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Account suspension is the act of temporarily blocking the account of a specific user.

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Does the community have a right to know why a moderator was banned?

I was browsing the moderator elections and noticed one of the moderators from 2015 had a reputation of 1: I can only assume that he was banned in August 2019 for 5 years, as I see his ban is expiring ...
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Shouldn't we enforce the few existing rules for Collectives?

Right now we have few rules (beyond the enforceable SO rules) specific to each Collective (for instance, rules for RM selection within r-collective). In the case of the CI/CD Collective, there are ...
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6 answers

Recognize suspensions as being perceived as "punishment"

Something that came up quite a few times in a recent case on Meta, was that the offending user was suspended. This sparked a lot of discussion. What caught my attention, was one of the arguments ...
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8 answers

A commitment to amend and move forward

I posted ~1850 answers between March 2023 and April 2024, including ~1100 answers to bountied questions during their bounty periods. Of those 1850 answers, about two-thirds were based on generative AI ...
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Is there a reason that a user has been suspended/banned for two centuries instead of deleting their profile?

Stack Overflow blog post A day in the penalty box mentions that an account can be placed in a "timed suspension" from 1 to 365 days. But I recently came across a user that seems to be ...
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Grammar mistake in Suspension message for Excessive discussion in comments

When visiting a profile of a user suspended for excessive discussion in comments the public suspension message on the user's profile is missing a "for" or similar to complete the sentence. ...
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2 answers

Is leaving many pointless comments a bannable offense?

I recently wrote a question about hiding for me personally all comments by a user who left many irritating useless comments under posts in a tag I'm active in. I was looking for this because I assumed ...
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1 answer

Do suspended accounts lose their non-default profile picture?

I was checking on questions I visited yesterday, some of which are by the same user. Yesterday, this user had a non-default profile picture, but today I observed that their reputation was reduced to 1 ...
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What is the penalty for hate speech?

I don't come across hate speech often on Stack Overflow, but today I came across a suggested edit that changed a string in the code from "Do you know?" to "Do you know that Ukraine is a ...
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How long will the ChatGPT-ban banner (2022-12-08) be visible?

A big thank you to the SO staff for the big honking banner (and linked-to Help Center page) we now (2022-12-08) have that says: We do not currently allow content pasted from ChatGPT on Stack Overflow;...
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20 votes
2 answers

Automatic ban for very aggressive users

Sometimes very aggressive users keep posting offending comments for quite a long time before they are suspended or banned. IMO if the system receives a series of abuse flags - it should automatically ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Suspended users can make invisible comments on Collectives articles

I was looking at the activity tab of a suspended user and noticed that they had made a comment while suspended: The link in that activity item leads to this Collectives article, but "hello world ...
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2 answers

What is considered promotional content?

I recently ran into a question with the [three.js] tag that asked for help with a 3D globe randomly disappearing. This question had a link to a working demo with the problem, and the code showing the ...
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4 answers

Is suspending users for voting to delete a question while being discussed on meta reasonable?

I found this question Why is only the first case statement applied in a Google Data Studio? which is discussed on meta here Regex question was closed as lacking details, but I think it was objective ...
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Difference between a ban and lifetime suspension? [duplicate]

Won't link, but there is a person for whom The suspension period ends on Mar 18 '92 at 16:28 Why bother issuing 70+ year long suspension instead of outright giving a ban hammer? Could it be a mod ...
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13 votes
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Are a user's past suspensions taken into account by moderators when judging flags or anything else that requires moderator intervention?

If a user gets suspended for rule violations, will this "taint" the account in the eyes of moderators? Will these past misbehaviors affect moderator's judgement of flags raised by the user, ...
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What kind of suspensions are there on Stack Overflow?

I could not find any information on what kind of account suspensions you can face. What kind of suspensions are there? What is the worst suspension a user can face other than banning them indefinitely?...
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What type of suspension is a “suspension for cool down”?

I have recently seen two users, one on Stack Overflow and another on Meta Stack Exchange, suspended for cooling down. I want to know what type of suspension it is and what are the indications of it.
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What more is needed to permanently suspend a user for systematic, intentional, and planned plagiarism across SE?

In the last few hours, I have raised five (5) flags in SO and five (5) flags in Data Science SE (DSSE), all of them concerning systematic plagiarism (and attempts of) by a specific user. In brief: ...
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4 answers

Meta does "not host discussion or debate", according to mod message

I just got a mod message due to my comment activity on meta, which I find problematic in various ways. As there is no mention of not sharing this message, I hope it's fine to ask a question about it. ...
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What should I do when I get serial up voting? [duplicate]

Overnight I have found that I've got +125 by someone upvoting almost all the questions I have posted. What should I do now to get SO not to take me to task for vote fraud?
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Someone upvoted all of my answers to get me banned

My annoying brother made an account just to upvote all of my answers, to try to get me banned; It worked and I'm now wondering if there's anything I can do about this, or if anything can be done to ...
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Community user got suspended in Teams [closed]

Earlier today some kind of sock puppetry was spotted in a Teams I'm in. Shortly afterwards the disruptive behavior stopped, and the involved Teams accounts were gone. However, this guy got suspended....
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Is it possible to get suspended from voting on meta?

