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Metric used to work out if an answer is sub-par and needs "attention". Not publicly detailed or gutted. (Copied from

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Is it wrong to ask for an explanation of how/why the code works in code-only answers?

Checking the low quality queue on Stack Overflow, some code-only answers came up. I visited the questions in particular (I normally do that before deciding if I should skip or take action) and found ...
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Answering an old question with duplicate answer [duplicate]

This question (In a SELECT statement(MS SQL) how do you trim a string) was asked 6 years ago, has 120K+ views and received many answers. It's been inactive for over a year, and before that, 3 years ...
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Collection of answers that don't refer to the code in the question

While reviewing a first answer I also took a look at the corresponding question including all other answers. The question appears to be about homework and it is not really good, but that is not my ...
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Reduce "try this" answers by giving a helpful message

An answer that consists solely of a code block or "Try this" (and variations) followed by a code block and nothing else is usually not useful if not very low quality. So let's encourage people to fix ...
4 votes
3 answers

When are 'one liners' useful?

I've seen a few cases on answers, where people offer up 'one liners' as an answer. By which I mean - someone's taken the question offered, and supplied a very concise and compact (correct) answer. ...
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11 answers

Should provided code in an answer work?

I'm wondering whether answers that involve some guidance on how to use an API or sketch an algorithm should be fully functional. I often consider the answers to be pseudo-code that guides the OP in ...
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Strange Downvoting of my Valid Answer (Maybe?)

I recently answered a SO question here: My answer is accurate, I was the first to answer, I ...
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How to educate asker when being beaten by rep hunters

I came across this question today and I knew the answer right away. It was in fact a question on a very basic SQL query (full joins) that most people should pick up in their first few lessons on SQL. ...
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7 answers

Answers that use a different technology than what is asked

On occasion on SO, I've noticed that certain users like to post answers that may solve the problem, but intentionally do it with a methodology that's different from the one specified in the OP and/or ...
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8 votes
4 answers

Why don't people carefully read my question, even after placing a bounty?

I am not a person who chases ranking or reputation. And I can google. I have posted a question, researched the problem, and even wrote about that (as Jon Skeet advised). But people just replicate my ...
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6 answers

Should I downvote an accepted answer if it's burying down better answer(s) down below?

I'm sure everyone's seen such questions where an answer that's accepted as the correct answer has only 1 upvote while another answer with 7 upvotes is down below. Even worse is when the accepted ...
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3 answers

Why were my "not an answer" flags on answers that consist only of "yes" declined?

I flagged many "Yes" answers and most of those flags got declined (some of them, however, got approved and one was declined but deleted). Do you consider "Yes" (sometimes linked to somewhere) to ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Should I delete my answer if it's irrelevant to (one of) the question tags?

Years ago someone asked How can I enforce uniqueness based on a condition in SQL Server? to which I suggested a Filtered Index. Unfortunately, my answer is irrelevant to the OP because it doesn't ...
  • 40.2k
-9 votes
4 answers

Increase the minimum character limit for posts

At the moment, there is a 30 character minimum enforced when posting a question or an answer. I think that any half decent question or answer would have at least a minimum of 200 characters (a link ...
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102 votes
5 answers

Gamification rules have to be changed. Aiming quality, not quantity

The site has evolved. Evolved a great deal, and now it's essentially different from one it was at the beginning. I hope, after promoting this post for a very long time, there is not a soul left who ...
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How to deal with a question whose title doesn't match?

I just read this question: Using Git, show all commits that are in one branch, but not the other(s) Where the question title and body are completely different questions (for reference, the body is ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Should we "hand-hold" in our answers?

I've come across many questions, with varying styles of answers, and I was wondering which way is the best way to answer. Obviously I want to take into account the askers common sense, but I'm never ...
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47 votes
4 answers

What to do with late answers which retread the same ground as previous answers (but not as thoroughly)?

What is the correct course of action when reviewing late answers that, while technically correct, retread the same ground as previous (much more thorough) answers? A new answer to an old question ...
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28 votes
2 answers

Question with horrible answers

Following is a question with very special properties: Importance: Bad coding style will affect database security and potential hijacking Relevance to beginners: This is something that even beginners ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Bad quality or wrong answers on Android

I am currently developing Android apps. I use Stack Overflow every time I can't find a solution. Sadly, after gaining a bit of experience on my subject it's clear that there are too many wrong answers ...
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1 answer

Update guidance for How To Answer to improve answer quality?

I was thinking there has been a lot of focus on low-quality questions lately on meta, however I have also been seeing a lot of low-quality answers. Most people using the site probably learn from ...
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Notify users of edits in downvoted answers/questions [duplicate]

Lately there have been quite a few discussions (see i.e. this and link therein) regarding the dropping quality of new questions on SO, some of these arguing when it is right to downvote questions. ...
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10 answers

Should old, high-rep, link-only, accepted answers be deleted?

Exhibit A: Highlight a word with jQuery NOTE: Don't get itchy with your duplicate trigger finger. I'm trying to find out if the community genuinely believes that high-rep, accepted, link-only ...