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Questions regarding the Stack Overflow blog.

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Reduce size of images used in SO blog

While looking at the new article New Kids on the Block, I've noticed the author avatar was taking some time to load. Looking at the image, it is indeed quite heavy: 2,6MB for a 3339x3339 pixels image ...
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Can you remove the hero image on blog posts?

When I open any of the blog posts, I am presented with a huge image at the top which forces me to scroll to read the first sentence. Can you please delete the hero or make it smaller? Here is an ...
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The 2013 survey results blog post has a very low-res image

The image containing the results on is broken, its size is 137px by 1024px.
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Images in Stack Snippets blog post are broken

This post comes up among the first search results for "stack snippets mobile", and the images therein are missing:
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Poor Render of Google Font In Blog Post

While perusing the most recent SO blog post, I noticed that the Miriam Libre font used for the Related Articles heading is being poorly rendered by the browser. Please see screen captures below ...
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"Lifeboat" blog post grammatical error

Emboldened by this comment, I would like to report a bug on the Lifeboat-announcement blog post. I reported it as a comment, but the comment apparently didn't survive moderation :) . Would someone ...
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Can the total sample size for the Pulse Survey results be included in blog posts?

I've noticed the Pulse Survey results on the Stack Overflow blog, and sometimes have wanted to share the interesting results with coworkers or stakeholders. However, I can't find the total sample size ...
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5 entries per page on is too low

Links like show only 5 entries per page, with ton of whitespace below last entry (due to long list of tags on the right). This is especially bad on pages ...
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2020 Developer Survey says "We're sorry, but the 2019 Developer Survey is now closed"

When you go to the 2020 Developer Survey which is linked from this blog post on it, you get the following error: We're sorry, but the 2019 Developer Survey is now closed. See you next year, when we ...
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Why mix infoJobs with SO jobs

Today, I received a message telling me that Stack Overflow is partnering with InfoJobs to bring more opportunities. Here is the blog article: Stack Overflow & InfoJobs: Bringing Opportunities to ...
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Tags on blog that link to 404 page

On the Stack Overflow blog there are links to tags on the side of the home page, but the tags that are titled '' and '' link to a 404 page. Helpful comment: Huh, the dots ...
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Broken jobs links in various headers/footers

This link in the footer for the Stack Overflow blog 404s since jobs is no more: Same with these links in the footer for These links in the footer for ...
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Stack Overflow Blog top bar flair does not use thousands separators

The flair in the top bar of the new blog site is missing a thousands separator: My reputation is showing as 21988 while on the Q&A sites, it's shown as 21,988:
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Does Stack Overflow release their views data by industry?

I'm curious on doing some deeper analysis on tags by industry; the closest analogy would be this piece on trends in government software developers where the author matched user views data with the IP ...
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Broken table in "Ask like a human: Implementing semantic search on Stack Overflow" blog post

In the blog post titled Ask like a human: Implementing semantic search on Stack Overflow, there is ... this: Not sure what that was intended to be, but that's not easy to read. Can that be cleaned up ...
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Adding a link to the Stack Overflow blog on side panel

Can we add a link to the Stack Overflow blog here (side panel): Right now, the easiest way to access the blog is to view an article and then navigate to other posts. The other way described here was ...
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new-protected-question-status blog image-link broken in the blog post strangely enough the preview image is ...
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Graph in blog not suited for dark mode

In this new blog entry the graph is hard to read.
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Bloggers are on top of their descriptions

On the blog on author pages like here, the image for the authors are on top of their descriptions: I’m viewing this on my iPhone in Safari, but it’s probably more related to my phone being really ...
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Latest podcast doesn't show commentary

We were unable to load Disqus. If you are a moderator please see our troubleshooting guide. That is what is found on the bottom of the latest so podcast.
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Reply section for blog comments focused on scroll

In the comment section of any blog article, whenever scrolling through comments on a mobile phone, the reply section is constantly focused (keyboard opens and screen scrolls down a bit to fit the ...
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Link in the latest blog post is broken

The link in the latest blog post (Stack Gives Back 2021) is broken. Link to Girls Who Code is supposed to contain the href value as: but instead, its href value is: http://$...
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The height of the Stack Overflow Blog top bar is too large

On a 13" display the blog's top/nav bars cover about 1/4 of the page and they are sticky. Coupled with the browser GUI, the top third of my screen is non-content and that's not a great experience. Is ...
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Staging Ground is Mislabeled on the releases page of the blog

As I understand it, the staging ground is an initiative primarily around the public Stack Overflow site. On the releases page of the blog, it’s labelled with a logo for Stack Overflow for Teams (SOfT),...
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Look like the blog link is broken

Celebrating the Stack Exchange sites that turned 10 years old The page is not found on this link, also I am not able to find the correct link from
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Typo in 'Adding Static Code Analysis to Stack Overflow'

There is a minor typo in the Stack Overflow blog post "Adding Static Code Analysis to Stack Overflow". Not real code, ’cause by the time I though to take a screenshot we’d already fixed everything. ...
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The Stack Overflow Blog's favicon doesn't have a transparent background

The Stack Overflow Blog's favicon should be replaced by an asset with a transparent background.
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Wrong link in the blog

While reading How You Can Use the New Stack Overflow Bot from Microsoft blog, I tried clicking the link, which redirected me instead to Microsoft's home page. When I looked at the address link ...
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Does the blog comments section support markdown?

I made a comment on the 'Privacy is an afterthought in the software lifecycle. That needs to change.' article and the formatting is very strange. I can't tell if I messed it up or if it just doesn't ...
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Scroll action that start on the reply button on comment bring in reply box (Touch screen)

Today I read a StackOverflow blog post on mobile: If everyone hates it, why is OOP still so widely spread?. After reading the article, I scroll down and read comments there. The problem is when I ...
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403 error in latest blog

In the latest blog post I cannot see what is written, I think that's the podcast? Now all the podcasts , in this page are giving the same error. But it used to work before. Is it possible to use ...
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Error message box overlapping in whole page

Recently I'm reading the blog post A Theory of Moderation. I noticed that when you click on the POST COMMENT button without filling in any details, one error message box is appearing with Please fill ...
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Dead links in the "Attribution Required" blog post need to be fixed

I recently visiting the Attribution Required post on the Stack Overflow blog and found that this content is too old and needed to change. Some urls ...
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Broken link on the blog gave me this link to report the problem. The link has changed to
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Duplicated blog post showing on SO "Hot Meta Posts" area

This error is happening again:
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Stack Overflow's Public Relations Mistake About "Welcoming" and How to Fix It by Implementing an Index of Examples as Reference Material

I read Jay Hanlon's post on Welcoming and, in spite of a number of problematic mistakes, I think I understand what Stack Overflow is trying to say, but I do not think they know how to say it. In fact, ...
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Your blog post on the Log4shell vulnerability is tone-deaf and keeps the actual community at arms' length

I'm a developer that works with an institution that has been impacted by this vulnerability, and boy am I dissatisfied with how this blog post was presented. Let's get the obvious out of the way - ...
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