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Questions tagged [android-app]

DO NOT USE; this tag used to be for the Official Stack Overflow application only. The app was available in the Play Store, for Android devices running 4.1 and above — but due in part to the development of the app being abandoned, has been removed from the Play Store.

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191 votes
2 answers

What happened to the Stack Overflow app for Android?

The Stack Overflow app for Android doesn't exist anymore. Google does still index it, but the page returns a 404. The iOS version seems to still exist, so not sure what happened there. What's the ...
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108 votes
1 answer

Clicking code of conduct link raises flag

When raising a flag on a comment, two of the options contain a blue underlined code of conduct link. Trying to click the link irreversibly raises the flag under that category. App Version: 1.0.95 ...
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83 votes
1 answer

App reveals which posts lost votes when "user was removed", even though that information is deliberately concealed on the website

According to Shog9, the purpose of merely showing "User was removed" in the reputation history and no breakdown of which posts lost votes as a result is to prevent information leakage that could ...
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83 votes
1 answer

Android mobile app incorrectly converts 10 000 upvotes to 1k (should be 10k)

When searching the top questions upvoted questions on a android device, it incorrectly shows question scores larger than 10k as 1k, example screenshots below: On mobile (should display as 12K instead ...
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66 votes
1 answer

Can the Stack Exchange app become open source?

I still use this thing, mostly for notifications and quick replies to comments. There are a few long-standing bugs which I'm sure could be fixed very easily with community contributions. What are the ...
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52 votes
1 answer

Does using the Stack Exchange app count for the visit badges?

Do uses of the Stack Exchange mobile application count toward the Enthusiast and Fanatic badges? I recognize that this question has been asked before, but I'm re-asking it for two reasons: The ...
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50 votes
0 answers

Can we have Meta support with the new Stack Overflow app?

Any link I click to that would normally take me to Meta causes me to open the post in the Stack Exchange app instead. I'd like a fluid and cohesive experience with the new app, and Meta is central to ...
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48 votes
1 answer

Mobile App Usage Stats

This question is a direct result of the recent release of a Stack Overflow mobile app and the community's response to the announcement. In the course of the discussion, the community has expressed its ...
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46 votes
0 answers

Stack Overflow app shows translated human-friendly dates

I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 configured in French. Inside the Stack Overflow app, it appears that human-friendly dates are actually translated in French. This gives funny half-translated text like ...
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42 votes
1 answer

Withdraw the Android Instant App

If you don't use the Android app then SE links always launch in the "Instant App" without asking. The Instant App has far fewer features than the mobile website or the full app. Most of the actions ...
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40 votes
1 answer

Butterknife listed twice in open source libraries credits

I think that last one should say jmustache as the header instead of butter knife.
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39 votes
0 answers

Marvin pouring constant stream of QCDataUploader errors on Android device

My Nexus 7 is pouring out a constant stream of this: 05-17 12:12:01.986: E/q.QCDataUploader(21261): Could not upload events 05-17 12:12:01.986: E/q.QCDataUploader(21261): Events not sent to server. ...
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37 votes
1 answer

A fully featured Android/iOS app

I would like to see the same functionality that is available on the Stack Exchange websites also available on the mobile apps. I mostly only use the Android app when I'm away from a computer and ...
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36 votes
0 answers

Wrong title in Stack Overflow Android app

This looks like a minor bug in the app, v1.0.4 (current version as of today). Reproduce it this way: Open the app Go to More → Browsing History. Note that the title says "Browsing history" Now tap ...
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36 votes
1 answer

Why are the answerer's and editor's names swapped on the mobile app?

I noticed this morning reading my news letter in bed that on the Android mobile app, the answerers name is displayed on the left, and the editor on the right. On the web though, it is the other way ...
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35 votes
0 answers

Size of clicked images in the Android app

(Not sure whether to call this a bug or not; feel free to change it to discussion or feature-request.) When clicking on images in the Android app, instead of zooming in to fill the screen, the image ...
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34 votes
1 answer

Where is my hat in the Android app?

This year for the first time I noticed Winterbash, I really like it, the hats are awesome! But there is one thing that would make it even better, adding the hats also to the StackExchange App! Right ...
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33 votes
1 answer

Screen rotation discards comment drafts and creates a prompt for question drafts

I've been using the SO App for Android regularly since installing it a couple weeks ago, but I've noticed a few glitchy things. I'll stick with the one that's frustrated me the most: Turning my device ...
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Should the Stack Overflow app show other SE achievements?

The new Stack Overflow app has an Achievements panel, which, of course, makes perfect sense. However, I'm puzzled by the fact that it shows achievements gained in any SE site, not just SO. E.g.: This ...
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32 votes
0 answers

Is there any read offline option on the Stack Overflow Android app?

I'm trying to save an important Stack Overflow question (like this one: Daylight saving time and time zone best practices) to read on the go or before bedtime, while I don't have/don't want to ...
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31 votes
0 answers

Accidental Flagging on Android App

When flagging a question, while on a web browser, I always find myself reading the description of the categories in which I consider the question may fall into, until I settle on the correct one. Very ...
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29 votes
0 answers

Misleading hyperlink when flagging in app [duplicate]

When flagging a comment in the Android app, the "rude" option contains text that is formatted as a hyperlink, but pressing it simply selects that option and closes the dialog. Either allow users to ...
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28 votes
0 answers

Android app: right-to-left language username bug

I noticed this right-to-left text poblem in the StackOverflow app for Android: a comment in which I used "@username" to refer to a user whose name is in a right-to-left language, was shown completely ...
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27 votes
1 answer

Stack Overflow Android app wrongly thinks that questions are deleted

I just got a Nice Answer badge for my answer on "When should I use git stash?". This achievement shows up properly in the new Stack Overflow app (not the old Stack Exchange app), but when I try to ...
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26 votes
1 answer

