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For discussion about the explicitly commercial advertising that appears on this site (if any), as well as the Community Promotion Ads which are voted on by users of each site.

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We’re bringing advertisements for technology courses to Stack Overflow

Beginning in late January, we’re partnering with two online course providers to present sponsored technology course recommendation advertisements on Stack Overflow. This is a pilot study for this type ...
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Despite claims to the contrary, course recommendations are not curated based on my interests or relevant to the question

Stack Overflow is currently serving advertisements for technology courses in the sidebar. On this question, I see the following ad in the sidebar: In other words, on a question tagged c++ and winapi (...
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The "Report ad" functionality doesn't work; the URL it attempts to post to results in a 500 error

I'm trying to report an ad (for reasons that are not relevant here). I open the "Report Ad" dialog, fill in the information required, including a screenshot of the ad itself, but the attempt ...
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2 answers

Stack Overflow is adding a 1st party targeting cookie

We have created a new 1st party targeting cookie, “prov_tgt”. This cookie collects the information we will use to serve targeted course advertisements. You can find this new cookie in the list of ...
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1 answer

Dismissed jobs in "Looking for a job" still show up in search results [closed]

When I dismiss a job in the looking for a job advertisement why does it still show up in job search? It seems as though the two functions are not equal and are separate in terms of how this all works....
38 votes
1 answer

Can SO put "Paid Advertisement" or similar headers on blog posts that are written as extended advertisements?

"Blog" posts like are actually just extended long-form advertisements. Can this be disclosed at the beginning of ...
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1 answer

Follow Follow Follow Follow

I just got this ad while using the Brave browser: The buttons work: Otherwise, nothing else happens (the ad doesn't open another page). It's not scrollable either. What is this an ad for? Is this a ...
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Make the 'Check out these companies' sidebar have less aggressive colors in dark mode

I use Stack Overflow in dark mode. It helps me concentrate and I found it more pleasant than the bright mode. In general the menus and sidebars are well integrated in terms of colors, however recently ...
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4 answers

The Future of our Jobs Ad slots

Over the course of the next few weeks, you may see some changes to the content in the right-sidebar on Stack Overflow, and I am here to let you know what to expect. For background, as you probably ...
69 votes
1 answer

“Report this ad” does not rotate ads (Or: Can we have ads that don't have faces staring back at us?)

Lately, I've been seeing this ad for Azure (...even though I'm already an Azure customer): It's unsettling when faces on my screen stare right back at me. So I clicked the “Report this ad” link and ...
64 votes
2 answers

Anyone else annoyed by this advertisement?

There's one advertisement that frequently appears in the right margin of Stack Overflow pages, that I find annoying and distracting. Does anyone else feel the same way? The advertisement in question ...
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0 answers

Should ads on Stack Overflow be accessible?

I saw the following ad on Stack Overflow (English version, but it is targeted to my language). On the left side is the alt attribute, which roughly translates to: You receive money from foreign ...
129 votes
7 answers

Why do I see this annoying Teams banner?

I hit F5 just now and saw this on top of my page: Was it added just now, or is it something weird that happens? How can registered users opt-out (forever) from all future Teams ads, including banners,...
7 votes
1 answer

Send feedback button disappear when reporting ad

When I try to report an ad in Stack Overflow, this popup comes up to report it. But after I attach an image and select Other, the Send Feedback button disappears from the screen. The main issue is, ...
1 vote
1 answer

How can we get rid of Stack Overflow for Teams advertising forever?

I'm asking the question that wasn't answered in this question - how can we get rid of all future banners, popups, links, ads, etc. for Stack Overflow for Teams (SOFT)? A few occasional ads are fine, ...
-8 votes
2 answers

Why is Stack Overflow not using Adverts services like Google Adsense

Why SE not using advert services like google adsense, and selling ad space instead. Is that more profits? It can use them along with ad space selling itself even(at least until it get customers for ...
5 votes
1 answer

Why does the main site keep showing me "empty" ads?

