existed. Now someone answered, but the answer does not fit my software setup. After some clarification, I got a good (but very short) answer in the ...
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Where are all the bountied questions?

I opened Stack Overflow in a browser I don't usually and noticed a series of buttons that I don't have when logged in. Not logged in and visiting python Logged in and visiting python "Bounties" ...
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I want to put a bounty on my question but I can only add +100

This is because I added an answer, realized it wasn't actually working and deleted the answer. But anyone with an answer posted must offer up 100 rep as a bounty (which is more than I want to offer). ...
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1 answer

Please clarify in the rules that the bounty system will not automatically award a bounty to the sponsor

I believe there is a bug in the bounty system description. It says explicitly: You cannot award a bounty to your own answer. However, in the section about the system automatically awarding a ...
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Why does the bounty on my answer not show up in the "bounty" tab?

One of my answers was awarded a 50 reputation bounty. The bounty tab in my profile though doesn't show any earned bounties. I think this might a be bug and that there should not be a bounty on my ...
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Error occurs when attempting to award a bounty in Stack Overflow Team

The below error shows when I attempt to award a bounty on our SO teams site. Before this error the popup asking "Are you sure..." comes up and I click "OK". This is the first bounty we've had on our ...
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