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Questions regarding questions abandoned by their poster.

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1 answer

Automatically raise flag when using "Share feedback" option

When reviewing, I'm using a lot of time the "Share feedback" choice. I see a lot of questions that are: not updated not answered bad (need code/focus/...) few views And with comments that ...
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Unattended questions by the OP [duplicate]

There are lots of questions in Stack Overflow, more depending on the specific tag, where obviously, the more the language or framework is used, the more questions there are. I got to think that there ...
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Please help me undelete this Community♦-deleted question [closed]

I asked this question and somehow missed the fact that it was answered. A few days ago the question got automatically deleted (RemoveAbandonedQuestions). But I want to add a comment as well as upvote ...
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Should we improve / edit abandoned questions?

Many users on SO ask questions and then disappear. Gone. Never to be seen or acknowledge receipt of comments or answers to their question. Sometimes they are good questions, but may need some careful ...
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How to handle a RemoveAbandonedQuestions post for a problem that still exits?

I have a question that was closed RemoveAbandonedQuestions that is still relevant (A solution would be useful and can be useful to other people). Is there a way to reopen in? Do I reask it? (The ...
3 votes
2 answers

Ability to transfer ownership of "no longer mantainable" own questions to other interested owners, in order to keep them correct and reactive

A few times it happened to me that after having posted a technical question on a complicate thing I was working on, I had to switch to a completely different task, slowly and unconsciously letting the ...
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1 answer

OPs that Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater

Is this a problem or a blessing? A few times around SO, I've seen a good answer that didn't quite solve the OP's problem but did get them 90% of the way there. The correct solution has been a very ...