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"Badge-progress" is a progress bar which is visible in the "activity" tab. The bar represents how much progress has been made toward receiving a particular badge.

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Why didn't I get the "Curious"-family badge?

As per the Curious badge page, the badge is given for: Asking a good question on 5 separate days, and maintaining a positive question record. (replace "5" with "30" for ...
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Tag score is shown incorrectly in the next badge tracker section

In the last couple of days, I have noticed that the tag score is not getting reflected correctly in the tag badge tracker area. This seems to have coincided with the introduction of a new privilege ...
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The legendary badge is calculated incorrectly when being viewed as your "Next badge"

I'm pretty close to receiving the legendary badge, and I noticed that the "Next badge" popup seems to calculate today's rep incorrectly. As you can see, it states that I have 140/200 rep for the day, ...
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Curious badge not given even though the requirements are met [duplicate]

This is what my problem is, 6/5 showed but badge not given. Is there something beyond the description? Ask a well-received question on 5 separate days, and maintain a positive question record
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Weird lines while hovering over review progress bar

When you hover over the review progress bar (the one in between 194 and stats from pic below), a badge-progress-menu appears, that has some weird lines to the left of the menu that should not appear ...
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Tag badge progress bar stuck

In user activity page, there is a progress bar showing progress towards the next tag badge. Mine progress bar seems to be stuck on an old value, though. As you can see on the screenshot, my answer ...
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How to see your progression on the Pundit badge?

Since I can not select the Pundit badge in the "Next badge list", how can I know my progression on the Pundit badge? Pundit: Leave 10 comments with score of 5 or more. Update: As deleted comments ...
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Tag badges "showing top 100 of 201 available badges..." when fewer badges shown

"Select your next badge" screen shows a message showing top 100 of 201 available badges; please use the search box to find a specific badge when there aren't that many badges shown on the screen (...
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Why is tracking next tag so outdated? [duplicate]

This is a screenshot of my next tag budget for the Swift tag: That information is incorrect, as I have 9 answers with a total score of 4 for swift. A few answers are also accepted. So why is that ...
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Legendary badge not show progress [duplicate]

On StackOverflow, I've earned 200 daily reputations 3 or 4 times, but if check on the badge progress, it keeps showing 0 days. Can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong?
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Tag badge not awarded

From more than 3 days, I look at my profile and I saw that I have a score of more than 100 on the php tag. I expected to see the php bronze badge awarded. As you can see, the score is ok but not the ...
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Internal server error on "Go get your next badge" link

When I click on Go get it, and after 30 secs, an internal error occurs. The offending link is: I can ...
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19 votes
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UI doesn't update when you pick a new badge

(I am reusing a screenshot from another thread as mine is gone now.) I just got the enthusiast badge and then when I picked my next one by clicking the "track the next one", this UI doesn't update: ...
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2 answers

How does accept + unaccept affect Epic and Legendary badge progress?

I am wondering if the following scenarios count toward Epic and Legendary badge progress: Accept followed by Unaccept 190 points at some point in day Answer is accepted (205 points) Answer is ...
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Page showing all badge progress [duplicate]

I like to have a look to Unearned Badges page. Sometimes, I focus myself on a badge I want to earn. On my user profile, there is the possibility to see the badge progress when choosing a badge to ...
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Select next badge, tag badge not showing

There is a tag biztalk-2013r2 in which I have answered multiple questions which have both been checked as the answer and up-voted for. However it does not appear in the 'Select your next badge' ...
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Copy Editor badge "Go get it" link should point to Help and Improvement queue

Currently, the "Go get it" link for Copy Editor in the next badge widget is directing to Low Quality Posts queue. I propose we point it to the Help and Improvement queue instead. This queue is ...
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Understanding unsung hero badge

I've found this query that shows the current progress of getting the unsung hero badge, but I can't seem to understand it. Do I need to have this Percentage Unscored higher than 25 to get the badge? ...
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Is [Enthusiast] badge working correctly

Everyday working hard to earn that badge, and then at day 26 out of 30, it resets starting all over now. Now I am in such a depression I couldn't initially visit the site anymore (what a geek I am). ...
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Different numbers from tag badge tracker and tag stats

Why don't these numbers agree? Also, while 27 + 7 = 34, 51 + 3 ≠ 51. Why are all these numbers inconsistent? Update: It's been a week and none of them have changed, though I'm pretty sure I haven't ...
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Include Documentation badges in "Select your next badge" window [closed]

The new documentation badges does not appear on the "Select your next badge" window. Documentation Beta Documentation Pioneer Knowledgeable See attached screenshot:
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Misleading Epic badge progress [duplicate]

I verified it to Epic badge but probably the same is for Legendary. Please look at below screen The problem is with today's rep. It doesn't actually calculates todays reputation but it seems it ...
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How to track announcer badge progression? [duplicate]

I recently received lot of announcer badges. I wonder if it's natural or artificial growth. Is there a way to see my progression on the various links that can earn me Announcer badges?
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Different values for Tag Badge Progress bar and track next badge pop up window [duplicate]

In my stack overflow profile I can see different values for tag badge score in progress bar compared to the value in track next badge pop up window. Here are the screenshots. I have seen related links ...
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