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Badges are awarded to encourage and incentivize positive community actions within the site.

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Generalist - A Silver Badge?

The Generalist badge states that: Provided non-wiki answers of 15 total score in 20 of top 40 tags. Bringing in the badge descriptions here for sake of analysis. Silver Badges: Silver badges are ...
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Why not show the "Next badge" progress on the badge page?

When I go to my user page I can see my progress on my "Next badge". If Stack Overflow has the ability to show me that, why not show it on the specific badge pages, so I can see my progress toward any ...
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Award tag badges multiple times?

One of my favorite badges on this site are the tag badges - getting a gold tag badge is a pretty meaningful accomplishment! 200+ answers with a score of 1000+ indicates a lot of contributions that are ...
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Census badge for answering 2018 Developer Survey is awarded only in one of the sites?

I answered the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018 and was advised to expect a census badge in Stack Overflow en español. That makes sense because the link I followed was on that site, but: as long ...
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Duplicate duplicate badge question question

I just came across this old, highly upvoted question on meta: Give an incentive for finding duplicate questions. In the interest of bumping that thread - almost 5 years to the day later - what do ...
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Description of Curious badge could be clearer - count shows 6/5

This looks wrong to me. Clicking on the badge shows some criteria about why the badge has not been awarded but it's a bit cryptic. It would be nice to be able to click on that criteria and be taken ...
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Populist badge shouldn't be awarded for an old answer losing its checkmark

Highest scoring answer that outscored an accepted answer with score of more than 10 by more than 2x Awarded for: How can I check if multiplying two numbers in Java will cause an overflow? ...
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Why is the tag badge count not being recalculated?

I've noticed a few days ago that I was awarded a silver tag badge twice: I don't have any problem with that notification. It seems like a kind of race condition, explained here. The issue is that the ...
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Can the Announcer, Booster and Publicist badge descriptions be updated to be complete?

This request is sparked by a very recent exchange in comments. The description of the Announcer badge currently reads: Share a link to a question later visited by 25 unique IP addresses. The ...
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Excavator badge description confusing

The Excavator badge description states: Edited first post that was inactive for 6 months. However it seems that there is an extra criterion required to have it awarded - that you can not own the ...
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Incorrectly awarded Generalist badges (again)

I just got a Generalist badge that I do not qualify for. Looking at the list of people who have the badge, it looks like over half the people with the badge just got it today. The badges seem to have ...
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Let's make the "Badges" title in the profile a link!

In the profile section of a user, when we scroll down to the badges section, I see the Badges title is not a link to the badges section in the Activity tab: My feature request is to also make the ...
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Why aren't the Suffrage and Vox Populi badges paired together on the badge page?

I earned the Vox Populi badge earlier today, which prompted me to read over the badge page in the Help Center and see what else I might be close to earning get confused about the Suffrage badge I ...
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UI doesn't update when you pick a new badge

(I am reusing a screenshot from another thread as mine is gone now.) I just got the enthusiast badge and then when I picked my next one by clicking the "track the next one", this UI doesn't update: ...
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Reword "a good question" in curious, inquisitive, and socratic badges

The definition of "a good question" is unclear, especially since the "good question" badge is defined exactly 5 lines below Curious: Asked a good question on 5 separate days, and maintains a ...
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Strunk & White badge description not consistent with the Copy Editor badge

Yesterday I asked myself, as many others did, why I didn't receive the Strunk & White badge. By searching over meta I found out why but it could have been less confusing if the reason would have ...
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Why isn't the Pundit Badge displayed on the Next Badge list?

Users' have asked for some time a way to control the Pundit Badge. There's even a post on MSE with links for queries on the SEDE to keep track of the various badges, such as this one for the Pundit ...
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Display required reputation to attempt a badge?

Should badges associated with tasks that are only available beyond certain reputation-based privilege milestones indicate this next to the badge icon? Something like this: EDIT: To clarify, this ...
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New colour scheme makes it difficult to see the symbol of silver badges

Recently, a new colour scheme was introduced on Stack Exchange. In the new scheme, in Meta SO, the question asker’s profile has a grey background: This grey background makes it difficult the spot ...
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Badge modal box having formatting issues in IE

Open badges popup box in IE 11, type something in badge search box then clear search box, and formatting is gone. I have checked this in Chrome, Firefox, Edge and IE11, and facing this issue in ...
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Add a way to be notified about new events

A list of Stack Overflow Events is available at However, you need to regularly visit the page if you want to know about new events. Can you add a way to be ...
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Has Meta's unknowingly broken Tumbleweed badge been fixed?

3 hours ago I earned a Tumbleweed badge here on Meta. Woo! Anyway, the Tumbleweed badge description states: Asked a question with zero score, no answers, no comments, and low views for a week. ...
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Stack Overflow badge colours are too small and indistinct

This post has been triggered by me receiving the Caucus badge and being unable to tell if it is silver or bronze no matter how hard I stare at it. I am quite happy to admit that I have poor colour ...
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Badge notifications open Stack Overflow homepage

Tapping a badge notification in the Stack Exchange app opens the homepage. I believe tapping the notification used to take you to the badge page. For example, tapping the "Copy ...
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Recent Badges Styling

I was having a quick look at badges, when I noticed some minor styling that could be improved with the Recent Badges displayed in the right hand column: Issues: Longer names cause the name to be ...
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Could tag badges be made trackable in the badges tab at profile page?

