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Questions tagged [advertising]

For discussion about the explicitly commercial advertising that appears on this site (if any), as well as the Community Promotion Ads which are voted on by users of each site.

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47 votes
2 answers

Don't show job ads if I'm not interested in jobs

In my settings I've selected Not interested in jobs but I keep seeing ads about Python jobs Is this intended? Why show me jobs if I'm not interested in one?
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1 answer

Who is the partner who is "interested in my opinion"?

I've just been presented with this: Out of interest I clicked on it: Now I don't really have any particular objection to this survey, per se. But I'm not sure I want to share information on my ...
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44 votes
1 answer

Ad causing mixed content in HTTPS

Since Stack Overflow is officially HTTPS, I was sad to see a mixed content warning from an ad. Can we fix the ad to use HTTPS too? The offending URL is a tracking pixel in a frame from this ad.
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31 votes
1 answer

Speeding up Stack Overflow page loads due to requests?

I've noticed Stack Overflow pages have slowed down considerably. Stack Overflow pages are unresponsive for the first 1/2 second to 1 second after following a link for a question. I think the slow ...
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Ad Broken on Stack Overflow [closed]

Visiting Stack Overflow today, I found a broken ad. Here is its URL:;p=11087213718728;cod=1;idfa=;aaid=;idfa_lat=;aaid_lat=;...
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36 votes
1 answer

Is Stack Overflow advocating nice weather? [duplicate]

I just saw the following ad in the sidebar: What exactly is this an ad for? Is it just me, or is there some information missing here? When I inspect the frame, all I see is code like: <script ...
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2 answers

Why are job advertisement emails being sent under the "Tips & Recommendations" subscription?

I just received an email from "" with the subject line "Live + Work Anywhere: find remote or visa jobs", encouraging me to browse jobs and listing four in particular. ...
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11 votes
0 answers

A way to mark an ad as not relevant to me

With google ads there is an option present to mark an ad as not relevant to me and I fill in a small questionaire if I hit the little x on the ads. There are some ads that are repeatedly presented to ...
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1 answer

Can you change the jobs advert to include more contextual information on the location, such as postcode?

In the job advert box, would it be possible to include more detail on the location? As an example, this was the job ads I saw this morning: I'll be honest, I had to go to Wikipedia to find out where ...
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24 votes
1 answer

Possible Bug in "Looking for a job?" Box

I've been trying to dismiss some of the ads from "Looking for a job?" box; although after dismissal it says "Okay, you won't see this job anymore. Undo" I keep seeing them again (and again). Here are ...
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1 answer

Viewing a Question in Safari Causes Numerous Console Errors

Creating this post based on request from the Ad Ops team per When viewing a Stack Overflow question in Safari, ...
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0 answers

How to remove company ads on Stack Overflow?

Recently, I started getting job ads from an online casino on the jobs section on Stack Overflow. I find the idea of running an Online Casino morally reprehensible, but fine, I can just remove the ad ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Vote To Close button does not work when placed over Company Job Ad

Steps to reproduce: Open the Close dialog on a question. Position the "Vote to Close" button over the company logo in a job ad on the sidebar. Press the "Vote to Close" button. Expected behavior: ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Use location in "Where you'd like to work" from "Job match preferences" user settings to select job adverts

Currently, almost all my job adds are from the same country as my IP, even if I specify 3 countries different form my current country in the "Where you'd like to work" under
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3 votes
1 answer

"Sponsored Links" section is still shown with "Reduce Ads" privilege

Some tags have a couple of sponsored links. For example: I'd expect these ads not to be rendered when I have the "Reduced Ads" privilege, unless I chose to disable the "reduced ads" setting. ...
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1 answer

Advertisement 502 Bad Gateway Error

Looking for an answer to a problem and stumbled across this: Below is the source of the advert: <iframe frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" height="250" width="300" ...
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Did Stack Overflow trust "Screenleap"?

I was looking for an API to share my screen to a browser, and saw this: Did you actually "trust" their product in some way or are they abusing the logo?
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33 votes
1 answer

Why aren't parts of company ads separately clickable?

I saw this ad, and was impressed that it seemed to have linked in other users that you'd be working with. Wanting to know more I hovered over the ad, only to find that there aren't multiple elements ...
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6 votes
1 answer

3 users shown in who you'll work with in ad but only 2 show up in the company page

Today I saw an add and 3 users were listed in the "who you'll work with" section. What drew my eye was that I saw the same name listed twice. The users have different avatars so I thought maybe it's ...
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24 votes
1 answer

Azure ad causing excessive warnings

This seemed strange enough that I felt obliged to point it out. The ad for Microsoft Azure (primary source of warnings: caused 5 warnings and also used ...
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38 votes
1 answer

Why am I seeing a German job advert?

Today I saw a German job advertisement on the Stack Overflow home page. I happen to speak German and live reasonably close to Germany (only 200km or so), but have no indications on my computer that I ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Jobs ad job offer redirecting to company page

I tried clicking on one of the job offers in this ad and the page it redirects me to is the company page instead of the job offer. Wouldn't it be better that when you click the job offer it opens the ...
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30 votes
1 answer

Can we prevent the use of ALL CAPS in job adverts?

I just stumbled upon this (german) job posting, and noticed that the benefits are displayed in ALL CAPS, something that - in my opinion - drastically reduces the readability. The benefits are also ...
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1 answer

Message "Não encontrou uma resposta?" links to es-SO instead of pt-SO

Today I've started seeing the following ad: You can translate this message as: Did you not find an answer? Ask in Portuguese Stack Overflow. The problem is that the message links to the Spanish SO ...
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8 votes
1 answer

502 - Bad Gateway in advertisment iframe from adsafeprotected [closed]

Getting a 502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.11.6 error on, error being reported in my console as: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 502 (Bad Gateway): a.html;p=...
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7 votes
1 answer

what is this thumbs up/down floating button

I just noticed a floating up/down thumbs button which appears underneath the favourite tags, is this some new feature that has been enabled by accident? It doesn't seem to do anything if you select ...
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1 answer

What is this Nielsen advert about and where is the question they promised?

