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For questions and discussion about administrators on Stack Overflow for Teams. For the admins that run the Stack Exchange network as a whole, see [community-managers].

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Create tags without questions in teams?

Is it possible (as an admin) to create tags without creating questions on Stack Overflow for teams? For example, we just set up a new team and we want to make it easy for our engineers to create ...
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Stack Overflow for Teams "Admin" hexagon not showing on comments

The "hexagon" that identifies administrators of a Stack Overflow Team (akin to a diamond on regular Q&A sites) is no longer showing next to comments made by the team administrator. If I remember ...
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15 votes
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Allow admins to set a tag to be admin-only in SO Teams

Can we add a feature to make tags only addable and removable only by team admins in SO Teams, like the moderator only tags on meta sites?
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32 votes
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In Stack Overflow for Teams can a team administrator/moderator "pin" key questions?

I'm not sure if this is discussion or a feature request. In Stack Overflow for Teams I'm trying to "pin" key questions (as an admin/mod/owner) for my teams. Is this possible? The reason I'm asking is ...
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Add a view for expired invitations separate from pending ones

As an admin, I can invite people to my Team and see a report of who has accepted and which invitations are pending: Trouble is, when I look at Pending invitations, some have expired after 7 days of ...
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