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Questions tagged [account-suspension]

Account suspension is the act of temporarily blocking the account of a specific user.

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Query Stack Overflow on how many days someone has been banned?

Maybe I missed it but, there does not seem to be a way to create a query on Query Stack Overflow for how many days someone has been banned since becoming a member. Any way to do this?
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Is there still a "penalty box" on SO?

I read about the existence of a penalty box, but have never seen this in practice. Is this because the post is from 2009 and this particular quality-control has been stopped and replaced with the ...
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2 answers

Counting A User's Temporary Suspensions

Is there a way to tell how many times a user has been temporarily suspended, and is there a limit to how many times someone can be temporarily suspended?
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-9 votes
3 answers

Unable to recover account after suspension period

Almost two weeks ago, my SO account was suspended because someone up-voted my questions or answers (about which I know nothing). Up on suspension, I was logged-out automatically. When I login again, I ...
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-12 votes
2 answers

Can I have another account after having one account been banned by sock puppet?

Is it OK to have another account after having one been banned by sock puppet? What could happen if I create other account and follow the site rules?
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What type of suspension is a “suspension for cool down”?

I have recently seen two users, one on Stack Overflow and another on Meta Stack Exchange, suspended for cooling down. I want to know what type of suspension it is and what are the indications of it.
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2 answers

Penalty Box: why is the value of penalties so vague?

I just read about the penalty box. It says: If we think you are reachable, and the behavior is one that we feel can change, we will try to warn you via email first when there are behavior ...
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-17 votes
3 answers

Unclear borders between inappropriate content and perfect acceptable behavior in chat

I am a regular in Lounge C++ and I got temporarily suspended because of telling a user to get the fuck out because of their choice of compiler (link may not work, start of the incident here). Now, I ...
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-20 votes
5 answers

Is there anything appropriate community members can do, to lift another users penalty box ban?

I came across noticing that @lpapp was banned now for a whole year, and I'm pretty concerned about this. I couldn't see any rude comments or abusive usage of the trusted user tools when skimming ...
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-29 votes
1 answer

Someone upvoted all of my answers to get me banned

My annoying brother made an account just to upvote all of my answers, to try to get me banned; It worked and I'm now wondering if there's anything I can do about this, or if anything can be done to ...
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-31 votes
8 answers

A commitment to amend and move forward

I posted ~1850 answers between March 2023 and April 2024, including ~1100 answers to bountied questions during their bounty periods. Of those 1850 answers, about two-thirds were based on generative AI ...
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1 answer

Temporarily suspended for swearing?

Since when did this become a rule? I posted a link to a server deployment site I saw on HN, it got flagged for whatever reason. I then got suspended for the following message: I've used expletives ...
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