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For questions about how and whether or not to apply a format that usually differentiates a long quotation, usually for citing text from another source, by isolating the text in a separate paragraph with highligting. This may be achieved by starting a line with > , by selecting the text and Ctrl+Q or clicking the inverted commas icon.

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In memory of the Yellow CSS Box

Oh yellow box of error How I miss your background hue Parsing your words of terror From the many to the few Now replaced by a simple line That's vertical and grey A designer thought it fine But to me ...
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Inconsistency between preview and actual snippet when adding quotes

I'm trying to add a "quote" snippet to an existing answer. When I view this in Edit it look like this: When I click "Save edits" it looks like this:
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"Code not properly formatted as code" when attempting to blockquote a table

In a recent answer, I was attempting to cite a specific line in a table from the official documentation. Due to its formatting, I thought it would be better to format the quoted section as a table. ...
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Triple-backtick code blocks don't get blockquoted correctly

Suppose I have a code block like this contrived pseudocode: ``` Here { is } my code ``` When I select the whole block including the backticks and then use try to blockquote it using the button or ...
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