The "main" site keeps showing me "empty" ads, like this: Why is this? Is this a defect, or is there simply no ad to show me? If there's no ad, why show me an empty box?
17 votes
1 answer

Blazor tag has incorrect icon

The blazor tag which is for blazor has an incorrect icon. The correct icon for Blazor is I feel that we have been though this previously (here), that someone shouldn't be able to pay for an icon on ...
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0 answers

Advertisement when clicked loaded stackoverflow in a frame [duplicate]

Today I was browsing Stack Overflow, and there was an ad for a world-building site. When clicked, it loaded Stack Overflow in a frame.
99 votes
3 answers

Why is SO running a promoted tweet with scaremongering Wikipedia misinformation?

The following "promoted" tweet has shown up repeatedly in my twitter timeline as an advertisement for the SO podcast. Link The claim it makes---that a photo is taken of anyone who edits ...
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0 answers

Mixed content due to ads

There is mixed (https and http) content appearing occasionally to me. It seems to appear at the same time, but maybe not always as it couldn't catch it again a couple of days ago when I first noticed ...
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0 answers

Side ad link opens in the wrong place [duplicate]

Not always, but sometimes I see ads on the right that point to other SE sites with hot questions and similar. The problem is that when I try to open such link, it opens it in the space of the ad, the ...
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0 answers

Texts in Ads is not so readable in Dark Mode

I saw the below Ad today, apparently the benefits in the ads is not readable. Is this bug is happening because of I am using Dark mode or the Ad is just like that ? I think this is not providing a ...
3 votes
1 answer

Advertisement banner not responsive

A while ago I opted in to see more ads to test some new feature that was released. Today thus fired back at me. I was browsing a question in responsive mode in my phone and this obscenity landed on my ...
4 votes
0 answers

Empty space for ads between “Questions tagged” title and the description of the tag

In Google Chrome, I always see an empty space between the title of “Questions tagged” and the description of the tag, an you can see it here: and here: I think this space is reserved for ads. Is ...
14 votes
1 answer

One of the Open Source Community Promotion Ads is not displaying properly

This page displays the currently eligible Open Source Community Promotion Ads. Note that the image for the 9th ad (bottom-right corner) is not being properly displayed. Looking at that page's HTML ...
5 votes
2 answers

How many display ads are there supposed to be on each page?

It's my understanding that there are at least 2 display ads on each question page, as is shown here. But I have seen question pages with 1 display ad only. Other than the one on top, there is no other ...
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0 answers

Page cannot be redirected when clicking on advertisment [duplicate]

I saw an ad with title: Can I move MSSQL backup files on a running database? while viewing question on the main site. But when I clicked on it, something looked like: Client (me) made a request to ...
23 votes
1 answer

SendGrid logo attached to email, mail, gmail type tags

It seams that a large number of tags have been infected with the send grid logo. it appears to be mostly related to email, mail, gmail type tags. I am not sure if this is related to Excel tag ...
36 votes
1 answer

Is Stack Overflow advocating nice weather? [duplicate]

I just saw the following ad in the sidebar: What exactly is this an ad for? Is it just me, or is there some information missing here? When I inspect the frame, all I see is code like: <script ...
38 votes
0 answers

Azure ad is intercepting touch events and opening itself

It's nearly impossible to scroll past this Azure ad on my phone, because it apparently intercepts touch events and then opens itself as soon as my finger is lifted. My browser history tends to look ...
17 votes
1 answer

Advertisement redirects to a Staff user profile

There is an advertisement in the Stack Overflow side bar ("Opportunity doesn't knock twice"), when clicking on that it redirects to a Stack Exchange Staff user profile. It seems a bug to me, or the ...
5 votes
0 answers

Animated external ad appearing: 2019 edition

Just noticed an AWS/Verizon ad which was animated on the Stack Overflow homepage. I am assuming the ad policy hasn’t changed and this is just the 2019 version of this similar 2018 issue. I captured a ...
43 votes
2 answers

Does every Stack Overflow question really save 90 minutes of developer time?

