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For questions regarding Stack Overflow accounts and linked accounts on other platforms.

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Could previous account be deleted?

I have two accounts. When I attended stackoverflow for real I had forgotten all about the another account. I would really like to get my first account deleted, it is
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Page not found error message on Stack Overflow when I login to my account

Man, I'm SuperUser, my account on SO was: but today a strange thing happened when I logged into my account, I saw : My account is not reachable and has totally changed. What is wrong with it? ...
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How can I de-associate my Stack Overflow profile from other Stack Exchange sites?

I have the Stack Exchange profile which shows links to all the Stack Exchange sites. Now I have to send my Stack Overflow profile to my employer. But I only want to show them my Stack&...
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How to delete a Stack Overflow account [duplicate]

Is there any way that I can delete/remove my account? I cannot seem to find anything in my profile about deleting or removing my account.
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Cannot add Stack Exchange OpenID login

I've always used a Yahoo OpenID acount to login to Stack Overflow and other Stack Exchange sites. Now I'd like to get rid of it so I created a new OpenID at ...
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Google account hacked: why was I still able to log in?

Days ago my Gmail account was hacked and destroyed. Google recovery wizard brought me nowhere. I am still counting the data I lost. Anyway one good thing happened: as I went on Stack Overflow I was ...
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New account or delete my posts?

After being in denial for many posts, I’ve learnt that my approach to asking/answering questions must be making a lot of mods and Stack Overflow members quite angry. I’m anxious that I’m getting quite ...
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Email not valid / no account for

I am having a hard time to understand why I can only login to Stack Exchange sites through Facebook login. And when I try to login with my email it says that there is no user with my email. Because I ...
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Adding Stack Exchange account as a login [duplicate]

I already have Stack Overflow login but I want to add Stack Exchange account. When I go to add logins page I can't see Stack Exchange option. How can I add it?
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My colleague got his account deleted because he voted many of my questions and answers

The stackoverflow admin sent me a message like: There are clear signs of falsified accounts being used to artificially inflate your reputation. The offending accounts have been removed and the ...
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How to switch to a Stack Exchange account?

I am aware additional logins (Facebook, Google, Yahoo...) can be added to stack by going to: My logins Add more logins I find no option here to add a Stack Overflow login. Question If I create a ...
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