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For questions regarding functionality on Stack Exchange which is subject to A/B testing.

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A/B testing related questions within the answers list (experiment has graduated)

Update Mar 21: TL;DR: Today, we graduated the experiment for Stack Overflow question pages with zero answers, specifically the variant where three related questions are shown by default, with a link ...
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A/B testing the separation of The Overflow Blog from the Community Bulletin (testing concluded)

Update Feb 9: Testing has concluded. Update Jan 30: Test is now active on Stack Overflow for anonymous users. Background As part of the Content Discovery initiative, we’re announcing the next ...
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A/B testing: moving Related Questions higher on question pages (A/B testing has concluded)

Update Nov 22: V2 experiment has concluded. We will share results and next steps soon. Update Nov 17: V2 of the experiment is now active. The experiment will conclude tomorrow. We will update Meta ...
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Results of the vote arrows styling experiment

TL;DR: Overall, the experiment was a success with a positive lift in overall votes in the variant group, however, we will not be graduating the experiment. In June, we conducted an experiment to test ...
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Updated button styling for vote arrows: A/B testing has concluded

This experiment has concluded. We've gathered and analyzed the results in Results of the voting arrow experiment. This week, we're rolling out a test to update the appearance of voting arrows for ...
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Results of the Trending sort experiment

In this post, we'll go over how the Trending sort experiment went and why we chose Decay-50 as our preferred choice as announced in Trending: A new answer sorting option. We'll summarize both the ...
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Ask Wizard Test Results and Next Steps

Three months ago we ran an experiment testing a new Ask Wizard on Stack Overflow. The Ask Wizard is planned as the first phase of the Staging Ground project (see here and here for more info), and we ...
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Ask Wizard for New Users Feature Test is complete

Update: This feature test was live on Stack Overflow from 2022-03-21 through 2022-04-06. The overall results from this test were very positive and are available in a separate post. A couple of weeks ...
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A/B testing of a "Trending" sort option for answers

This experiment has concluded. We've gathered and analyzed the results in Results of the Trending sort experiment. As we’ve been moving forward on the Outdated Answers project, one of the things that’...
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A/B testing on the Ask page

Update (2021-12-14): This experiment has launched on Stack Overflow. Since we announced the start of product discovery for the new user onboarding project we have been focused on gathering user ...
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Outdated Answers: unpinning the accepted answer A/B test

Update (2021-09-08): The experiment ran 2021-09-02 through 2021-09-08. We permanently unpinned the accepted answer 2021-09-08. As we mentioned two weeks ago, tomorrow we are shipping a test on Stack ...
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What were the results of the A/B experiment where negative question scores were clamped to 0?

In October 2019 the company conducted an experiment on Stack Overflow with A/B testing in which they showed score 0 if the score was in truth negative. The experiment lasted two weeks and after voting ...
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Different post notices from different machines

This is the post notice I see from my home machine: And this is the post notice I see from my work machine for the same question: According to my understanding, this should not happen; from the Meta ...
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New Post Notices (Closed/On Hold/etc.) rolling out on Stack Overflow

Today, we are rolling out a major redesign of Post Notices (the banners displaying the reason why a question is "Closed" or "On Hold") on Stack Overflow. For our purposes, a "post notice" includes ...
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Attempting to downvote a -3 post on Teams makes the score display as -1 [closed]

I am in the -1 group in the current Stack Overflow experiment. On the Charcoal Team, there is this post. It has -3 score and vote count +2/-5. I have six reputation there, and thus can't downvote it. ...
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Ethical considerations of the ongoing experiment re not displaying negative scores

(This post is about the ongoing experiment regarding the display of a post's total score, discussed in New popup message when voting on a question/answer?, and not a duplicate of that thread) May I ...
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Can we please show negative votes for red flags?

It's weird to see 0 votes on a spam post. Any alternative suggestion? I am not against the change and welcome new users, but spam posts should be an exception. Is there any way to prevent seeing a ...
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Privilege achieved without meeting the reputation goal [duplicate]

So, currently I have 558 reputation on my SO account. To get this privilege "See votes,expandable usercard", I need 1000+ rep as mentioned here. However, I noticed that I can click on the score of any ...
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Why can I no longer see that a post has a negative score?

Thanks for your vote! Your vote has been recorded and it affects this post's ranking. Since this post has reached the minimum score of 0 your vote will not be displayed. I just downvoted a question ...
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Thoughts on the new Ask (Public) Question page

I went to ask a question just now, and was met by a new page: This seems like it's pretty new and I haven't seen any meta posts on it. I thought I'd give some immediate gut-thoughts on this new page ...
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Duplicate questions display experiment

My name is Jane and I have been working at Stack Overflow for almost six months. I started out as an apprentice last year and now I've graduated to developer. I was the lead dev on this project. One ...
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Add reasoning on what the job reactions mean

What do the following job reactions mean? The first three are obvious. What does it mean if I give a job a unicorn? What about crying hysterically. And doesn't :( mean thumbs down? This is very ...
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The Ask Question Wizard Is Now In Testing!

A long overdue update to our last prototype announcement, our developers are pleased to announce that they've finished the review process and responsive design updates to the Wizard and it is now in ...
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Experiment request: Temporarily stop showing characteristics about a user in the question preview to certain users

Judging from my overall experience on Stack Overflow and what I've seen happening with others, it might be that users' votes are confounded based on the reputation of the post author, or based on ...
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Request for additional confirmation if reviewer picks Requires Editing at question with many votes down and close

Suggest to perform a-b-testing of a feature such that when Triage reviewer picks Requires Editing on a question with multiple votes down and close (say 3-4) system would show them additional popup ...
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Have we started trying question templates?

I just came across these HTML comments when I went to edit a question: <!-- What are you trying to accomplish? (Please include sample data.) --> <!-- Paste the part of the code that shows ...
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When I look at the review icon, I see red

I like the new notification version of the review icon, which I'm guessing is still undergoing A/B testing: It does a better job at saying "attention here, please" than the old icon which was almost ...
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Jobs tab title is dynamically changing, it is for A/B testing or else?

There are various number of titles are placed instead of the Jobs tab in the top bar. Browse Jobs Find a Job Job Board Developer Jobs Explore Jobs Search Jobs These are dynamically changing when we ...
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How does Stack Overflow (technically) perform opt-in like A/B tests?

I've only recently seen the new post about the top bar being A/B tested during these weeks, and that currently this week bug tests will be their focus. Nevertheless, how do you structure the system in ...
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Low contrast in the nav headers in the New SO Nav (currently in testing)

Overall, I love the new nav that's currently being tested. The organization makes more sense to me, and it's got a nice, updated look. My one suggestion: Consider more contrast/visual signals for ...
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We're Soon to be A/B Testing Some Changes to the Top Nav

As what Stack Overflow has to offer folks has grown considerably in the last year, we're going to be testing some changes to the top navigation that we hope will help new users find all of the things ...
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Downvote without comment notification doesn't show up properly

This is a bug report for Move the vote button which is currently in A/B testing on Stack Overflow. Today I tried to downvote question which is lengthy in size. So I've scrolled down to read and ...
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Possible bug with scrolling voting button A/B Test

I know that there is a scrolling voting button A/B Test is in progress. However, I'm seeing some inconsistency due to this(?). see the screenshot, there is some unwanted space introduced. Is it a ...
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Scrolling voting buttons [closed]

The voting buttons scrolling for the question is very disorienting. It even happens for answers. Can I have that turned off? The gets the class js-vote-sticky attached to it. It looks ...