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Questions tagged [android-app]

DO NOT USE; this tag used to be for the Official Stack Overflow application only. The app was available in the Play Store, for Android devices running 4.1 and above — but due in part to the development of the app being abandoned, has been removed from the Play Store.

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5 votes
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Mobile application bug-ish behavior

This has been annoying me for a couple years but it has never changed. Same situation persists on all Stack Exchange sites. On the mobile app, when I choose Tags from drop down menu, I get a list of ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Clicking on "notifications" consistently crashes the app [duplicate]

When I click on "notifications" button on the top right the mobile app crashes every single time. App Version: 1.0.95 Device Manufacturer: Google Device Model: Pixel 2 OS Version: 10 (5908170)
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3 votes
1 answer

Deleting a question from the Android app [duplicate]

Is there no option to delete a question in Stack Overflow using the Stack Exchange Android app?
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1 answer

Could we have Stack Overflow dedicated mobile application

I often find myself using Stack Overflow while commuting. I also find the Stack Exchange mobile app very useful. After some time of using it, the app feels quite primitive and is lacking good UI. ...
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66 votes
1 answer

Can the Stack Exchange app become open source?

I still use this thing, mostly for notifications and quick replies to comments. There are a few long-standing bugs which I'm sure could be fixed very easily with community contributions. What are the ...
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9 votes
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SE for Android links to

If I go to "Edit Profile & Settings > Applications", the official app of SE shows up. However, when I click on it, it links to, the homepage of the blog. Note that ...
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0 answers

Android App shows only half the code [duplicate]

I am using the Android application on LG V20 phone and for some reason only partial code appears in the app. The rest of it appears blank. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like. This makes it ...
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3 votes
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Android app: comments are offset when they have votes

I noticed while reading my newsletter in bed this morning that comments that receive votes are offset to the right slightly compared to comments that don't have votes. It looks like the vote count is ...
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18 votes
1 answer

Cannot sign in with Google: Error expanding 'fields' parameter. Cannot find matching fields for path 'email'

I have a new Android smartphone and here's what I get when trying to login with Google:
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2 votes
0 answers

Cannot find Android app in the play store [duplicate]

I cannot find the Stack Exchange Android app in the Android play store when I search for it. The link provided here is no longer valid. Has this app been discontinued? If not, when will it be back? Is ...
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191 votes
2 answers

What happened to the Stack Overflow app for Android?

The Stack Overflow app for Android doesn't exist anymore. Google does still index it, but the page returns a 404. The iOS version seems to still exist, so not sure what happened there. What's the ...
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108 votes
1 answer

Clicking code of conduct link raises flag

When raising a flag on a comment, two of the options contain a blue underlined code of conduct link. Trying to click the link irreversibly raises the flag under that category. App Version: 1.0.95 ...
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13 votes
0 answers

Why does the notification email claim the Stack Exchange Android app will send me notifications when it doesn't?

I have the app installed on my Android device. It's logged in and I can manually open it and look at my inbox in the right hand pull out. However, I can't remember the last time I've ever received a ...
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8 votes
0 answers

React to real-time notifications about question status changes

While typing out a non-trivial answer in the Stack Overflow Android app, the question was deleted, but the app did not notify me until I tried to submit my answer several minutes later. Waste of time, ...
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46 votes
0 answers

Stack Overflow app shows translated human-friendly dates

I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 configured in French. Inside the Stack Overflow app, it appears that human-friendly dates are actually translated in French. This gives funny half-translated text like ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Mobile app gives 'the mapper function returned a null value' when I click on the excavator badge [duplicate]

I clicked on the excavator badge I earned yesterday and found that it lead to this blank page with an error: The mapper function returned a null value
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29 votes
0 answers

Misleading hyperlink when flagging in app [duplicate]

When flagging a comment in the Android app, the "rude" option contains text that is formatted as a hyperlink, but pressing it simply selects that option and closes the dialog. Either allow users to ...
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24 votes
1 answer

Stack Exchange app crashing on Android

The Stack Exchange app is crashing on startup if I'm logged in, and has become completely useless except in the case of opening a link to anywhere other than the front page so that it is bypassed ...
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13 votes
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Why on-screen keyboard disappears and typed comment text is deleted on orientation change in Stack Overflow Android application?

I've noticed that when using the Stack Overflow application on my mobile phone with Android 6.0.1 (Xiaomi Redmi 3s Pro), when I'm commenting on someone's post and change device orientation, text ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Why can't I delete my (unaccepted) answers on my Android device?

I am looking for a way to delete my own answers that I think are not useful any more or just are of extremely poor quality. I'm using the Android app, and also tried to delete the answers on the ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Completing a user's name when pinging on the Stack Overflow app

I sometimes ask or answer a question using the Stack Overflow app and sometimes there is a comment I want to reply to (IE I want to ping). In my browser I can ping with @ and you get something like ...
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0 answers

Improve filtering/sorting in Android App

Would welcome better question filtering and sorting options in the Android app. For example, filter for questions with bounties, filter for unanswered questions with a specific tag (currently ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Score not the same on Stack Overflow app and in browser

This is a mysterious problem I've had for a while: I've got the Stack Overflow app and it gives me a score on one of my tags (Python): However when I look on my browser (Chrome at the same time) it ...
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11 votes
0 answers

Why can't I edit posts from mobile?

I am using the Android Stack Overflow's app to quickly access my account and eventually moderate/edit questions/answers. The problem I am having is I am unable to edit any answer even if I'm ...
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-9 votes
1 answer

Where are my Like Clockwork and Too Cool hats? [closed]

I've visited 94 days consecutively but haven't got my Like Clockwork hat, or any other, as I've up voted more than 7 times from my Android app so I'm eligible for another hat but haven't got any.
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8 votes
0 answers

Why do Stack Overflow formatting buttons sometimes disappear when writing on a mobile phone?

