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"Badge-progress" is a progress bar which is visible in the "activity" tab. The bar represents how much progress has been made toward receiving a particular badge.

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Internal server error on "Go get your next badge" link

When I click on Go get it, and after 30 secs, an internal error occurs. The offending link is: I can ...
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Confused in score of next tag badge

The below image is showing a 17/100 score for the CSS tag: When I click on the setting button that is on the left side of the CSS tag, it gives me a 22/100 score for the CSS tag: Is it a bug or ...
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Tag Badge Progress doesn't add up after Accounts Merge

I recently merged 2 accounts. In the email sent to me before the merge, it said: Your badges will also reset after a merge, but will be automatically re-awarded over the next 24 hours. I presumed ...
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I'm wondering why I'm not getting the Inquisitive badge on SO

This is my non-deleted question history. It has 32 positive questions asked on separate days. On one of those days I also asked a zero voted question. There are some negatively voted questions and ...
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Different numbers from tag badge tracker and tag stats

Why don't these numbers agree? Also, while 27 + 7 = 34, 51 + 3 ≠ 51. Why are all these numbers inconsistent? Update: It's been a week and none of them have changed, though I'm pretty sure I haven't ...
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Allow users to track site promotion badges [duplicate]

Is it possible to let users to track their progress for site promotion badges such as Announcer, Booster and Publicist? There's no way to track the progress now, it would good if users can track the ...
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Select your next tag badge to track showing first 100 out of x available tags empty

In the select next tag badge to track popup, if I don't have any silver or gold badges available, I still see a message that says: "Showing first 100 of x available tags" with x being my available ...
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Tag badge progress bar stuck

In user activity page, there is a progress bar showing progress towards the next tag badge. Mine progress bar seems to be stuck on an old value, though. As you can see on the screenshot, my answer ...
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Strunk & White badge - possible bug

I am not sure if this is the correct place to post it, but here we go: I noticed my steps for earning the Strunk & White badge have not moved for quite a while. I think it might be because I ...
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Educated badge?

I recently see this badge 'educated' : 'Read the documentation tour' Can someone explain me what is it? It seems to be similar to the 'informed' badge, but I didn't found information about this new ...
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Next available badges [duplicate]

When clicking on the wheel next to the current tracked badge, I can "choose which badge to track". Only a subset of the badges are available in that list (I see 42 badges in 'All'). What is the rule ...
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I would like to track my next Socratic badge

I understand the Socratic badge can be achieved multiple times. If that's the case, I'd like to be able to track my next Socratic badge - right now it seems I can't do that.
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Tag badge not awarded

From more than 3 days, I look at my profile and I saw that I have a score of more than 100 on the php tag. I expected to see the php bronze badge awarded. As you can see, the score is ok but not the ...
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"Go get it" button directs me to "Ask a question" [closed]

Just as the title says, the "Go get it" button redirects me to this page. Is this normal?
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(Possible bug) Next tag badge: score isn't changed [duplicate]

I've found this ticket: (Possible bug) Issue in next tag badge progress bar, but it seems it wasn't fully fixed till now. What I've noticed: score in next tag badge doesn't change its value (while ...
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Tag-score on profile page not updated [duplicate]

The next badge that I am tracking shows a tag-score, but this tag-score is not correctly updated when I refresh the profile page window. When I go to settings the tag-score is (when I had additional ...
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Misleading Epic badge progress [duplicate]

I verified it to Epic badge but probably the same is for Legendary. Please look at below screen The problem is with today's rep. It doesn't actually calculates todays reputation but it seems it ...
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The legendary badge is calculated incorrectly when being viewed as your "Next badge"

I'm pretty close to receiving the legendary badge, and I noticed that the "Next badge" popup seems to calculate today's rep incorrectly. As you can see, it states that I have 140/200 rep for the day, ...
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Why is my curious badge not being awarded? [duplicate]

I just looked at my meta profile, and saw this in the badge tracker: Usually, when I meet the badge requirements, the badge disappears from tracker. Whats going on here? Nowhere does it say that I ...
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Quick clicking on the badge tracker icon opens the modal pop up twice

I clicked twice within a second on the gear icon for tracking badges on the profile activity page. This resulted two Select your badge modal pop ups. This can be verified by clicking on the close ...
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Research Assistant badge progress incorrect?

