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For discussion about the explicitly commercial advertising that appears on this site (if any), as well as the Community Promotion Ads which are voted on by users of each site.

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Reserve space for job advertisement before loading

I'm not sure it's only me or all the others, but I've suffered from clicking on the job related advertisement on the right pane on SO accidentally. It's mainly because when I open the SO page and ...
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Ad is too pixelated

A koala wearing sunnies hanging from a palm tree on an island is a 100% accurate and dangarang representation of Sydney. I don't have any problems with that. However, the text "Join a world class ...
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Why do I get a banner "How are we doing? Please help us improve AWS. Take our short survey"?

I just got a new banner on Stack Overflow: The survey starts with: Thank you for helping us understand your experience with AWS. Sharing your feedback about AWS will help them to make future ...
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Where can I set my preferred advertisement language?

So I got this ad. It's in German. Okay, cool, I get it, I updated my profile that I live in Germany now. But I really don't wish to see ads in German. My native tongue is Dutch, and on an all ...
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Azure ad is intercepting touch events and opening itself

It's nearly impossible to scroll past this Azure ad on my phone, because it apparently intercepts touch events and then opens itself as soon as my finger is lifted. My browser history tends to look ...
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Jumbo ad for teams

This ad is "yuge". It breaks the flow of the sidebar!
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Despite claims to the contrary, course recommendations are not curated based on my interests or relevant to the question

Stack Overflow is currently serving advertisements for technology courses in the sidebar. On this question, I see the following ad in the sidebar: In other words, on a question tagged c++ and winapi (...
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Clicking on the Stack Exchange site advertisement in the side bar, loads the Stack Overflow site in the advertisement place holder

There is one of the Stack Exchange site advertisement in the Stack Overflow sidebar (probably, when I clicked on the advertisement, instead of redirecting to the ...
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Should ads on Stack Overflow be accessible?

I saw the following ad on Stack Overflow (English version, but it is targeted to my language). On the left side is the alt attribute, which roughly translates to: You receive money from foreign ...
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I'm in Spain, Job in Spain, yet Jobs speaks French to me

Tagging this "bug" although it's a very minor issue, if it is one at all. An oddity in the Careers display - the country name in one of these ads is in French: I'm located in Spain, and definitely ...
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Beta test for short survey in banner ad slots starting on the week of November 13th on SO [Beta has ended]

[EDIT: This beta has now ended.] TL;DR: Starting on the week of November 13th, we will be showing a short survey in the banner ad slots on Stack Overflow. Note - the announcement for the alpha version ...
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Dismissing a company is not working properly

I mistakenly clicked the dismiss icon on a jobs ad and noticed that it didn't work as intended, the dismiss icon disappeared and the title became: Oops! Something went wrong. Don't worry, our best ...
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Returning from question requires to go back twice, ad causing extra (identical) entry in history

Since a few days, I notice that returning from a question to the question list occasionally requires having to go back twice. The problem occurs when navigating to a question and waiting for the ads ...
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Ads directing you to other SE sites malfunction

Ads on the right sidebar for other community sites seem to malfunction. I've received an ad for a WorldBuilding topic. First, I copied the link and opened it in private browsing (reflex when doing ...
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Upvoting/Downvoting on "We're Hiring" advertisements

I can't change what my vote is for the advertisements on Stack Overflow. For example, there was an ad with a guy wearing a horse mask, and I intended to downvote it but accidentally hit Upvote. I ...
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PyCharm ad uses Flash

As per Ads are using Flash once again, I’ve just noticed another ad that appears to be using Flash (triggering the “Allow to run ‘Adobe Flash’?” message). I’ve identified the ...
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Advertisement in tag wiki?

In the kubernetes tag wiki there is some advertisement about a training that is not free. I feel somewhat uneasy about it, but not sure what to do. It's not irrelevant spam, but at the same time ...
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Texts in Ads is not so readable in Dark Mode

I saw the below Ad today, apparently the benefits in the ads is not readable. Is this bug is happening because of I am using Dark mode or the Ad is just like that ? I think this is not providing a ...
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A way to mark an ad as not relevant to me

With google ads there is an option present to mark an ad as not relevant to me and I fill in a small questionaire if I hit the little x on the ads. There are some ads that are repeatedly presented to ...
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The "Report ad" functionality doesn't work; the URL it attempts to post to results in a 500 error

I'm trying to report an ad (for reasons that are not relevant here). I open the "Report Ad" dialog, fill in the information required, including a screenshot of the ad itself, but the attempt ...
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How to remove company ads on Stack Overflow?

Recently, I started getting job ads from an online casino on the jobs section on Stack Overflow. I find the idea of running an Online Casino morally reprehensible, but fine, I can just remove the ad ...
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Why have I been seeing lots of job ads from Germany recently?

Example: The number of job ads from Germany has increased over the last few weeks. Is there any way to disable job ads where the position isn't UK based?
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Turn off ads for jobs

Is there a way to turn off ads for jobs? Essentially the job ads that come up at the side of the page in the form of: Are you currently looking for a job? etc... I mean these ones and the ...
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Why does SO continue to show me ads for jobs to which I've already applied?

I saw an ad today for a job that I applied to three days ago. Seems to me like this doesn't make very much sense.
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Mixed content due to ads

There is mixed (https and http) content appearing occasionally to me. It seems to appear at the same time, but maybe not always as it couldn't catch it again a couple of days ago when I first noticed ...
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Animated external ad appearing: 2019 edition

Just noticed an AWS/Verizon ad which was animated on the Stack Overflow homepage. I am assuming the ad policy hasn’t changed and this is just the 2019 version of this similar 2018 issue. I captured a ...
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Query regarding salary calculator advertisement title

I saw the advertisement below in the Database Administrators Stack Exchange site about the Stack Overflow Salary Calculator. In the title, the character i is looks like l or Capital I. In plain text ...
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Empty space for ads between “Questions tagged” title and the description of the tag

In Google Chrome, I always see an empty space between the title of “Questions tagged” and the description of the tag, an you can see it here: and here: I think this space is reserved for ads. Is ...
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Ad appears (almost) completely blank

Well, not completely blank, it does have one black pixel. Is this an ad for Nihilism Inc.? Second time I've seen this. Firefox 40.0.3, AdBlock is turned off. Source dump, in case it helps: <...
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Make the 'Check out these companies' sidebar have less aggressive colors in dark mode

I use Stack Overflow in dark mode. It helps me concentrate and I found it more pleasant than the bright mode. In general the menus and sidebars are well integrated in terms of colors, however recently ...
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A page to list all ads, that is easily accessible

One of the things I really like about StackOverflow is the ads are relevant to developers. However, sometimes I forget to click on an ad and then when I refresh the page of course another ad comes up....
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"Our advertisers want to know..." Redux

Way back in February of 2011, a long-time Stack Overflow advertiser asked to run an ad campaign to learn more about our users. Their method of delivery: a survey. Surveys can be a tricky campaign for ...
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Good answer with a link to company website

Saw this answer. It's a lengthy, descriptive and good answer. The anonymous answerer has left a signature-kind of line at the end of Summary: For additional assistance, please do not hesitate to ...
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