I just got an advert in the sidebar of Stack Overflow asking me to take a one question survey with a partner. Ok, sure. The link leads here:
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105 votes
2 answers

We need to warn "people you'll work with" that their pics, names, and location are used on public ads

I've been noticing this much more recently. We are running advertisements with people's profile pics for the job ads, like this one: The other day I saw someone I knew on here in one of these ads. ...
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PyCharm ad uses Flash

As per Ads are using Flash once again, I’ve just noticed another ad that appears to be using Flash (triggering the “Allow to run ‘Adobe Flash’?” message). I’ve identified the ...
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1 answer

The "talk to an expert" and "buy now" buttons are broken on the Tag Sponsorships page

The "talk to an expert" and "buy now" buttons at the bottom of are broken. They have a href="#" so you'd expect a JS click ...
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27 votes
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I'm in Spain, Job in Spain, yet Jobs speaks French to me

Tagging this "bug" although it's a very minor issue, if it is one at all. An oddity in the Careers display - the country name in one of these ads is in French: I'm located in Spain, and definitely ...
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1 answer

The imperative tone of Stack Overflow ads on Facebook may be off-putting

While scrolling down my Facebook feed I noticed the following SO ad: I find the ordering tone employed ("Tell us now", "Take the survey now") somewhat condescending, so I thought I'd send this ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Job Dismissal: "Something Went Wrong. Our Best People Are On It"

For the last couple of days I haven't been able to dismiss jobs. On clicking the dismiss link, I get an exclamation mark with the text: Oops! Something went wrong. Don't worry, our best people are ...
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Missing comment in a SO Jobs ad [duplicate]

I saw this Stack Overflow Jobs advertisement just now: Something small is bothering me; the bottom line is not a comment. As a javascript developer, I strongly believe we need to add a // to it.
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12 votes
1 answer

Can advertisers on Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange target a specific single user?

Can advertisers on Stack Overflow or Stack Exchange target a specific single user?
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83 votes
2 answers

Should SO Jobs advertisement have appropriate comment format?

Shouldn't "A career site that's by developers, for developers." be in a comment block, or on multiple single-line comments? The C++-style or C-style comments should suffice: // A career site that's ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Dismiss job offer disappeared

I noticed the dismiss button disappeared from the job offers next to the question list. Checking the code, I see there's a space missing between <a and class, and probably another problem related ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Has Stack Overflow or Stack Exchange started showing pop-under ads on click?

For every first click on each page that I open in Stack Overflow, I get a pop under opened on a new tab. So if I refresh the page, and I click on anything on that page again, a new advertising tab ...
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1 answer

Teasers in the Sidebar not working via adzerk; why no in-house solution?

I've been clicking on a teaser in the right sidebar that was something like HOT NETWORK QUESTION - Why is [some korean symbol] associated with [European word] But it only opened an empty page. The ...
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14 votes
3 answers

You should contact AdBlock Plus and convince them to add Stack Exchange to its Acceptable Ads

Important Note: This feature request is for SE Employees and not for site individuals. Sorry for the confusion. From AdBlock Plus: Allow Acceptable Ads Since many websites rely on ...
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1 answer

Why do we see these popups in Iran? [duplicate]

I just wanted to know if it's us or everybody else is having this nonsense popups when clicking on Stack Overflow contents. We're in Iran and on the same LAN network. When we open a Stack Overflow ...
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2 answers

One job advertisement per company per ad block shown

I suggest that SO show at most one job proposal per company in a given advertisement at a time, rather than potentially showing many different positions for a single company in a given ad.
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38 votes
4 answers

Ads, should I unblock them if I won't click on them?

I was reading this article: Why Stack Overflow Doesn’t Care About Ad Blockers and I'm not sure what to do to help. I'm really cheap and I'm almost certainly never going to click on an ad. So I use an ...
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1 answer

What if I don't want to see reduced ads? [duplicate]

The ads on Stack Exchange are friendly and non-intrusive. I also would like to support the site with more ads (even if it doesn't make much difference). May I have an option to turn off reduced ads?
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2 answers

Why not - subscription / job ads - option for users?

Stack Overflow works great. But I believe that not everyone is interested in your job adverts! Could you please allow a subscription model (along with the job ads model) and allow a user to pay for ...
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adzerk serving ads from adsafeprotected

I have made NoScript and uBlock origin trust Stack Overflow served ads (Adzerk and zkcdn), but I saw something weird today. Is my understanding that all advertising is served directly from adzerk as ...
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Doesn't Stack Overflow Jobs return anything?

I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but I just noticed that Stack Overflow Jobs advertise in a way indicating that searching for a job there won't return anything? Also, the comment at the end ...
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377 views causes mixed content error on main site

It looks like there is an asset loaded from that is breaking the HTTPS configuration, causing the site to be flagged with the mixed content warning (hence downgraded to insecure). ...
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1 answer

Why is this ad showing euros?

The following add is showing the salary range in euros, is this a bug? Note that I have my location set to the UK and I am in the UK so I would not expect to see this. Also the location for the job ...
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64 votes
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Reserve space for job advertisement before loading

I'm not sure it's only me or all the others, but I've suffered from clicking on the job related advertisement on the right pane on SO accidentally. It's mainly because when I open the SO page and ...
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