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This tag is for questions about the Bookmarks feature (formerly known as the "favorite" feature). For questions about watched tags (formerly known as "favorite/interesting tags", use [tag-watching] instead.

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Show what activity triggers favorites tab counters

It seems to me from my own personal confusion and from questions like How to find out what activity activated a favorite and What's the use of "favorite this question"? that figuring out exactly what ...
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Unfavorited question showing up as favorited on main account

Approximately two weeks ago, I favorited a question. I unfavorited it two days later. It was removed from the favorites list on my Stack Overflow account, but it is still on the favorites list on my ...
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new-nav: Can we get "favorite[ question]s" as one of the available tabs?

I expected to find [my] "favorites" as one of the available tabs in "Where are my tabs?" but it's not there. This would be a nice improvement, as I frequently favorite (aka "star") something just so ...
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Idea of bookmarks

I'm using SO for almost 2 years, I learned how it works, and recently I started using the "star" button to collect interesting questions. It's OK so far, as it's the only way (except for browser ...
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A search box to narrow the number of questions shown under your profiles saves, votes, questions, etc

I'll save/vote on a question if it helped me. Later I might have difficulty remembering something from the post. With no search feature, the process of finding the question again in my bookmarks/votes ...
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Favorites tab is showing different number than what is highlighted in list

The number of highlighted questions in the list is different than the one shown in the Favorites tab. Sometimes I get 1 favorite in the tab, but no highlighted question. In this case, I get 4 ...
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Bug with voting sidebar?

I was searching around on meta when I came across a What should I do about a user that I'm trying to help and is calling me stupid: I noticed that you couldn't vote on the question. I found it ...
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User profile favorite tab questions items data not correct on Stack Exchange

I do not have any favorite question in my profile on Stack Overflow (below Snap). But when I visit my profile from another browser on Stack Exchange (incognito or from which I'm not signed in). It ...
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Please make advanced search features for duplicate closures more discoverable

I was just about to post to ask for a search feature, but I decided to check first to make sure it isn't supported. It is. I had, for literally years, laboured under the misconception that the site ...
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Were notifications for favorites changed?

Before, I was getting a lot of notifications for activity on questions in my favorites. Now, it seems that even if there are new comments, the favorites notification in my user page isn't marked. ...
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Favorites got lost in migration back to

I am certain that I (and many others) had marked this question as favorite, but the marks seem to have gotten lost when the question was migrated back to Is it still possible ...
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Need a searchbox in bookmarks section

We can bookmark our favourite questions and later find them in "Activity > Bookmarks". In the bookmarks section we can sort by various ways but a search option would make things easier.
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Can we add a soft "ignore" flag to questions to help users exclude questions from search results?

I am trying to monitor specific tags and at least review each unanswered question with that tag. Over time I keep seeing the same questions that I do not want to answer for whatever reason, which ...
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Move/Add Favorites Tab to Homepage

To access your favorites, the current process is to go to your user profile, and then access the favorites tab down the bottom of the page. This requires two steps, and the favorites tab is quiet ...
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How to search in favorite post using keywords?

So, I have some hundreds favorite posts and I want to search between them some that contains "git" + "branch" words. I could find the post passing one by one but I was wondering if we have that ...
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Why isn't there a way/option to sort on deleted questions saved from the "favorites" tab in the profile area?

Note: This question is for members with 10k reputation (or more) and ♦ moderators. These questions were starred/favorited at the time the question was made viewable by all, as per the favorites tab in ...
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Looks like favorite count status update is wrong

Edit: Duplicate of Why does my favorite count vary on my profile? on MetaSE. But I still contend it's an (itsy-bitsy) bug: Joel says, "A user interface is well-designed when the program behaves ...
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Proposal for a "watch" tab?

I wasn't able to find something similar through search. If there is, let me know and I'll delete the question. As much as I like that we already have a favorites tab for starring questions, I feel as ...
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Page numbers also at the top of the Favorites list

Would it be possible to display the page numbers 1, 2,...,n not only at the bottom of each page of the Favorites list but also above this list? When I look for an item with CTRL-F, I always have to ...
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Is there a way to create a separate favorite list of my own answers?

Often times, I tend to refer back to my old answers while tackling a new question. Is there a way to favorite questions answered by me and view them as a separate list for handy reference? I know ...
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