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"Badge-progress" is a progress bar which is visible in the "activity" tab. The bar represents how much progress has been made toward receiving a particular badge.

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Why not show the "Next badge" progress on the badge page?

When I go to my user page I can see my progress on my "Next badge". If Stack Overflow has the ability to show me that, why not show it on the specific badge pages, so I can see my progress toward any ...
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There should be an indication that you can click on the badge being tracked under 'next badge'

It's possible to click on the badge being tracked under 'next badge' for additional information: There's no indication that this is possible. There should either be a 'pointer' cursor or the ...
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Description of Curious badge could be clearer - count shows 6/5

This looks wrong to me. Clicking on the badge shows some criteria about why the badge has not been awarded but it's a bit cryptic. It would be nice to be able to click on that criteria and be taken ...
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Internal server error on "Go get your next badge" link

When I click on Go get it, and after 30 secs, an internal error occurs. The offending link is: I can ...
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UI doesn't update when you pick a new badge

(I am reusing a screenshot from another thread as mine is gone now.) I just got the enthusiast badge and then when I picked my next one by clicking the "track the next one", this UI doesn't update: ...
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The legendary badge is calculated incorrectly when being viewed as your "Next badge"

I'm pretty close to receiving the legendary badge, and I noticed that the "Next badge" popup seems to calculate today's rep incorrectly. As you can see, it states that I have 140/200 rep for the day, ...
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Research Assistant badge "Go get it" wrong redirect

I'd like to point out what seems a bug to me. In the next badge section of my profile, if I select the badge "Research Assistant" and then I click "Go get it" I get redirected to this page: https://...
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Tag badges "showing top 100 of 201 available badges..." when fewer badges shown

"Select your next badge" screen shows a message showing top 100 of 201 available badges; please use the search box to find a specific badge when there aren't that many badges shown on the screen (...
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Quick clicking on the badge tracker icon opens the modal pop up twice

I clicked twice within a second on the gear icon for tracking badges on the profile activity page. This resulted two Select your badge modal pop ups. This can be verified by clicking on the close ...
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Copy Editor badge "Go get it" link should point to Help and Improvement queue

Currently, the "Go get it" link for Copy Editor in the next badge widget is directing to Low Quality Posts queue. I propose we point it to the Help and Improvement queue instead. This queue is ...
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Tag Badge Progress doesn't add up after Accounts Merge

I recently merged 2 accounts. In the email sent to me before the merge, it said: Your badges will also reset after a merge, but will be automatically re-awarded over the next 24 hours. I presumed ...
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Searching for a badge to track progress on results in dozens of the same badge

Steps to replicate Navigate to your profile Click on the "Choose which tag badge to track" gear icon Search for a tag name Expected results The tag badges for the matching tag will be displayed (...
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Please make the 'select your next badge' modal normal-sized again, at least for full-size devices

Today I have noticed the "Select your next badge" modal window has become tiny, cramped, and hard to read due to smaller font-size. I am not sure when this changed (I do utilize custom user ...
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Weird lines while hovering over review progress bar

When you hover over the review progress bar (the one in between 194 and stats from pic below), a badge-progress-menu appears, that has some weird lines to the left of the menu that should not appear ...
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Tracking the next badge shows empty box

As a new user, I took the tour, and was granted the Informed badge. Yay! However, clicking "Track the next one" yielded an empty box, regardless of which option I clicked on (I didn't try a ...
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Tag badges don't show as "Next badge"

While looking at my profile I noticed I was only 3 votes away from a tag badge but that my "Next badge" was something I was less than half way to achieving: Is this a bug or are tag badges not ...
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What is the criteria for the "select your next badge" section?

I was looking for my unearned badges, and saw the pundit badge, so I look in the select your next badge section to look how many comment I have righ now with more than 5 upvotes (as this section tells ...
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Make the "Select next tag Badge" info text centered

So here it is, the current Select your next badge dialog: The text "showing top 100 of n available badges; please use the search box to find a specific badge" doesn't seem to be good positioned. Can ...
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Tag badge progress bar stuck

In user activity page, there is a progress bar showing progress towards the next tag badge. Mine progress bar seems to be stuck on an old value, though. As you can see on the screenshot, my answer ...
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Badge process popover in review page disappears when I try to hover

Badge progress popover in review page disappears when I try to hover a cursor on it. I want to click badges shown in popover but it just hides, so annoying. However, after you right click on the ...
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Badge screen appears all jumbled

I'm getting a scrambled interface when I go to my profile and click on "Next badge". When I look at either gold, silver or bronze, the badges initially appear all jumbled: I figured it was probably ...
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Lightbox behind badge tracker popup may not cover viewport

I'm not sure where to put it, but I found a bug in the layout, probably in the whole Exchange if it uses the same style. Increase the shadow size a little bit maybe? You can reproduce with making the ...
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No badge progress in Help Center -> Badges

When I enter Help Center -> Badges I would expect, or at least would be nice, if I could see my badge progress, just like now I see if I have the badge or not.
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Cannot select next badge to track

Today, I earned a badge and I wanted to pick the next badge to track myself. To my surprise, the list is unresponsive when I tap the desired (any) badge option.
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The tag badge I just received still appears in the recommended badges to track

I just earned a bronze tag badge for file: Naturally, I proceeded to click "Track the next one", which suggested that I pursue the "file" tag, and try to get a bronze badge for it... I presume it's ...
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Tag badge progress bar not filled in properly

The green bar demonstrating the progress toward a tag badge appears to be not filled in properly. It is definitely there on the answer bar, but the score bar is not perfect either. Reproduced on ...
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Select your next tag badge to track showing first 100 out of x available tags empty

In the select next tag badge to track popup, if I don't have any silver or gold badges available, I still see a message that says: "Showing first 100 of x available tags" with x being my available ...
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"Select your next badge" can't be scrolled while browser is snapped to one side

When my browser is snapped to one side, the Select your next badge pop up can't be scrolled and says in this position awkwardly: I am on Firefox 77.0.1 (64-bit).
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Badge tracker not showing progress toward "Legendary"

Despite gaining at least 200 rep each day today and yesterday, the badge tracker has been stuck at showing only 86 days of progress towards the Legendary badge. This might have something to do with ...
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"Track the next badge" shows tag badges instead of regular ones

Update: this is definitely not a duplicate of the post How to track progress on badges that aren't shown as available. This post deals with something completely different. I edited the description ...
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