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A bounty is a way to get additional attention for a question by offering some of your own reputation for great answers.

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Prevent auto-awarding bounty in case up-voted answer is not correct

When you place a bounty on a question, if the bounty expires you have a grace period to award the bounty. If you don't, the answer with the highest up-vote (min of 2) will receive half the bounty. I ...
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Suggestion: Upon bounty submission, provide message to those who have previously posted an answer

I answered up a question to somebody a few weeks ago. The person didn't like my answer, but never commented a single word that they didn't like that response. Instead, they waited for a few weeks, ...
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I got 2 bountied questions, but the system thinks it's 3

Today I logged in to SO to see that apparently one of my bountied questions got deleted, apparently by Community's automated clean-up. Now, however, the system still thinks I have 3 active bounties, ...
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Allow paragraph separation in bounty message

When writing a custom message for a bounty you are allowed a generous 3000 characters. But you are only allowed one paragraph. That makes the message hard to read when two or three paragraphs would be ...
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Allow bounty text to be edited

No matter how many times I read something, it always seems like a grammar problem slips into my writing. Most places on SO, that can be corrected easily. However, when I left out a word in the bounty ...
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Flagged Bounty Questions do not show up in flagged list

I flagged the following question: how to find multidimensional array permutation in php with the following dialog box: choosing the should be closed.. radio (the question is overly broad and is ...
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29 votes
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Tag the Altruist in comments on a bounty question

This question was asked 8 months ago: C# Excel Interop - Suppress 'Publishing' dialog when invoking Worksheet.ExportAsFixedFormat A guy (Michael Brandon Morris) recently put a Bounty on it, ...
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Question Answered on a Different site in the Network

I came across a question that clearly should have been posted on the Database Administrators Stack Exchange. I would have voted to close this question, however it had a bounty which meant I was not ...
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Limit the number of characters that can be used in the custom message of a bounty

I recently found a bounty question with a custom message so long that it made me stop and think about what the OP was thinking when they were writing the message. To me, a lot of this could probably ...
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Should user be prompted when starting a bounty and clicking away from popup?

I started a bounty and was on step 3, wrote up a nice little description of my bounty, and then I accidentally clicked on the background of the site which caused the DHTML popup to go away without ...
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Provide a "grace period" to undo/retract bounty assignments (in case of misclicks)

When you upvote or downvote on something, you have a few minutes to change your mind. But when you award a bounty, it's just one click and it's done. There isn't even a confirmation! I've just ...
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20 votes
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Cannot add a bounty to question - getting a 404 page when I try

I am trying to add a bounty to this question of mine, but when I do so I get a 404 page. What I am doing is clicking "Start a bounty", then selecting 50, then "Authoritative reference needed", and ...
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Stack Overflow says bounty ended, but it didn't yet

I got a notification that my bounty ended: And also an email: However, the bounty is still active: Why is Stack Overflow trying to mislead me to award the bounty before it ends?
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Deletion of unsatisfactory answer that awarded a bounty

Recently I came across this meta post It's about an user that earned a bounty with an answer that obviously did not satisfy the askers' needs. The ( pretty high upvoted ) accepted answer states, ...
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Rationale for limit of three Bounties

I'm curious, what is the rationale for the limit of three active bounties at a time (ie, one user can only offer, have set up, three bounties at a time).
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Can I award bounty to two answers?

Recently I asked a question and decided to award a bounty on its answer, Here it is Bring an element to top of the page even if the page does not scroll I have selected an answer and I have awarded ...
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Can the bounty notice custom message be made available in the question history and/or in the awarded bounty tooltip?

The use case is recovering bounty context. For example, assume a user awards bounties for answers that have "I like turtles" in it. Or a user provides more context in the bounty notice, like ...
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13 votes
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What to do about "forgotten" bounties?

Once again I've been involved in a bounty that expired and finally was auto-rewarded. From my own limited experience this seems to happen more often lately. There's a lot of small "injustice" at ...
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Hide/block/prompt close link when having a bounty

Since a bounty causes a question not able to be closed, can the close link be guarded some how so we don't go through the process then being prompted?
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11 votes
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It's too easy to lose custom bounty-request text

I was typing up a bounty request, and I wanted to include some text from the question I was bountying, but when I clicked elsewhere in the window to select that text, the bounty popup window ...
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11 votes
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Bounties new-nav doesn't remember sort order

When I visit the bounties page, I like to replicate the old functionality of the "Featured" tab which was to sort by ending date with the soonest to expire first. The bounties pill box automatically ...
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11 votes
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Clarifying bounty auto-award-mechanics in the help-center

Currently, there are three pages in the help-center mentioning how bounties are auto-awarded. Imho, all three would benefit from some rewording: Reputation & Moderation > What is a bounty? How ...
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10 votes
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Timeline page (aka activity log) does not show bounties

As vividly illustrated in a recent question of mine the timeline view of a question continues to be useful, but fails to include information about bounties. Could they be added there, please?
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Bounty expiration notifications off by day

I had placed a bounty on a question of mine on January 25 to reward an existing answer and to draw attention. I got a notice 6 days later, on January 31 that my bounty is going to expire in 1 days, ...
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Is the Current "Bounty System" favoring only "accurate" answers?

PS : Before closing this question down as a duplicate, please read it completely. A couple of days back, I asked this question on android. I placed a bounty of 200 rep for the same (when I couldn't ...
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Why is the Half Bounty awarded on Post Answer but not showing in Reputation Score?

