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is for questions that address the quality of questions and how it should affect their treatment. (Copied from

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What should I do if I don't know if my question is bad?

I recently had this situation where I was a bit frustrated with something and I just couldn't figure it out by searching on the webz... It wasn't an interesting question, but I asked anyway. I got ...
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2 votes
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I asked a question that would be unhelpful to its field, even misleading, but the answers and comments may be helpful, should I delete it?

I recently asked a question that was rather ignorant, and I had more problems in my code than I addressed, as I didn't know what on earth I was doing. BUT! The answers and comments to said question ...
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Answering my own question that's on hold

I asked a poor, un-SO-like question here that was put on hold for good reason. However, the question was indirectly answered in the comments, and I'd like to "answer" my own question in an effort to ...
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