Android app should not scroll back to top of page when rotation occurs while writing a comment

I have downloaded the Stack Exchange app on my phone. Now, if I start typing up a comment, and turn the screen mid-way through my comment: Then, the comment disappears (which is very frustrating ...
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26 votes
0 answers

Layout is crashing after multiple rotations

I used the app, and after I finished I moved through the room with my smartphone in my hand, without locking the screen. Because of my hand movement, the screen rotates multiple times from landscape ...
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24 votes
1 answer

No way to delete own answer in Stack Exchange Android app

I cannot delete my answer from the Stack Exchange Android app. Is the feature missing or the feature is not present for some reasons?
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24 votes
1 answer

Stack Exchange app crashing on Android

The Stack Exchange app is crashing on startup if I'm logged in, and has become completely useless except in the case of opening a link to anywhere other than the front page so that it is bypassed ...
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23 votes
1 answer

I'm question-blocked but the mobile app doesn't tell me this until I try to post

I have asked some bad questions in the past on Stack Exchange. So, when I try to ask a question through the website I get told I've hit the limit. But when I go on the mobile application (Android), I ...
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21 votes
0 answers

Save drafts across devices

When I create a draft in a desktop browser I sometimes would like to continue to work on it in the iOS (or Android) app or vice versa. Please allow me to sync the draft(s) I made in one place over to ...
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18 votes
1 answer

If I use Stack Exchange Android app, will my visit be counted?

If I use Stack Exchange Android app, will my visit be counted for the Enthusiast & Fanatic badges?
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18 votes
1 answer

Cannot sign in with Google: Error expanding 'fields' parameter. Cannot find matching fields for path 'email'

I have a new Android smartphone and here's what I get when trying to login with Google:
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17 votes
1 answer

I am solely registered via Facebook and I am trying to login to the Stack Overflow app but the option to login to Facebook does not appear:

I am migrating this issue from the Stack Exchange Meta website Unable to login to Stack Overflow app with Facebook login since this is an issue with the Stack Overflow Android application specifically....
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17 votes
0 answers

Quiet hours time picker does not respect 24-hour format setting

On Settings - Quiet hours, I get a watch face at 9 (pm) by default. In my 5.1.1 stock Android the 'Use 24-hour format' is set and used by other apps. It's kind of disconcerting why anybody wants a ...
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16 votes
1 answer

Stack Overflow app on Android: can I accept an answer?

Is there a way to accept an answer to one of my own questions in the new Android app?
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15 votes
0 answers

Add a more easy way to filter by tags on Android

In the android app there is no easy way to filter questions by tag like on the web app. On the web app I can see favorite tags on the right and click on one of them directly to filter questions to ...
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14 votes
3 answers

How can I search without asking a question in the Android App?

How can one search Stack Overflow via the Android application without asking a question?
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14 votes
2 answers

How can I save an answer to my SO Account?

Regarding the website and the Android application: How can I save a question or the responses to a question for my future reference?
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14 votes
0 answers

Cannot retract downvotes using the Android application

Most of us are probably aware of the shortcomings of the Android portal to Stack Overflow. But I have been stung so many times by this issue that I thought that it made sense to raise it If I upvote ...
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13 votes
0 answers

Why does the notification email claim the Stack Exchange Android app will send me notifications when it doesn't?

I have the app installed on my Android device. It's logged in and I can manually open it and look at my inbox in the right hand pull out. However, I can't remember the last time I've ever received a ...
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13 votes
0 answers

Why on-screen keyboard disappears and typed comment text is deleted on orientation change in Stack Overflow Android application?

I've noticed that when using the Stack Overflow application on my mobile phone with Android 6.0.1 (Xiaomi Redmi 3s Pro), when I'm commenting on someone's post and change device orientation, text ...
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13 votes
0 answers

View Deleted Questions privilege does not work on StackExchange app

I recently tried to view this deleted question on the Android app, and got the following error. This question is not available, it may have been deleted. I am not sure whether it was a deliberate ...
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13 votes
0 answers

Add chat to the apps

I love to use Stack Overflow chat. I usually have a iPad or phone nearby, and would like to see the app support the chat rooms, to be more convenient.
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12 votes
1 answer

Not able to mention usernames on Android Stack Exchange app

I'm using the Stack Exchange app on my Android device and when I try to mention someone in the comments it's not showing the auto complete and the users are not getting mentioned. Can anyone help me ...
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11 votes
1 answer

SE and SO apps have same icon

I was planning to return to the SE app, so I installed it, and when I looked at my home screen, both SE and SO app had the same icon So I restarted, but still the same. Thinking that maybe SO had to ...
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0 answers

Why can't I edit posts from mobile?

I am using the Android Stack Overflow's app to quickly access my account and eventually moderate/edit questions/answers. The problem I am having is I am unable to edit any answer even if I'm ...
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Tag changes not getting saved while editing a question

I'm trying to edit the below question, which is basically a java question but has been mistakenly tagged c#: But after doing the necessary changes as shown below: Clicking on <- arrow brings back ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Access Meta StackOverflow from Android app

I have installed Stack Exchange Android app. I can access all SE sites. But not able to see Meta sites. How to access meta SO from Android app?
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3 answers

How to save Stack Overflow answers on Pocket (or any other app)?

I spend a lot of time commuting and don't have a 3G connection. That's why I love applications like Dash and Pocket that saves stuff for on the run. However whenever I save an Stack Overflow page on ...
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Filter questions by tag on new SO app for Android

Please note this is referring to using the search on the new Stack Overflow mobile app for Android. Currently you can filter by how active they are, how many votes they have or the newest questions, ...
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