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A bounty is a way to get additional attention for a question by offering some of your own reputation for great answers.

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How can I close a question that has an active bounty?

This question seems (to me) massively, overly broad Dynamic UserControls within ASP.NET Wizard. But I can't close it as because it has an active bounty. What should be done? Does the posting of the ...
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Promoting new answers to old questions

I was searching for some information on a topic and found the following question: Timer doesn't want to start again after it was disabled. I recently began learning about async/await from .NET 4.5 ...
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What is the reason behind waiting 48 hours to offer a bounty?

What is the reason behind waiting for 48 hours to be able to offer a bounty for your question? Sometimes you could face a critical problem which needs a solution right away. Suppose you have the ...
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Why can't I vote to close a question that has a bounty on it?

I just came across a question that I feel is too broad, opinion-based, and looking for recommendations. When I went to vote to close it I encountered the red warning message: This question has an open ...
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How to willingly not award a bounty?

I have started a bounty on this question. The question received some more answers, but actually none of those is answering the specific problem I wanted to be addressed with the bounty. So I would ...
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Flagging a suspected off-topic question "protected" by a bounty [duplicate]

I don't quite understand why my custom flag on this question has been declined. Flag: Here's the link to this Meta post which I have linked to in my flag as a supportive reference. I don't want to ...
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How open is SO for the possibility of monetary bounties? [duplicate]

Many times someone have non-trivial questions that he can not solve by himself. An SO user will usually come to the site looking for answers from experts. If the question is simple for some expert, ...
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increasing the amount of a bounty

Is there a way to increase the amount of an existing bounty? I am thinking about the situation in which someone posts a bounty but does not get a reply after a few days. It seems like the only ...
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2 answers

Bounties that expire with no answer

The FAQ does not* answer what happens if a bounty expires, but the question still has no answers. So... What happens if a bounty expires, but the question still has no answers? *: Well, apparently it ...
194 votes
7 answers

Allow bountied questions to be closed by regular users

I know there are a lot of questions asking the same thing and I know the proper way to close such question is to follow this: How can I close a question that has an active bounty? You flag it for ...
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2 answers

Is it OK to start a bounty on a question you have answered to promote your answer?

I have seen so many answers to questions that are brilliant, but due to a low number of views they don't have as many upvotes as they should (IMHO). So, if a user has an answer that they believe ...
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If you've answered your own question with a bounty, why can you not receive a portion of the bounty back?

Can someone point me to an existing discussion on this? The scenario I had was: Posted a 50pt bounty for a question None of the answers resolved my issue I was able to get my issue corrected, and ...
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Why bounty was not awarded?

This question had a bounty with this history; Bounty started at Jul 8, 10:15 Bounty ended at Jul 16 11:47 with no winning answer I gave an answer and received these votes: jul 4: +1 Jul 12: +1 Jul 13:...
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Why is the color of a bounty number in the "Reputation" tab dark green (not white)?

I recently just looked at my "Reputation" tab, and realized that it's so hard to read the bounty number since it is so dark, here is an image: I am just curious if this is a bug or not, if so, why is ...
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Notify authors when a bounty is offered

Please automatically inform the authors of the question and any answers when someone posts a bounty. I received an upvote on my answer to How to wrap table cell at a maximum width in full width table....
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2 answers

Bounty policy for refunding reputation?

I offered a bounty on one of my questions but it was not answered to my satisfaction. I assumed that if my question was not "answered" to my specifications that I would get my bounty points refunded ...
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Can we have something akin to Reddit's "Gold" here for nice posts?

Every now and then, you see an outstanding answer or question. And you want to give an immediate reward(i.e not a regular bounty, which has a delay before rewarding). A piece of work that took much ...
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What exactly is "artificial inflation of reputation", and where is the line?

This is in reference to a chat discussion prompted by this meta post. The backstory here is simple: a high-rep user on Stack Overflow recently decided to start offering bounties on questions with the ...
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30 votes
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Could we have an option to search for questions with a bounty?

Going through the featured questions page to see the bounties that are open, I was wondering if any of them have some tags I am familiar with. I tried to use [bash] bounty:yes in the Search form but ...
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What happens to unawarded bounties when a question is deleted?

Based on this question (Bounty Expiration) I understand that I am not supposed to have my reputation "refunded" when a bounty goes unanswered. However, I observed the following, and consequently I'm ...
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I didn't get the bounty for a question I answered

This question had a bounty: Multiple partners in a family tree in d3.js? Yesterday it was running on the grace period of 24 hours, and on expiry I didn't get any bounty reward. Now the history of ...
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Why is there a grace period for bounties? [duplicate]

I wanted to get a better understanding of what the bounty system was and how it worked so I read the Help Page for bounties. It says "there is a "grace period" of 24 hours to manually award the ...
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3 answers

Bounties on meta questions

I asked a question here on meta yesterday and I'd really like to have an answer, so I thought about putting a bounty on it in the next days (as it has low views and more views / votes would help). ...
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3 answers

Is there a better way to deal with low-quality questions that have a bounty attached?

