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is for questions that address the quality of questions and how it should affect their treatment. (Copied from

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Can self-censoring end up with a question ban?

We are told The exact formula for the bans is not disclosed, but users are only banned if they have a significant number of ... deleted posts. I'm only starting here, and I know I'll (hopefully) ...
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Stance on answering "bad" questions [duplicate]

Just a few minutes ago, I came across (and flagged as off-topic) this question, asked by someone who joined just before posting. The thing is, it got an answer, which made me wonder what the official ...
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What should a user do with unsalvageable questions when they have been question banned?

Let's say a user has posted a lot of really bad questions that can't be improved and has reached the question ban (not the new "throttles" but the actual ban, like back in the old days). What are they ...
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How to handle upvoted bad questions

Sometimes on Stack Overflow, there are questions that show no effort or research but are on a very popular topic and get many upvotes. For example, "I don't know how to do [something], nothing works, ...
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How on Earth can this kind of question be so appreciated? [duplicate]

I found the Manually raising (throwing) an exception in Python question today. No doubt that it has good answers. But the question itself is too broad and doesn't show any research effort. I thought ...
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Should I Delete a Question because of Typo?

I recently asked this question: Basically, I made a rookie mistake and forgot to include a modifier (or whatever it's ...
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SO is being used as a real-time cheating platform

What can SO do to discourage users from abusing the community? See This is obviously not a screenshot of my answer but never have I felt more disgusted ...
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How to avoid encouraging bad questions with clairvoyant answers?

As a gut feeling, SO is having more than its fair share of questions that are "rewarded" by psychic users' answers. That is, the questions are of poor quality and miss critical information. The ...
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What should be done about this immensely popular but terrible and misleading question?

Today I came across a bad Python question (this is what it looked like at the time I found it) that has accumulated millions of views and thousands of upvotes over the years. A summary of its ...
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