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Account suspension is the act of temporarily blocking the account of a specific user.

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29 votes
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User deletion, suspension should remove the users from chatrooms

There was recently quite a number of new users with the swastika as the avatar created by one spammer - they then joined into many of the rooms in the SO chat. Now the issue is that as a user is ...
6 votes
1 answer

Why can't we edit our profile while our account is temporarily suspended?

As just few days ago my account was suspended for irregularities, so at that time I just tried to edit my profile to make my profile look better, but after clicking on the edit profile button, it ...
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134 votes
1 answer

Suspension till 2027 [duplicate]

This account is temporarily suspended for rule violations. The suspension period ends on Feb 1 '27 at 19:59. Er... What?! Till 1 february 2027?! This is user2398036. Depending on the severity of ...
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35 votes
1 answer

Account suspended for 1 year? Is this correct?

I stumbled upon an answer by a particular user. Since it had 3 upvotes, I wondered what's wrong, because the user has only 1 reputation. Going to his profile, I saw that the account is suspended. ...