Can we add the tag badges, eg to our "track the next badge as well"? I know it's technically possible to track it, if you choose not to track your next privillege: but it would be nice, if we could ...
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Deserved or undeserved Epic badge earning?

I have just earned this badge, but shows this: earned at least 200 reputation on 47 days shows: Awarded 19 ...
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Tracking the next badge shows empty box

As a new user, I took the tour, and was granted the Informed badge. Yay! However, clicking "Track the next one" yielded an empty box, regardless of which option I clicked on (I didn't try a ...
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Why is the Recent Badges section full of silver and gold badges but rarely bronze badges?

In there is the Recent Badges section. It has a lot of silver and gold badges and sometimes also bronze. But the bronze badges are a lot easier to get, so why are ...
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Why / How was the Constable badge awarded in Jan '18 to an MSO user?

The constable badge is described on the badges page as: Served as a pro-tem moderator for at least 1 year or through site graduation It appears this badge was awarded in January 2018: I don't ...
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Tag badges don't show as "Next badge"

While looking at my profile I noticed I was only 3 votes away from a tag badge but that my "Next badge" was something I was less than half way to achieving: Is this a bug or are tag badges not ...
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What is the criteria for the "select your next badge" section?

I was looking for my unearned badges, and saw the pundit badge, so I look in the select your next badge section to look how many comment I have righ now with more than 5 upvotes (as this section tells ...
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Legendary badge awarded early

When I check my reputation with, it shows that days represented 305 rep cap was reached via rep from upvotes *only* on 126 days earned at least 200 reputation on ...
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Wrong modal shown to select next badge in profile

After obtaining a new badge, two buttons show up in profile ("Summary" tab): First of them ("Track the next one") opens a modal, which proposes to pick a badge of another kind: I ...
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Research Assistant badge - text not displayed single line

In the "Select your next badge" page from one's profile, the formatting for the Research Assistant badge appears to be word-wrapping as opposed to displaying on a single line. Viewing from ...
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"New badge" popup contains link to wrong question

I decided to start a small bounty on a well-worded question (titled Compute the maximum number of runs possible for a given length string at the time of writing) which did not receive any answers ...
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What is the point of the "Archaeologist" and "Excavator" badges?

According to the tag wiki, a badge ...[is] awarded to encourage and incentivize positive community actions within the site. If you've used Stack Overflow for any extensive period of time, you have ...
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Incorrect badge icon in notifications

I just got a badge on Meta SO, but got the notification while I was browsing Sci-Fi and Fantasy. The notification looked like this when viewing from that site: Last time I checked, meta SO badges ...
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"Track the next one" no longer offers non-tag badges as options

After being awarded the same silver badge that I had been tracking, I clicked "Track the next one". I was expecting to see options such as "Archaeologist" and "Enthusiast"...
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The badge modal box has formatting issue

It seems in the badge box, the showing results section has formatting issues. It looks different on different tabs. I have checked it in Chrome only. Adding the following can fix it, I guess. ....
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Convention badge does not show on the new Badges sections

I have to say that the new badges section looks great. But then I notice that there where some badges that where not showing up there like Convention is this a bug or is there a reason why Convention,...
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Update delay of newest badge and false information on popup

I spotted this bug on meta. As the template is quite identical I suspect that the bug appears in the main site too, and for the worst case in the entire SE network. My newest badge is Excavator, and ...
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Why does mobile access not count for fanatic badge?

I just want to know why Stack Overflow does not count mobile access. I don't have my personal laptop and I have been using Stack Overflow continuously for the last two years, as you can see on my ...
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Badges as motivation

There is badges for some kinds of things. I used to only vote an answer up when I face a problem that the answer helped me. But some time later, I saw that some badges could be achieved by numbers of ...
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Badge ordering/grouping on the help page

In Help Center > Badges, most of the badges are grouped by type, e.g. Citizen Patrol, Deputy, and Marshal for raising helpful flags. However, in the Moderation section, Suffrage (Use 30 votes in a ...
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No badge progress in Help Center -> Badges

When I enter Help Center -> Badges I would expect, or at least would be nice, if I could see my badge progress, just like now I see if I have the badge or not.
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Badges not coming completely circular on SO and also on meta-SO posts

Why badges are not appearing completely circular even after I have deleted cache data of my browser (Chrome). My Chromium Version is Version 61.0.3163.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)
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Earned badge and next badge is same. Possible bug

I take a look in to a person's profile and I saw that he earned the Curios badge yesterday. So, it shows his Latest Badge as Curious and the Next badge is also Curious. I rechecked and the Badge ...
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How did I get Pundit badge?

I have noticed today that I was awarded this badge. When I see its description, it says Leave 10 comments with score of 5 or more. I was interested to see which 10 comments attracted the score. I ...
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Gold Badges count in profile page not same as the total number of Badge's earned

Dupe clarification: This question is not an exact duplicate of this question, rather a follow-up. The other answer explains why the badges got awarded multiple times. But the badge number seems not to ...
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