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Why the banner showing that the question is closed before it was asked?

I came across two questions and observed their Asked, Active and Closed date-time string. Following is the screen shot of one of it: Question Asked on: 2020-04-16 00:28:14Z Question Closed on: 2020-...
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Button Overflow™ on bottom sign-up banner at some browser widths

The bottom banner asking you to sign up is responsive, but at some widths the leftmost sign-up button and the close button are only partially visible: (Safari 15.5 on macOS 12.4)
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Was told the post I edited in review had other edits but there is nothing else in revision history

On finishing an edit from the Suggested Edits queue, I got a message about other saved edits, linked to the post I just edited from review, but there are no other edits listed other than mine and the ...
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Hide banner if I click on Read now, and don't show it again

Got this banner, like everyone else You can interact with it in two ways: Read now x to close If I close it, I never see it again But if I click Read now, I keep seeing the banner, and I have to ...
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What is recommended action for "This question already has answers where?" issue?

This is in continuation with my other question which is marked duplicate of this question. I learned that the "This question already has answers where?" issue is due to some mass-edit done by The ...