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This tag is for questions about the favorite question feature. For questions about favorite tags, use [favorite-tags] instead.

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What's the use of "favourite this question"?

In general, if a question helps me in some way on Stack Overflow, or if I think it is a good question I give it an upvote. Which brings me to my question or need of some sort. The OP asks a question ...
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Idea of bookmarks

I'm using SO for almost 2 years, I learned how it works, and recently I started using the "star" button to collect interesting questions. It's OK so far, as it's the only way (except for browser ...
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Allow for categorizing favorites [duplicate]

I have a suggestion regarding marking a question as favorite. Stack Overflow provides this feature and I can go in my profile and see list of favorites. But, over time, this list gets too long and ...
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