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Questions tagged [achievements-dialog]

The achievements dropdown is contained in the top-bar and contains recent changes in badges, reputation, and privileges.

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I still have a 3K privilege notification in my Achievements list after dropping below 3K [duplicate]

A few days ago, I saw that my Achievements list contained a notification informing me that I'd earned the 3K reputation privilege ("cast close & reopen votes"). Then my reputation dropped below ...
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Achievements dropdown extremely slow to load [closed]

The achievements dropdown has become unbearably slow. All other Stack Overflow pages are fast, but clicking on the little icon in the top bar kicks off a long, loooooong wait for the menu to appear. ...
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13 votes
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User removal bug - repeated notifications?

Is this a bug, or did the Mighty AdminsTM summarily dismiss 9 people from the site on one day?
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Mark rep loss from posting a bounty as "seen" automatically

If you post a bounty, you lose that rep. That is fairly obvious for all users posting a bounty. However, if you don't check the achievements dialog after you post the bounty, you won't be notified ...
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Achievements box lines looking weird [closed]

This is what I see on Stack Overflow: And same exact achievement box on other sites, e.g. MSE: Browser: Chrome 47.0.2526.106 under Windows 7, no extension, userscripts, or add-ons. No zoom (100%), ...
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Accepted answer + upvote were shown as +17 achievement

Not tagging as "bug" since I am not sure I can reproduce it again. Recently, my answer here was accepted and upvoted (while I was editing it). And I remember having no new achievement notifications. ...
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I wasn't notified I earned the Disciplined badge

I removed an answer of mine with 4 upvotes. Therefore, I was awarded the Discipline badge: However, I wasn't notified: Usually I am notified when I earn badges, so this seems a bug.
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If a tag badge is awarded in a "higher" level, it stops being rare in the "lowest" levels

Maybe the title is a bit weird, so let me explain it: In my profile it used to appear the Silver badge for the grep (9 people with it so far) as the rarest. However, since I got its Gold badge it is ...
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An achievement system to privileges

So I just posted one question and all of a sudden I have 3 new privileges. I can only assume knowing more about my new privileges would enhance my experience here, but I don't exactly have the time to ...
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Upvotes and the reputation are not in sync

I asked a question HERE.This question got upvoted by four users(as you can see) but my overall reputation is increased by just 15. As far as I know,each upvote on a question will give me 5 reputation ...
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'Recent Achievements' doesn't show new badges, privileges or reputation [duplicate]

Today I earned two badges, privileges (don't know one or more) and reputation but Recent Achievements has stopped notifying me about this. In my Recent Achievements tab it just shows that I earned 30 ...
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1 answer

Possible bug in reputation change alert

I have asked a question on SO today, and get a downvote and an upvote. I have refreshed the page several times, and opened other SO pages with my account, but the "achievements" icon was in default ...
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14 votes
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Achievements menu no longer shows new privileges earned

I remember in the past (and the menu's tooltip still says so) that I would get a notification in my Achievements menu whenever I reached a new privilege level thanks to reputation gains, like 100, 500,...
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The reputation icon show plus sign while my reputation score decrease

I saw +20 (with bold and green color) at the top bar reputation icon. I thought I earned 20 points when I opened the dropdown it shows this: This is really confusing. I know its hard to handle the ...
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The reputation tab shows that I have earned the [c] tag badge two times

I got the c tag badge a few days ago.I had noticed it in my Reputation and Achievements tab some days ago. Now when I checked it, I saw that it had appeared again: Both of them, when clicked, ...
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Why does the "You earned the privilege" achievement not disappear when I lose reputation?

I had posted an answer and got an upvote for it.So I got the "create tag synonyms" privilege(Since I got 2.5K rep). Then,the OP edited his code telling there was a mistake in it which made my answer ...
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Shared popular question - no Publicist badge?

This may be a caching issue, but was concerned it was either a bug, or ambiguity in the documentation. Earlier today (about 5 hours prior to this post) I shared this popular SO article (which I ...
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Premature privilege achievement notification

A few days ago, I got a notification in my Achievements dropdown that says "You've earned the "talk in chat" privilege! Learn more about it in the help center." I immediately went ...
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1 answer

Not getting Stack Overflow Notifications

I am not getting notifications badges despite the fact that I have 4 notifications. I got comments on my question, but because of this I didn't know that someone had commented on my question. I ...
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28 votes
1 answer

CSS Fix In Achievements For > 10 Reputation Loss Needed

I was checking my achievements this morning and saw the following: As you can see, the loss of 10 points due a user being removed isn't handled properly in the styling, causing the negative sign ...
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1 answer

Is getting a downvote really an achievement?

I just saw that my "Achievements" notification bar showed that I had got two downvotes for my two questions. How does getting downvotes become an achievement? In my opinion, getting downvotes doesn't ...
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Is the 'recent achievements' icon helpful?

In several recent and high-profile questions on Meta about the quality of questions and answers on SO, people have suggested that excessive 'gamification' leading to 'reputation chasing' is a problem. ...
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I got notification of positive change in reputation but not listed in achievements

Today on StackOverflow site I got notification about +3 change in reputation but when I clicked on it, I am not able to see for which question or answer or comment I got these 3 reputation. I have ...
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