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Metric used to work out if an answer is sub-par and needs "attention". Not publicly detailed or gutted. (Copied from

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How to handle multiple duplicate and low quality answers on popular questions?

Popular questions often have a lot of answers. Rarely each of these answers presents a good, unique solution to the problem (also, that could indicate that the question is too broad). In most cases ...
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Users doing Google first-level customer support

I have a slight issue with the behavior of a few users here. I won't link to them specifically, but they all have (or had) the same "About me" in their profile which says (or used to say): ...
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A way to identify a future popular question

After around three years contributing on SO I have noticed the following for many of the old questions I have answered: They are popular with a big number of views and votes. They didn't even cross ...
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How to deal with a question whose title doesn't match?

I just read this question: Using Git, show all commits that are in one branch, but not the other(s) Where the question title and body are completely different questions (for reference, the body is ...
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Isn't it better to be as specific as possible when asking design questions?

I lurk design-patterns and see a lot of questions of the type "Is this a good design?" and then there's an abstraction of the problem using ClassA/ClassB/Foo/Bar/etc. or animal classes Dog/Cat/etc. ...
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Badge or bounty to encourage questions and answers with good quality (pass an exam)

Is it possible to consider a mandatory badge/bounty for newly joined contributors? The badge/bounty is earned by taking a training and passing an exam; a new contributor can post questions or answers ...
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