This question (How do I create an infinite loop?) has a whopping 500 Point Bounty on it. The question is, as you may have guessed, exactly that - the user has no idea what an infinite loop is. It even ...
45 votes
2 answers

Bounty etiquette - early awards

I've put a bounty on someone else's question and there has been a good answer posted. Would it be frowned upon to award the bounty to this answer even though there are still 5 days left in the bounty ...
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Allow bounty text to be edited

No matter how many times I read something, it always seems like a grammar problem slips into my writing. Most places on SO, that can be corrected easily. However, when I left out a word in the bounty ...
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27 votes
3 answers

Must I award a non-answer with a bounty?

I offered a bounty to a question of mine. Only one answer has been given, and it's an obvious non-answer (doesn't address the question). Can I prevent this non-answer receiving the bounty?
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Declined mod flag on a bountied question [duplicate]

I flagged this question with the following message: I am flagging this question because it is asking for personal opinions about how to create a specific type of website. The user hasn't shown ...
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25 votes
2 answers

What is the rationale behind forcing a 24 hour wait period to award a bounty after issuing one?

In the scenario where a question has been asked and answered and you wish to award an additional bounty for the existing answer, forcing a 24 hour wait to award the bounty seems a bit... strange to me....
21 votes
2 answers

Why can't a bounty created to reward an existing answer be awarded immediately? [duplicate]

I asked a question a while back which received a really great answer. It's now a few weeks later and I just started a bounty and chose the reason as wanting to reward an existing answer, but when I ...
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6 answers

Is it acceptable to use the custom message on a bounty to promote a specific answer?

I recently found a bounty question with this custom message: The current answers do not contain enough detail. Although this question had many answers already, I didn't feel that any of them ...
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2 day waiting period for bounty [duplicate]

Why is there a 2 day waiting period for placing a bounty on a question? I have had several questions that I have had that just don't get the exposure I'm looking for and they are time-sensitive ...
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What kind of bounty message is acceptable for promoting your own answer?

According to Is it OK to start a bounty on a question you have answered to promote your answer?, it's generally considered OK to promote your answer on a question by adding a bounty to the question. ...
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3 answers

If a bounty question is not answered/solved, why is amount not returned to asker?

My first time trying a bounty on a rather important question for me. No one came close to offering anything in the way of a solution, and yet the bounty was not returned. Why?
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2 answers

Bounty is subtracted before awarding?

Today I set a bounty on this question and I noticed that the bounty had already been subtracted from my imaginary Internet points even though there is no answer, therefore no bounty has been awarded. ...
209 votes
3 answers

Make philanthropic bounties a real part of site culture

With the site now well into its seventh year, there is a solid field of users with a lot of reputation points and nothing really to do with them except, well, amassing even more of them. What if we ...
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146 votes
2 answers

Top generous users—users that spend their reputation in bounties

I just came across an interesting user who has more gold badges than most top 20 users. The low reputation of below 10,000 made me wonder how that's possible. I found out that he's continuously ...
49 votes
2 answers

Should bounties be used as a "currency" to hand out "work assignments"?

I recently came across a question with a bounty Calculate average exchange rate for time period where the person asking the question set the rules for the reward description in such a way that he ...
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4 answers

How much do bounties increase the likelihood of getting a good/acceptable answer?

There's currently 444 bounties on SO, including one I've just added myself, but statistically speaking, does putting a bounty on your question actually lead to an increase in the chances of getting an ...
40 votes
2 answers

Can I set a bounty to bring attention to a question I gave an answer to?

I recently found an interesting question asking for a time-efficient algorithm for some problem. I gave an answer containing two approaches. Someone suggested that an answer to an old related question ...
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Inconsistent reminder for bounty grace period and expirations

I recently started a bounty on this question by me. Due to personal circumstances I wasn't able to grant the bounty last week. I received a reminder via mail that the bounty will be auto closed after ...
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How to deal with bounty questions that are duplicates

How should we deal with questions that have a duplicate, yet are protected from being closed by a bounty? This question has been asked before, and the answer was to leave a comment pointing out the ...
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1 answer

Does the bounty system not auto-award anymore?

According to the What is a bounty? page, If you do not award your bounty within 7 days (plus the grace period), the highest voted answer created after the bounty started with a minimum score of 2 ...
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22 votes
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Accepting, upvoting and bountying my own answer?

Let's say I've asked a question and nobody answered to it or the answers were not fully satisfying. After few days/weeks of searching data I've found out and fixed the problem and I just want to ...
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22 votes
2 answers

Difficult question with an active bounty attracts pseudo-answers from reputation hunters

This is not the first and not the last time I have this issue, most questions I put the bounty on are low profile and tricky at the same time, they require some degree of expertise and usually cannot ...
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Featured tab at 0?

I saw this recently. Why 0 featured questions, when clearly there are?
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Can't we award bounty to a helpful answer directly?

This may be a duplicate. Sometimes, I stumble upon answers/questions that help me save time so much that I feel like awarding a direct bounty to that answer, as a sign of gratitude to the answerer or ...
9 votes
2 answers

Ethics on Bounty Award when best answer only solved half of the problem?

A little while ago, I wrote a question on regular old, and received nothing but thin air as this roadblocking problem haunted me. So naturally, when able to, I started a Bounty. ...
7 votes
2 answers

Is there a way to find unanswered bounty questions with specific tags?

There are tabs for featured and unanswered questions. Is there a way to combine them?
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Apparently I can increase my bounty, how? [duplicate]

According to the description of bounties, I can increase my bounty as long as I increase it by double the amount that was originally added, this is what the description says: Additionally, if you ...
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