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Questions about managing a bookmark in a browser or a browser add-on. Questions about social bookmarking sites belong on Web Applications. (Based on

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Is the Bookmarks badge counter broken? [duplicate]

I just added my first bookmark, having finally figured out they are the best place to store all the dupes that I can never find to hammer with. Having added it, I then visited my Activity page only to ...
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Is the new "bookmark" button just "favorite" button renamed?

Just noticed a new change, familiar favorite button now read as Bookmark
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Wouldn't there be a point to add a bookmark option for answers? [duplicate]

We have all seen interesting answers now and then. Sometimes the question is nothing special but one or more answers to the same question are very interesting. There is already a way to star ...
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Feedback - Stack Overflow should have a bookmark button [duplicate]

How can I save pages that are interesting and may want to use later? The only way I can think is use the browser's bookmark functionality. It would be good if this functionality is within Stack ...
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Making the bookmarks for each answer more accessible?

Currently, if I want to create a direct link to an specific answer I have to: Right click on the answer. Select "Inspect Element". Find the empty bookmark e.g. <a name="4580130"></a> ...
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Getting a notification when a question that's not yours is answered

Stack Overflow should be enhanced with a "Need Answer" functionality. A user could mark a question that's not his, and then a notification will be generated when a new answer arrives for that question....
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Is it possible to order/filter favorites by tags?

Is it possible to order or filter bookmarked questions by tags to avoid scrolling favorites for hours when you search for something specific you don't clearly remember because it was long time ago?
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Should a favorite bookmark prompt the user to upvote?

I've encountered many questions that have been bookmarked but have no up votes. It seems reasonable that an individual wishing to keep tabs on a question would be of mind to vote up the question as ...
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Is it possible to bookmark Stack Overflow questions/discussions?

Often I read good answers here on Stack Overflow. Is it possible to bookmark them, like in forums?
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