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Comments posted automatically on behalf of users after performing certain actions.

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Can we stop posting LQP auto-comments on answers from SO's dark ages?

I see a fair number of auto-comments on ancient answers (2008, 2009, and 2010 vintage, and occasionally newer — usually posted by users who now have a fair amount of rep) where sure, the auto-...
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Changes to allow 15 rep dupe flagging might be preventing < 50 rep users to genuinely edit/delete their comments

This is related to: How to delete my own comment? (the option to delete/edit seems to be missing or non-obvious...) The common theme is that the users involved are < 50 rep and thus don't have the ...
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Neutralizing the propaganda effects of terrible, inaccurate comments on wrongly deleted answers in FP/LA audits

First Posts and Late Answers audits draw chiefly from posts that have been downvoted and deleted (with various exceptions for corner cases). All that such audits expect are simple downvotes, and a ...
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Flagging post as duplicate should produce comment with initial capital letter [duplicate]

When flagging a post as a duplicate, a comment is posted in your account name: possible duplicate of A StackOverflow Question Grammatically possible should be Possible. What are the chances of ...
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Do not remove "Does this answer your question?" comments when the OP says "No"

Catija wrote: The ["Does this answer your question? [Link to possible duplicate]"] comment was removed because the user disagreed that the duplicate you proposed answered their question and the ...
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Where's my possible duplicate auto comment?

This morning I voted to close C# serialize private class member as a duplicate of Serializing private member data I can see that I definitely voted to close as a duplicate (this is the only close ...
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Can we add a auto-comment for "not even a partial answer to the actual question" in the LQRQ?

The help center in "Why and how are some answers deleted?" article says: Answers that do not fundamentally answer the question may be removed. This includes answers that are: commentary ...
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Question has comment but comment is not showing

I flagged this question for closure earlier as being a duplicate. This normally automatically creates an appropriate comment. I see the usual "show 1 more comment" link below the question: But ...
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Delete auto-comment when retracting a duplicate close-vote

I noticed that when retracting a close-vote for a duplicate, the auto-comment stays. Which then requires that extra step of having to delete it manually. This works counter to how the comment ...
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