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The accepted answer is the answer the question owner thought best met their needs. This tag is for discussing issues related to accepted answers, not indicating that a question has an accepted answer.

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Profile "Answers" section: Indicator if own answer has competing accepted answer

At the moment the Answers section on every user profile has two styles for the answer count: white background, grey font: Own answer is not accepted green background, olive font: Own answer is ...
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65 votes
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Multiple accepted answers to a question?

This question I found here has multiple accepted answers. How is this possible? Also note that none of the answers are moved to the top. Foreach for an array
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36 votes
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Question in the question list with accepted answer (green box) and no answers

I came across this in the questions search list. The old question in question Transparent generic exception handling for / MOSS2007 (with code) was closed as "unclear what you're asking" (...
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Too much importance given to questions with accepted answers

It seems to me that when an answer is accepted, it promotes the question & answer(s) a little too much. For instance, one of the reasons a question (and its answers) is deleted by Roomba is has ...
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27 votes
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Answered question appears as unanswered in lists

Of course it's possible that I misunderstand the rules, but this looks like a bug to me. As I write this, this question has 238 votes and has an accepted answer with 44 votes. However, it shows up in ...
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Why am I not warned if I upvote a new answer before trying to accept it?

If I upvote then attempt to accept an answer immediately after it is posted to my question, I get a message that says "you can accept an answer in x minutes." If I attempt to accept then ...
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19 votes
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Feature request: "Post notice" suggesting to accept an answer

In line with the abandoned rule proposal, I suggest the implementation of a "Post Notice" question banner in the style of the "Close Vote" banner, visible only to question authors, ...
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Should the "please accept an answer to your question" reminder be more visible?

If I go to my profile, questions tab, I find that I forgot to accept an answer with a friendly reminder "Have you considered accepting an answer or starting a bounty for this question?". But I ...
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Why wasn't I given reputation points for answer being accepted?

I answered the question Calculating a mean from a data frame with blanks with R which was accepted, but I did not get 15 reputation points for it. Although, I got 30 points for three upvotes there. I ...
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When the answer with the most upvotes is not the accepted answer tell us at the outset and make it easy to get to each!

Often for many reasons the answer accepted by the OP is not the answer with the most upvotes. For many reasons it still might be the best answer, but it often isn't. Currently the accepted answer is ...
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11 votes
0 answers

Allow users to see their own acceptance rate

Back in the days when Stack Overflow used to display a user's acceptance rate, I used to use it for only one purpose. Finding my own questions which I haven't accepted yet. I used to pride myself on ...
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8 votes
1 answer

How to retire outdated information?

The first downvote to my accepted answer was righteous, since the information was outdated. For context, the Requests library does in a single statement what would have taken multiple statements and ...
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6 votes
0 answers

How long should someone wait for before accepting an answer?

I have faced this dilemma a couple of times. Often I get responses for posts within the first hour. On some occasions one of those responses helps me resolve the issue. One way to go would be to ...
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Is there any way to calculate my accepted percentage?

Is there any way on stack overflow to calculate my accepted percentage? By accepted, I mean the percent of questions I have answered that have been marked as the accepted answer. (eg 45/205 = 21.95%) ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Notifications when an answer other than the one accepted got more votes

For the person who asks the question I understand it can be complicated when a question is very active since this can change often, but in terms of the UX that should not be a problem (e.g. it could ...
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4 votes
0 answers

Unify the look of accept and recommend votes

A recent addition is the "recommended by collective" feature. It appears as a small button below the accept button and when active shows a small message above the answer. This is now ...
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0 answers

Show the amount of own answers being accepted in the user profile

I can see the amount of answers I have written in my user profile, but that doesn't include the amount of answers being accepted. Can this information be included there as well? This is the current ...
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Why was a valid, accepted answer converted to a comment?

Update for those who only read the question: a lot of this question is based on my misunderstanding of reputation loss and of the Roomba. I'm striking out all of the misinformation, so that someone ...
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4 votes
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Retrieving the accepted answer date fails when the answer is deleted

Example here. Hovering the accepted answer check mark displays this text: loading when this answer was accepted... The request to fails ...
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0 answers

When new answer is loaded on the page, accepted mark is not refreshed

Steps to reproduce: Ask a question Get and accept an answer Get one more answer and accept it in some other browser tab Return to the first tab and click panel for loading a new answer Both answers ...
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In need of help regarding a down-voted accepted answer

Before I ask my question, I would just like to say that I know that similar questions have been asked here before, but none of them can give me an answer regarding my specific situation. I answered ...
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Want to alert people in Chat about a poor answer, but site is blocked

Reading this answer on how to handle answers with issues beyond one's ability, I see: Chat: check the relevant room and ask if someone else knows how to fix the answer My comment has been ignored, ...
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0 answers

Why does Stack Overflow keep rolling back the answer acceptance on my question?

Recently I posted this question on Stack Overflow. After a while there was only one answer, which clarified some points about my question. It wasn't the full answer to my question; however, after one ...
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When some one asks a question that is duplicate or has answer on another question, accept answer?

When someone asks a question that is exactly duplicate or has answer to the question on some other question then rather than just upvote, shouldn't there be privilege to accept the answer as the ...
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Link-Only answer awarded bounty

I found an answer: One of noUiSlider's core features is the ability to divide the range in a non-linear fashion. Stepping can be applied, too! The example on the right shows where the handles are ...
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Edit rejected, on a closed topic Two reasons: This edit was intended to address the author of the post and makes no sense as an edit. It should have been written as a comment ...
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What to do about an accepted answer that is exploitable?

In this question, the OP realises he has a problem with trying to store user-supplied HTML in a database and is looking for a way to sanitise it. Although the accepted answer looks valid on the ...
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Should I edit the answer to my own question

I recently asked a question on Stack Overflow to which I have gotten multiple answers. One of them I find has a bit more detailed information really helping me understand what is happening. Here is ...
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Pertaining to dead links in accepted answers

I recently found an accepted answer which was the only answer to a question and had a dead link. How do I deal with that? Should I down vote because the answer only had a link in it as a significant ...
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Revoke answer acceptance to ask unrelated or loosely-related follow-up question

I've been noticing a trend recently, that plays out as follows: User A asks a simple, straightforward question relating to a larger, more complicated project they are working on. User B gives a ...
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Updating answers based on ECMAScript 6

I'm seeing a growing number of Javascript questions where the answer could/will change when ECMAScript 6 becomes widely adopted. I see two issues here: For questions based on core javascript ...
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-8 votes
1 answer

Old incorrect answer about supertype bounds

I write here to draw attention to this incorrect answer by polygenelubricants to a question about supertype bounds in Java generics. The answer is accepted and highly upvoted. Both the question poster ...
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Banner to alert there's a more upvoted answer than the accepted one?

I'm afraid someone else must have said this before, but I'm not founding any question - so here I go. I see lots of questions (usually kind of old ones) with some accepted and kind-of-upvoted answer (...
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