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Questions tagged [accounts]

For questions regarding Stack Overflow accounts and linked accounts on other platforms.

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Possible spam accounts

While browsing through the new users page I noticed this (note the "Download Link:" text in almost all of them): Each of those profiles contains something like this, with links for : ...
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Logging in with a deleted Google account

On the 16th of this month, I got logged out of my other Stack Overflow account: 11691977. The problem: I deleted the Google account about a month ago (now unrecoverable), which I was using to log in ...
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How do I add my work google account to my main SO account?

How do I add my work google account to my main Stack Overflow account? Whenever I go to add a login it just assumes I'm trying to login to my google account with my main google account, and then ...
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Can't add new Stack Exchange openid login

I'm trying to get away from google login so I created a new Stack Exchange openid login. I then went to my Stack Overflow profile, logins page, and selected add more logins. In the box where you can ...
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Why is there no GitLab option in the profile settings?

There is a field for "GitHub link or username", but there is no option if we host our repositories on other sites such as GitLab and wish to display our GitLab username instead.
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How to add people to Team without linking their Stack Overflow account

Recently I've been experimenting with creating Stack Overflow Teams for fun and interesting things like asynchronous book clubs. However, I've found that people I invite often already have ...
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Is it possible my account was deleted on Stack Overflow?

This may not be the right place for this question but I am not sure of where else to ask. This is a follow up on Why are my subscriptions no longer being delivered to my Gmail account After I was ...
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Why do I need to manually login to some SE sites seperately, when I have already logged in through SO?

I have logged on to Stack Overflow. Then under the Stack Exchange drop down I click on Android Enthusiasts. The page loads and asks me to refresh in order to login, but when I click on Unix & ...
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Why is it showing "Page not found" when I confirm my email address?

Why does it show "page not found (404)" when I click on Confirm my email address and also display a message saying Your email is verified? Here is an image for reference.
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From Google SSO to normal account

When I signed in for the first time in Stack Overflow, I decided to do it with my Google Account. In other words, instead of creating an account with a username and a password, I used the Single sign-...
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What is wrong with my Stack Overflow account?

This morning I tried to connect to Stack Overflow and it suggested that I create a new account... I created it, and I saw this: (screenshot). You can see that on the menu I have a history, with ...
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Google account hacked: why was I still able to log in?

Days ago my Gmail account was hacked and destroyed. Google recovery wizard brought me nowhere. I am still counting the data I lost. Anyway one good thing happened: as I went on Stack Overflow I was ...
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I have connected my Stack Overflow account to Tex.SE and Meta.SE: Can't login with another device

One week ago I set up this SO account. I was active on the site. Then when I went to Tex.SE and I logged on/connected using my SO account. Now I am on a different computer; logged on to SO. But when I ...
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Can I transfer my SO account into a new email address but keeping all other community accounts?

I have some Stack Exchange communities with an email Id which includes SO and I want to not only delete my SO account but I also want to transfer this SO account to another email ID before deleting. ...
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Stack Overflow chat asks me to log in, but I am already logged in, still Duplicate of Stack Overflow chat asks me to log in, but I am already logged in but I can't find where else to get help for this.
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Why can't I update my profile? "temporary error updating your profile"

I made numerous much-needed edits to my profile. But now it won't save! Oops! There was a problem updating your profile: temporary error updating your profile -- please try again! I have tried ...
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How to switch to a Stack Exchange account?

I am aware additional logins (Facebook, Google, Yahoo...) can be added to stack by going to: My logins Add more logins I find no option here to add a Stack Overflow login. Question If I create a ...
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How can I recover a Stack Overflow account with just a username - no email?

I have a 10-year-old SO account that I used to log in with username and password. I still have those credentials. I tried to log in again today after being inactive for over one year, but now there ...
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Gmail blocks links in "Reset Stack Overflow password" email

Recently I had the frustrating experience with resetting my password for Stack Overflow, apparently in the Gmail mobile web and mobile application. The email sent with the link to reset password is ...
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What should I do if I suspect my account have been hacked?

Today when I log in to StackOverflow, I receive a message of Suspicious request. I did a search and I realised that might be caused by the Internet Service Provider assigning me a different IP address....
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Need to regain access to old account - no response to e-mail, and recovery form not working

I've lost access to an old account that I really want back. I do not remember which e-mail address that I used at the time of registering, however, I can give you a list of about a hundred e-mails ...
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Fail to change SO password

I have tried to change my password. My Account → Settings → My Logins I see four Stack Exchange logins: two with my mail addresses surrounded by what appears to be two Stack Exchange and further down ...
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How many times I can make an "account merge request"?

I have already made one account merge request, long back ago, and SO team merged the account successfully. For some reason, I wish to make the same request again. So, the question is, Is there any ...
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How can I select the final account when I am doing a merge of two accounts?

Hello I am trying to merge two accounts, and when I fill the form and validate the emails for merging the accounts, I always get the following message The account A will be remover ... But I want to ...
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Can't remove any of the login options from 'My Logins'

For some reason, I can't remove any of the login options in 'My Logins' in my account settings. All I get is an error message saying: Unable to remove login - please try again I sent an email to ...
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I signed up, but I never received the confirmation email

I recently signed up on Stack Overflow, but I never received the confirmation email after signing up. I am using Gmail. I searched everywhere in my mailbox, but no email was found. It's very ...
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Stack Overflow chat asks me to log in, but I am already logged in

I have logged in to Stack Overflow. Now I want to go to a chat room for chatting. But the chat room shows me the following message: You must be logged in to talk. See the faq for more information. ...
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Chat not opening in SO

The chat option hasn't been working for a lot of time. I am trying to go to the SO chat for a few months now, it isn't working yet. There is some problem. Fix required.
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Recovering linked account

My friend has an account on the Stack. He had an account opened through with Google. The google account he used was provided by an institution and they terminated the account. Since he never set up a ...
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Is it possible to change the email address linked to an account?

My account is (was) associated with a Gmail email address. This Google account is one that I removed ages ago (Thursday, July 21 2016). Now my Stack Overflow account has many points and badges. It's ...
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After email change I lost my all messages, favorites, etc

Yesterday I tried to change my email address of the account. Once I clicked on the verification link, sent to my email, I got an error that something went wrong. I had to login again. I did. But, then ...
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Is it possible to migrate questions of an account to another account?

Because my country forbids the usage of Google, I am having great difficulty logging with Google account. I have asked many questions with my Google account. I want to register a new Stack Exchange ...
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Could previous account be deleted?

I have two accounts. When I attended stackoverflow for real I had forgotten all about the another account. I would really like to get my first account deleted, it is
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Can I transfer my openID to another openID?

I made a mistake 4 years ago: I registered my university's gmail account as my stackexchange openID. But as I'm close to finishing my education I will lose access to this account, is there a way to ...
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