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For questions about the architecture of the software and hardware that powers the Stack Exchange Network of Q/A sites.

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1 answer

Physical location of a teams data [closed]

I've managed to figure out that Stack Overflow for teams is hosted in Azure, but I am wondering what their geographical location is? Is it possible to restrict the data's location to European ...
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1 answer

What kind of Access Control is used on Stack Overflow?

Recently I have done some research about different Access Control models and policies. My accent was on Role-Based Access Control, and one of the main disadvantages of it is that it is not dynamic (...
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2 answers

Helpful directions when closing questions

This question, How to implement multi-tenant billing in Azure? seems like a reasonable one for Stack Overflow to me, it's asking for architectural insight. But I'm not familiar with the nuances of a ...
39 votes
1 answer

Stack Overflow index page points to videos

It was expected to see an error page when index.html was appended to But when I change the URL to, it is redirecting to YouTube Why ...
3 votes
0 answers

How are posts stored and maintained by SE? [closed]

Sorry, if it is a very basic question. I wanted to know how SE store and maintain data? How is an answer stored in the database such that when retrieved the formats provided by the editing bar (in ...
4 votes
1 answer

Database versioning system used by Stack Overflow

I know Stack Overflow is in the .NET stack and as a micro ORM they use their own Dapper project. What about database versioning/migrations system? Which system is used by the Stack Overflow team?
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1 answer

How does Stack Overflow generate the user id?

How does stack overflow generate user ids? Judging by the number of digits in ids, it seems they have more than a million users. How do they handle id collisions?
-10 votes
3 answers

Why are deleted answers containing hate/obscenity still accessible/viewable?

I feel that this question can't be answered by anyone other than a core member of Stack Overflow who has worked in or has taken part in the architecture's creation and is being misinterpreted/...
16 votes
1 answer

Stack Overflow Version Control System used for Questions and Answers

What is the Version Control System that Stack Overflow uses for managing revisions of questions and answers, and is there information on the architecture employed? I had come across a post on MSE ...
36 votes
0 answers

Why does Stack Overflow use a backtracking regex implementation?

The postmortem for the recent Stack Overflow outage implicates a backtracking implementation of regular expression matching in the outage. O(N) implementations of regex matching that don't require ...
9 votes
1 answer

How does Stack Overflow maintain the number of views per post?

I have been an active user on Stack Overflow for the last two years and I really like the way it is designed. For the last few days I have been thinking about the design behind maintaining the number ...
52 votes
1 answer

What performance strategies does Stack Overflow employ to keep their database queries blazing-fast?

For example - Vote Gets/Puts/Posts are all super fast across the Stack Exchange sites. I can imagine by now there must be millions of rows on that table. What strategies does the Stack ...
182 votes
1 answer

How does Stack Overflow do pagination?

Stack Overflow pagination uses page numbers instead of offsets, which points to some kind of LIMIT and OFFSET query. For 10 million questions, skipping to the last page should be really slow, but ...
6 votes
0 answers

Reason for including

What is the reason for SO/SE to include data from and Are there any downsides for me or SO/SE having NoScript and uBlock blocking them? The ...
7 votes
0 answers

The search fails on some wildcard-tag-searches

Trying to the search for [*-s] is:q fails to yield any result, despite the tag strcat-s having seven questions. If one leaves off the operator (searching for [*-s]), the search implodes and redirects ...
9 votes
1 answer

How redis is used in Stack Overflow?

My curiosity dragged me to find what is the stack, that Stack Overflow is based on, caching in particular. And the site here , gave description of how things are build up. But this gives the ...