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Account suspension is the act of temporarily blocking the account of a specific user.

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Suspension till 2027 [duplicate]

This account is temporarily suspended for rule violations. The suspension period ends on Feb 1 '27 at 19:59. Er... What?! Till 1 february 2027?! This is user2398036. Depending on the severity of ...
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How can I find why a user was suspended?

I recently found that one of the helpful users was suspended. Is there any way to find out exactly why they were suspended? Their profile says nothing except: This account is temporarily suspended ...
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Why are reputation points and badges not showing?

While searching for a solution to my question, I found a user which has a good profile on Stack Overflow, but no reputation and badges. The user has answered many questions, but the reputation points ...
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What would happen if I posted thoughts on how to write a Stack Overflow robot?

I've been mulling recently over how one might go about designing a Stack Overflow robot, to gain as much rep as possible without being detected as a bot. Let me make it very clear that I have no ...
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Why was I suspended?

Let's be frank here, I'm definitely not someone who's known much around here because I don't contribute enough to be known. However, I do try, and today (around 20 minutes ago) I was suspended for ...
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Account suspended for 1 year? Is this correct?

I stumbled upon an answer by a particular user. Since it had 3 upvotes, I wondered what's wrong, because the user has only 1 reputation. Going to his profile, I saw that the account is suspended. ...
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If we find a plagiarized answer, should we first post a comment saying that this is plagiarized from ____?

I had recently posted this question. After about 2 hours of posting that question, I suddenly received an answer from a new user. That answer was the user's first post. By just glancing through the ...
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Can I have my account suspended or deleted for a limited period of time?

I would like to know how one can temporary delete (or maybe suspend) his account here (7-9 months). I mean all your profiles on SE sites for a period of time and come back? No follow on accounts. ...
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Does Stack Overflow reset reputation on rule violation? [duplicate]

How could this person earn that many badges with 1 reputation point?
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Why can't we edit our profile while our account is temporarily suspended?

As just few days ago my account was suspended for irregularities, so at that time I just tried to edit my profile to make my profile look better, but after clicking on the edit profile button, it ...
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Is there anything appropriate community members can do, to lift another users penalty box ban?

I came across noticing that @lpapp was banned now for a whole year, and I'm pretty concerned about this. I couldn't see any rude comments or abusive usage of the trusted user tools when skimming ...
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What more is needed to permanently suspend a user for systematic, intentional, and planned plagiarism across SE?

In the last few hours, I have raised five (5) flags in SO and five (5) flags in Data Science SE (DSSE), all of them concerning systematic plagiarism (and attempts of) by a specific user. In brief: ...
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Do suspended accounts lose their non-default profile picture?

I was checking on questions I visited yesterday, some of which are by the same user. Yesterday, this user had a non-default profile picture, but today I observed that their reputation was reduced to 1 ...
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What should I do when I get serial up voting? [duplicate]

Overnight I have found that I've got +125 by someone upvoting almost all the questions I have posted. What should I do now to get SO not to take me to task for vote fraud?
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Is suspending users for voting to delete a question while being discussed on meta reasonable?

I found this question Why is only the first case statement applied in a Google Data Studio? which is discussed on meta here Regex question was closed as lacking details, but I think it was objective ...
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Counting A User's Temporary Suspensions

Is there a way to tell how many times a user has been temporarily suspended, and is there a limit to how many times someone can be temporarily suspended?
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What type of suspension is a “suspension for cool down”?

I have recently seen two users, one on Stack Overflow and another on Meta Stack Exchange, suspended for cooling down. I want to know what type of suspension it is and what are the indications of it.
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