When answering some questions or writing comments in the Stack Overflow Android app I've noticed that there are moments that I have no access to that special Stack Overflow keyboard (it simply ...
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2 votes
1 answer

The Android app crashes when you want to check your achievements

Recently I started to use the Stack Overflow Android application and I noticed the app crashes when I want to check my achievements. Phone: Samsung Galaxy S8+ Android: 7.0 Security patch: October ...
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3 votes
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Possible bug in Stack Overflow Android application

I notice that the results are not the same in Stack Overflow Android app and the official site in google chrome or another browser : Note that android application always gives great results than ...
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-4 votes
2 answers

Why can I see only five posts in the top posts section on the Stack Overflow mobile app?

Under the user profile screen in mobile app, I can see only five posts in the top posts section, and it doesn't allow to scroll down to see more posts. If it's a correct one, then the header text ...
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36 votes
0 answers

Wrong title in Stack Overflow Android app

This looks like a minor bug in the app, v1.0.4 (current version as of today). Reproduce it this way: Open the app Go to More → Browsing History. Note that the title says "Browsing history" Now tap ...
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11 votes
1 answer

SE and SO apps have same icon

I was planning to return to the SE app, so I installed it, and when I looked at my home screen, both SE and SO app had the same icon So I restarted, but still the same. Thinking that maybe SO had to ...
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33 votes
1 answer

Screen rotation discards comment drafts and creates a prompt for question drafts

I've been using the SO App for Android regularly since installing it a couple weeks ago, but I've noticed a few glitchy things. I'll stick with the one that's frustrated me the most: Turning my device ...
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17 votes
1 answer

I am solely registered via Facebook and I am trying to login to the Stack Overflow app but the option to login to Facebook does not appear:

I am migrating this issue from the Stack Exchange Meta website Unable to login to Stack Overflow app with Facebook login since this is an issue with the Stack Overflow Android application specifically....
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4 votes
0 answers

The "Flag" action in mobile app returns strange text ("option_id")

When I flag a comment for example in the Stack Overflow app (version 1.0.4), I'm getting the text "option_id" as the result, as the screenshot below shows: Is this normal, or it should be replaced ...
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11 votes
0 answers

Tag changes not getting saved while editing a question

I'm trying to edit the below question, which is basically a java question but has been mistakenly tagged c#: But after doing the necessary changes as shown below: Clicking on <- arrow brings back ...
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32 votes
0 answers

Is there any read offline option on the Stack Overflow Android app?

I'm trying to save an important Stack Overflow question (like this one: Daylight saving time and time zone best practices) to read on the go or before bedtime, while I don't have/don't want to ...
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Broken navigation in android app

Go to Achievements and click on a badge row (not the icon). End up on an empty page which says "The mapper function returned a null value"           &...
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8 votes
1 answer

Mobile search on a tag is not updating [closed]

When I search for new active questions under a specific tag in the mobile app, it's showing the most recent question is 2 days old. That same search on a web browser shows dozens of questions just ...
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36 votes
1 answer

Why are the answerer's and editor's names swapped on the mobile app?

I noticed this morning reading my news letter in bed that on the Android mobile app, the answerers name is displayed on the left, and the editor on the right. On the web though, it is the other way ...
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21 votes
0 answers

Save drafts across devices

When I create a draft in a desktop browser I sometimes would like to continue to work on it in the iOS (or Android) app or vice versa. Please allow me to sync the draft(s) I made in one place over to ...
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0 answers

Wrong question titles when refreshing the achievements screen in the android app when

Refreshing (by dragging down) the Achievements screen in the Stack Overflow Android app (not the old Stack Exchange app!) seems to show the wrong question titles, although the reputation numbers seem ...
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42 votes
1 answer

Withdraw the Android Instant App

If you don't use the Android app then SE links always launch in the "Instant App" without asking. The Instant App has far fewer features than the mobile website or the full app. Most of the actions ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Android navigation bar selection does not persist on rotation

The selected navigation object does not stay selected when rotating the device, selecting anything other then Quesrions, then rotating the device - I see the selected screen, with the default '...
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2 votes
0 answers

Unable to edit posts in the Android app

I have installed the Stack Overflow app on my Android phone. I have enough reputation points to edit the post, but in the mobile app, it shows this error message: You Don't Have Permission to edit ...
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8 votes
0 answers

Notification bar unreadable while using Stackoverflow Android app [duplicate]

Due to light tint of color, notification bar contents are unreadable.
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3 votes
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Horizontal scroll in Stack Overflow App on Android

I am experiencing poor UX using the Stack Overflow Android application. Horizontal scrolling collides with vertical exactly on code snippets. I have recorded a video that demonstrates this strange ...
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5 votes
0 answers

Does Stack Overflow have plans to make runnable code snippets for the Android app?

The Stack snippets is the best way to demonstrate problem in question post and provide runnable solution in an answer. But this tools doesn't work in the Official Stack Overflow application for ...
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Getting notifications from the wrong app

I have installed both the Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow Android app on my mobile phone. I'm active only on Stack Overflow and since I installed the new app I was receiving notifications on the ...
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On Google Play there is a separate app for Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange [duplicate]

I installed the Stack Exchange app on my Android device. Google Play suggested I "might also like Stack Overflow". Why is there a separate app for this? Which one should I be using? Furthermore, is ...
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Link to Stack Overflow Android app from the Stack Overflow mobile view's footer

In the Stack Overflow mobile view, the footer is displaying with the "Download the Stack Exchange Android app" for the Android phones. Since we have a separate Android app for Stack Overflow and ...
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