One of my friends, another user of Stack Overflow, was recently suspended for voting fraud. I wondered: Because votes on Meta Stack Overflow and other meta sites don't have any effect on their parent ...
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2 answers

Counting A User's Temporary Suspensions

Is there a way to tell how many times a user has been temporarily suspended, and is there a limit to how many times someone can be temporarily suspended?
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When/why would voting fraud NOT result in a suspension? [duplicate]

I recently encountered what appeared to be a straightforward case of sock puppetry and voting fraud: first, the OP accepted a nonsense answer. When that was deleted as abusive, the OP accepted another ...
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Can I have another account after having one account been banned by sock puppet?

Is it OK to have another account after having one been banned by sock puppet? What could happen if I create other account and follow the site rules?
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Query Stack Overflow on how many days someone has been banned?

Maybe I missed it but, there does not seem to be a way to create a query on Query Stack Overflow for how many days someone has been banned since becoming a member. Any way to do this?
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2 answers

Why was I suspended?

Let's be frank here, I'm definitely not someone who's known much around here because I don't contribute enough to be known. However, I do try, and today (around 20 minutes ago) I was suspended for ...
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Suspension not shown properly on meta

Looking at this picture: You can see the following: In main the suspension message states: This account is temporarily suspended for rule violations. The suspension period ends in 3 days. In ...
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3 answers

Unable to recover account after suspension period

Almost two weeks ago, my SO account was suspended because someone up-voted my questions or answers (about which I know nothing). Up on suspension, I was logged-out automatically. When I login again, I ...
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24 votes
1 answer

Down votes of user accounts temporarily suspended for voting irregularities

I apologize if this has been addressed before, but I couldn't find a dup. I'm aware of a user that was recently suspended for voting irregularities because they had a sock puppet up voting their ...
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Didn't get my rep back after a suspension in Channels [closed]

Yesterday, I was suspended in our Channel, just because.. After they managed to unsuspend me I was stuck at 1 rep. So basically I "lost" all rep (~115) that I gained before the suspension and had to ...
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Is there still a "penalty box" on SO?

I read about the existence of a penalty box, but have never seen this in practice. Is this because the post is from 2009 and this particular quality-control has been stopped and replaced with the ...
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How many plagiarized answers cause a suspension?

How many plagiarized answers can someone post before getting a suspension? Is there an algorithm to count the total answers before suspension or it's determined by the diamond user?
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-15 votes
2 answers

Penalty Box: why is the value of penalties so vague?

I just read about the penalty box. It says: If we think you are reachable, and the behavior is one that we feel can change, we will try to warn you via email first when there are behavior ...
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After 1 year, I cannot create a new chat room even though my ban was supposed to be over

When I joined Stack Overflow (I was a new user), I got banned for one month, with a ban end date of 11 Sept 2016 at 23:41 as you can see in the following screenshot: Now, it is 30 Sept 2017, but I am ...
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Can a user ask about having their account suspended for a certain period? [duplicate]

I know that's a quite unusual question, but as I was asked about that offsite, I'll present it here. My friend wants to get blocked at SO for a certain period, so he's able to concentrate on his real ...
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Are users created only to post spam or outright nonsense destroyed or suspended?

I was surprised to run across this suspension message today: This account is temporarily suspended This user was created to post spam or nonsense and has no other positive participation. The ...
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2 answers

What can we do to police abuse when moderators are unavailable?

This user, posted this question The edit history (screenshot below) shows a timeframe of the history of ...
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What happens if someone pretends to be a users' sock puppet?

On SO, creating sock puppets will get you suspended. But the question is, what if someone creates a fake account and acts like a decoy, e.g. he or she up-votes all of your Q&A, and it will appear ...
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Temporarily suspended for swearing?

Since when did this become a rule? I posted a link to a server deployment site I saw on HN, it got flagged for whatever reason. I then got suspended for the following message: I've used expletives ...
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2 answers

How can I check how many times I've been suspended?

I have been suspended once before, four years ago. Now, unfortunately, once again. One of the mods claims that it's been three times, which I don't recall. I asked about clarification but was faced ...
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-17 votes
3 answers

Unclear borders between inappropriate content and perfect acceptable behavior in chat

I am a regular in Lounge C++ and I got temporarily suspended because of telling a user to get the fuck out because of their choice of compiler (link may not work, start of the incident here). Now, I ...
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1 answer

What will happen with the bounty from a suspended user?

Just seeing this notification that: This question has an open bounty worth +50 reputation from agon024 ending in 32 minutes. This question has not received enough attention. Can someone ...
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24 votes
1 answer

Can I have my account suspended or deleted for a limited period of time?

I would like to know how one can temporary delete (or maybe suspend) his account here (7-9 months). I mean all your profiles on SE sites for a period of time and come back? No follow on accounts. ...
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Can a suspended user award a bounty which they started before getting suspended?

My friend's account is suspended for a month in one of the Stack Exchange sites. He asked a bounty question and someone answered it. However, before he could award a bounty to the answer, his account ...
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If we find a plagiarized answer, should we first post a comment saying that this is plagiarized from ____?

I had recently posted this question. After about 2 hours of posting that question, I suddenly received an answer from a new user. That answer was the user's first post. By just glancing through the ...
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40 votes
2 answers

Possibly fraudulent account (new account of previously-suspended user)

I have a suspicion that the user who was suspended for voting irregularities has created a new account masking himself as a young girl (using the name and photo). I wouldn't mind it if he won't be ...
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2 answers

What happened? Suspended for "inappropriate content"

So, this is a bit odd, and I'm not even sure what happened. I was in the javascript chat room, when I said, "cyber bullying isn't even a real thing". Now, whether or not you agree with what ...
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