This just seems like strange behavior on SO. Can someone explain? If an answer gets awarded the half bounty (automatically) when the OP neglects to award the bounty after the grace period ends, ...
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Bounty popup doesn't float, but sticks?

Not sure if this is by design, but look at this: I would think that a popup would stay in the middle of the screen, as if it was a new window, not get stuck to the other parts of the web page. And ...
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Notification of edited answers when bounty is at stake

I recently offered a bounty on a question, seeking a more detailed answer. The bounty was about to expire, and there hadn't been anything new posted. I added a comment to the one answer already ...
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What should I do with my bounty message on my question that states something that isn't true?

Recently I made this question: How do I maintain a live video stream playing if I change tabs in Chrome? I've put a large bounty on it, because I had been trying to solve this problem for around 3 ...
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Bounty new-nav doesn't remember page size setting if I change sort order

I browse Stack Overflow with 50 questions per page. Occasionally, I wander through the bounties page to see if there is anything I can answer. On initial page load, I see 50 bounties listed. However, ...
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Set Bounty hangs on StackOverflow, tried from 3 different browsers

I've never resorted to bounties before, but decided to try it for this question. But after filling out the dialogs, it seems to just hang and not post the bounty. On the very last step in the popup ...
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1 answer

This bounty that I shouldn't have won

There was a bounty on this question : Is it possible to deploy a Qt Quick application without Qt Network on OS X? which I won because the bounty expired. I won 25 rep which is nice. But reading the ...
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Bounty award UI flow does confirm and time checks in the wrong order

I found a good answer that I thought had gone rather unrewarded, so I added a bounty to the question. I was pretty sure I had to wait a bit before awarding it, but nevertheless, I tried to award it ...
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Award rest of bounty after expiration, but minimum bounty is raised

I put a 50 point bounty on a question. A user gave a great answer, but I was busy and didn't get a chance to confirm the answer before the bounty expired. As per standard procedure, the user's answer, ...
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0 answers

Receive email if a bounty is in my subscribed tags

Is there an option to receive emails about bounties that have been offered on tags that I am watching? (If not, is there any reason against such a feature?)
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How can I find recently awarded bounty questions for a particular tag?

Is there a way to find recently (means up to 2 or 3 days) awarded bounty questions for a particular tag? I found a related post (answer) of @rene, Is there a way to find unanswered bounty questions ...
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My question does not have a "bounty" button

As you can see from my picture, I cannot put my question into a bounty although I have more than 50 reputation and the question has been posted for more than 2 days. I only have two bounties so far ...
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Accept your answer to somebody else's question where you opened a bounty

I recently found a question that was very relevant to a problem I was facing. Since it had no answer, I opened a bounty. I dug into the problem myself and found the answer. Since I didn't write the ...
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Bounty answer provided User help but not accepted. No other answer was provided

I am curious as to the policy or etiquette of the following situation: Question was posed (with a 50 point bounty). Only one answer was provided, which went a long way to explain to the user what ...
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Why bounty is given if answer not accepted?

I was searching for issue I have, and found exactly same question And answer is seems to be a bad practice, and what more important, not working. But bounty is given. What's the point of this?
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Bounty page does not load page 1 when click on bounties

When click on bounties it loads the page number that has been selected previously, instead it should load the first page of bounty page. To reproduce this, Select python tag and go to 5th page of ...
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4 votes
0 answers

Stack Overflow cannot remember how many bounties I want to see

When I visit the questions with bounties list I see usually 50 questions per page. However when I click on page 2 just 30 questions are shown. I call this a bug.
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4 votes
1 answer

Strange notice about a bounty being awarded when it isn't

Regarding this question: It says "This question has an open bounty worth +100 reputation from dbush ending in 3 days." There's no accepted answer. The comment at the top of the page says "This means ...
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Duplicate usernames in bounty tooltip

I was reading this answer when I realized that Unihedron's name was mentioned twice in the tooltip, given that they awarded two bounties to that same answer. To me that sounds like as if two people ...
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Getting an empty modal when starting a bounty

When starting a bounty of 50, I was getting the following result during 2 or more times of trying - empty modal / pop-up. This made it impossible to finish giving a bounty to the question. What I've ...
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Why no bounty after grace period has ended?

Point in Polygon algorithm giving wrong results for negative points I've answered this question after a bounty was started with a score of 2. No bounty was manually awarded and the grace period has ...
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Disassociated questions appearing in bounty section on profile

A while back, I asked some of my questions to be disassociated from my profile. Some of these questions had bounties on. I've just had a look in the bounty section on my profile and noticed that the ...
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Wrong info in user's "bounties" tab when there is an active bounty

This minor bug is in the user's offered bounties tab:<id>/<name>?tab=bounties&sort=offered When a user offers a bounty for a question for a question ...
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Add bounty to get canonical answer on already answered

I have already answered here and it was approved by the OP. Dynamically add columns in an existing table on the fly in CakePHP 3 However, technically my own answer seemed slightly vague and I have ...
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StackExchange Data Explorer understanding the Bounty Award Counts

I saw this guy score a 2nd bounty on his own question, it was a 500 pointer from Madara Uchiha taking the tally to 700: I checked the bounty award counts and nothing goes over 550: I can't work out ...
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