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The thin expanding blue line [duplicate]

The new take a survey banner: Will pop back up if the page is refreshed, and then immediately goes away, but it leaves a small blue bar behind. Every time you refresh the page, the bar gets a bit ...
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The "This question already has answers here:" banner without target links. Is this a bug? [duplicate]

Please refer to this question. Observe the duplicate banner at the top: As you can see, there is no target question specified in the banner. May be the target question is deleted or something ...
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46 votes
2 answers

No, I don't want to know how review queues work

I've noticed some excellent UI changes today: Yay, review queues, what could those be? Wow, I feel so welcome to /review already. I even got access to the Close votes queue! This is the happiest ...
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40 votes
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Why do I get a banner "How are we doing? Please help us improve AWS. Take our short survey"?

I just got a new banner on Stack Overflow: The survey starts with: Thank you for helping us understand your experience with AWS. Sharing your feedback about AWS will help them to make future ...
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23 votes
1 answer

Automatically dismiss the "This post has been deleted" banner in triage review

I just got a spam audit from triage, and I passed the review. I split the votes (by clicking the score) then the banner appeared: This post has been deleted The following is a screenshot that I took ...
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Why the banner showing that the question is closed before it was asked?

I came across two questions and observed their Asked, Active and Closed date-time string. Following is the screen shot of one of it: Question Asked on: 2020-04-16 00:28:14Z Question Closed on: 2020-...
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2 votes
1 answer

How can we get rid of Stack Overflow for Teams advertising forever?

I'm asking the question that wasn't answered in this question - how can we get rid of all future banners, popups, links, ads, etc. for Stack Overflow for Teams (SOFT)? A few occasional ads are fine, ...
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