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Questions about the automatic deletion of questions or answers, whether it be from receiving six spam/offensive flags, or from the "roomba" (Community ♦ automatically deleting low-scoring and closed questions).

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Can we tweak the Roomba help article so it shows up in the Help search?

The Roomba is the cozy name for the automatic script that removes low scoring questions that are left unattended. The Roomba has its own page in the Help center here. However, if you try to search in ...
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Too much importance given to questions with accepted answers

It seems to me that when an answer is accepted, it promotes the question & answer(s) a little too much. For instance, one of the reasons a question (and its answers) is deleted by Roomba is has ...
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Prevent roomba from deleting questions tagged announcement

Meta posts are frequently used by moderators / staff to make announcements. Sometimes these announcements are not so popular (have negative scores) and don't receive any answers either causing roomba ...
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Roomba'd questions are appearing in search (again)

This has now been fixed twice. As of approximately 2023-04-10, the date some of the first questions were deleted, the bug has regressed. Demo search; note that the search is inaccurate, and does ...
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List own deleted questions in profile

Even if deleted, sometimes it can be useful to have access to one of our own old questions. This is especially true if the question has been automatically deleted by Roomba without the original poster ...
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Accepted self-answers with a score of 0 or less shouldn't prevent a question from Roombaing

I recently encountered a question that had a score of -4 and had been put "on hold" as off-topic. However, the OP had written a self-answer and accepted it. Currently, the question won't Roomba, even ...
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Why hasn't this "abandoned closed" question been automatically deleted?

As stated here: If the question was closed more than 9 days ago, and ... not closed as a duplicate has a score of 0 or less is not locked has no answers with a score > 0 has no ...
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Can we change the RemoveAbandonedQuestions to handle deleted owners too?

I just stumbled across this question Why MySQL returned result does not take in place into a file with PHP? which has been posted by a deleted user. It has not been picked up by roomba for having 2 ...
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Why and how do neglected questions get deleted? Should they be?

Long ago I asked a question that didn't get any reactions-- it earned me a "tumbleweed" badge :-). Today I happened to notice that it had been "deleted by Community". It didn't get any downvotes, it ...
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How to handle a RemoveAbandonedQuestions post for a problem that still exits?

I have a question that was closed RemoveAbandonedQuestions that is still relevant (A solution would be useful and can be useful to other people). Is there a way to reopen in? Do I reask it? (The ...
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Are 50K unanswered, no up-vote, questions between 2008 & April 2014 too many?

I accidentally ran a data stack exchange query on this site and was surprised there are EXACTLY 50,000 questions that have zero or negative score and have gone unanswered since 2008 up to April 2014. ...
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