In my profile, it says I have 8/50 tag wiki edits towards the badge. In this query, it says I have 16. Yesterday, I had 8 tag wiki edits, made 3 more, but I don't see them added up to 11 total yet. ...
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Research Assistant badge "Go get it" wrong redirect

I'd like to point out what seems a bug to me. In the next badge section of my profile, if I select the badge "Research Assistant" and then I click "Go get it" I get redirected to this page: https://...
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Badge tracking bar stuck [duplicate]

I've noticed that in my account, if I select "Track the next tag badge" the progress bars are not progressing. I know that they doesn't get updated instantly, but, for example, my Java badge has been ...
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Why is my tag score so low? [duplicate]

My C++ tag badge says 49/100. When I click on the settings to choose which badge to follow, it says 97/100. Is there some hidden sense to this? I would like to understand why my score is only 49, so ...
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Tag badges "showing top 100 of 201 available badges..." when fewer badges shown

"Select your next badge" screen shows a message showing top 100 of 201 available badges; please use the search box to find a specific badge when there aren't that many badges shown on the screen (...
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Curious badge not given even though the requirements are met [duplicate]

This is what my problem is, 6/5 showed but badge not given. Is there something beyond the description? Ask a well-received question on 5 separate days, and maintain a positive question record
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Why is tracking next tag so outdated? [duplicate]

This is a screenshot of my next tag budget for the Swift tag: That information is incorrect, as I have 9 answers with a total score of 4 for swift. A few answers are also accepted. So why is that ...
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57 votes
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Tag score is shown incorrectly in the next badge tracker section

In the last couple of days, I have noticed that the tag score is not getting reflected correctly in the tag badge tracker area. This seems to have coincided with the introduction of a new privilege ...
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Next badge fulfilled, but it is still showing in "next badge"

I could not understand: Is it bug or something? I have fulfilled the criteria of the badge, and it is also showing fulfilled (5/5), but it is still in "next badge". What is happening? I have at least ...
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Possible display issue with my Stack Overflow profile

I have found a curious issue with my profile page. If I go to my meta profile page I get And in the Reputation box there is an area for a next tag badge. If I go to my main Stack Overflow ...
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7 votes
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Tag badges don't show as "Next badge"

While looking at my profile I noticed I was only 3 votes away from a tag badge but that my "Next badge" was something I was less than half way to achieving: Is this a bug or are tag badges not ...
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Why didn't I get the "Curious"-family badge?

As per the Curious badge page, the badge is given for: Asking a good question on 5 separate days, and maintaining a positive question record. (replace "5" with "30" for ...
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Is [Enthusiast] badge working correctly

Everyday working hard to earn that badge, and then at day 26 out of 30, it resets starting all over now. Now I am in such a depression I couldn't initially visit the site anymore (what a geek I am). ...
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Description of Curious badge could be clearer - count shows 6/5

This looks wrong to me. Clicking on the badge shows some criteria about why the badge has not been awarded but it's a bit cryptic. It would be nice to be able to click on that criteria and be taken ...
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Copy Editor badge "Go get it" link should point to Help and Improvement queue

Currently, the "Go get it" link for Copy Editor in the next badge widget is directing to Low Quality Posts queue. I propose we point it to the Help and Improvement queue instead. This queue is ...
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Is there a reason why badges related with bounties are trackable in meta?

I can see that the badges Altruist,Benefactor,Investor and Promoter are trackable in meta: They cannot be earned in meta as there aren't any bounties in meta. I think that these badges should not be ...
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Where is the Archaeologist badge?

I remember this badge being among others, but now it's not there: Is there an explanation?
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What is the criteria for the "select your next badge" section?

I was looking for my unearned badges, and saw the pundit badge, so I look in the select your next badge section to look how many comment I have righ now with more than 5 upvotes (as this section tells ...
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Does 'Next Badge' feature improve the quality of content on Stack Overflow?

New user page is great - clear, readable and useful. It also introduces new feature - 'Next Badge', that some users were already asking about. However, I am concerned, whether this feature is not a ...
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