I recently saw the following Stack Overflow for Teams advertisement while using the site in desktop mode: Can someone make public the research behind what led to this statistic? For example, if the ...
5 votes
1 answer

Is "partner content" on the SO blog supposed to have a special tag?

I just read the "Einstein Analytics and Go" article, on Stack Overflow blog. The disclaimer indicates content from partners will be indicated "with tags", yet the tags just below this disclaimer text ...
108 votes
2 answers

Are animated ads on SO questions accepted?

I thought from this question that animated ads were not acceptable, but, at least on a question-specific page, I'm still seeing one from IBM and Red Hat -- the same one I mentioned in a comment on ...
15 votes
1 answer

The Daimler advert is way more than 300px wide and overflows out of the side bar

Every other advert is 300px wide and fits nicely in the side bar, e.g.: The image used in the Daimler advert is 728px wide: This causes it to overflow out of the side bar, necessitating a ...
205 votes
1 answer

These SO Teams ads are getting out of hand!

The image speaks for itself. There is an ad targeting my confidential questions. Good job, SO! You managed to read my inner heart just like all other advertisers. This is actually a non-trashy ad, ...
2 votes
0 answers

Clicking on an ad replaced itself with SO page in that small place! [duplicate]

I was on Stack Overflow's question page when I happened to see an ad that quoted something along these lines: How to split the string by third (.) delimiter Unix * Linux Clicking on it replaced that ...
33 votes
0 answers

Clicking on the Stack Exchange site advertisement in the side bar, loads the Stack Overflow site in the advertisement place holder

There is one of the Stack Exchange site advertisement in the Stack Overflow sidebar (probably, when I clicked on the advertisement, instead of redirecting to the ...
268 votes
2 answers

I'd like to see job ads for part-time or freelance work

I'm not looking for a full-time job, but if I saw an interesting short-term job that I could finish in a week or maybe a month, I would seriously consider it. All the ads on Stack Overflow seem to ...
18 votes
0 answers

Returning from question requires to go back twice, ad causing extra (identical) entry in history

Since a few days, I notice that returning from a question to the question list occasionally requires having to go back twice. The problem occurs when navigating to a question and waiting for the ads ...
51 votes
2 answers

Is it OK to have hidden ad link in an answer?

Was reading this question (archived) and noticed that in an answer there is a hyperlink to page on Amazon, to Charles Petzold's book. I have seen mentions of that book already several times. Link: ...
194 votes
7 answers

Observations from a long-time contributor turned read-only user

I have been around Stack Exchange a ton in the last 10 years (about 150k total network reputation). About a year ago I switched to exclusively consuming content and logged out of all my accounts. ...
21 votes
0 answers

Dismissing a company is not working properly

I mistakenly clicked the dismiss icon on a jobs ad and noticed that it didn't work as intended, the dismiss icon disappeared and the title became: Oops! Something went wrong. Don't worry, our best ...
-114 votes
21 answers

Introducing Text Ads! AKA Sponsoring That Fine Manual!

tl;dr; — There's a new ad type coming in the form of dynamic text that will lead users to documentation and courses offered by our clients, and ultimately community-curated canonical questions. When ...
43 votes
4 answers

This YouTube video is purporting that the Stack Overflow survey endorsed their service [closed]

I started to watch this video: where a YouTube content creator (developer by profession) "analyses" the Stack Overflow Survey Data. About 3:24 minutes in ...
6 votes
1 answer

Ads aren't displaying correctly in IE11

Unless Slack is trying some really covert recruitment tactics, there seems to be rendering issue with some ads in the sidebar: I've also seen ads where text doesn't wrap, and you only see half of a ...
7 votes
0 answers

What exactly is this ad which redirects just to the main homepage with a complicated URL? [duplicate]

So, I was searching some questions tagged with some specific tags when I saw: Sorry? What exactly is this? I think that the 1st April day is over! Is there a 14th April Fool Day?
44 votes
1 answer

Seriously, Stack Overflow? Programing?

There's an ad on my Stack Overflow front page right now that reads: Do you know 2019's fastest-growing programing language? Can we get this fixed please? It doesn't really inspire confidence in ...

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